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Lds Seminary Manual New Testament

The LDS New Testament Student Manual is made up of lessons that explore the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ, His apostles and many other faithful believers. Lessons include quotes from prophets and apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help students better understand the New Testament.

What a thrill it is to be a student in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! You are part of a great movement, and you have many friends and opportunities around you. Through studying the scriptures and doing your best on assignments, you will find that learning about this great work brings ever-increasing joy to your life.The New Testament Student Manual is an ideal study companion for high school and college students, new members of the Church, teachers, home schoolers, or anyone who wants to delve into the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Studying the New Testament in 2015

This year in Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes, we will be studying the New Testament. This article lists resources that can help you in your study this year.

New Testament

Online. The Church provides the full text of the Bible online at where you can also listen to a high-quality audio recording. When in any chapter, just click Listen in the right margin, or click Download to get your own MP3 file for listening offline. (If you want to download entire books, or the whole Bible at once, you can get a convenient .zip file at

Print. The New Testament is available in various printed formats, including a handy softcover edition and pocket sized edition which is currently 50% off.

Mobile. Read and listen to the New Testament on the Gospel Library mobile app. The app also has the other manuals and videos mentioned in this article.


New Testament Gospel Doctrine manuals are available online for the teacher as well as the Class Member Study Guide. They are also available in printed format and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

There is a brand new Institute manual New Testament Student Manual with commentary, maps, charts, and illustrations that cover the life of Jesus and His Apostles. It is available online in text and PDF and also in print. It has accompanying New Testament Independent Study Lessons.

Seminary materials are available online and in print, including a timeline poster, bookmark, scripture mastery cards, and a student study guide.

LDS Institute also offers independent study courses for students who are unable to attend a regularly-scheduled institute of religion class. Learn more about the Institute Independent Study Courses.


Watch high-quality videos from the New Testament in the “The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos” series available online at You can also get a DVD of 50 videos from the four Gospels.

Related videos: Finding Faith in Christ (online and DVD) and The Lamb of God DVD.


Get the special magazine issue “The Lord Jesus Christ” (Ensign and Liahona).

Watch for articles throughout the year about the New Testament in the Ensign, Liahona, New Era, and Friend.


The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles is availabe online in text, downloadable PDF, and in print.


The Church offers beautiful printed pictures of Jesus Christ at reasonable prices, including new sizes of artwork to hang in your home.


Colorfully illustrated scripture stories are available online at Each of the four books has downloadable text, audio, and video. They are also available as printed books and on a DVD set.

The weekly Scripture Stories radio series (New Testament, D&C/Church History, Book of Mormon) is designed to inspire children to come to know and love stories from the scriptures. Each episode features children sharing their insights and favorite experiences from the scriptures, along with music and readings of the best stories from the scriptures. All 33 episodes are completed for the Book of Mormon. The first 4 of 41 episodes of the New Testament are completed. So check back often to see new episodes.


Audio recordings of the New Testament are available on CD or you can listen online at (When in a chapter online, just click Listen in the right margin.)

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