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Lakewood Church Praise And Worship Team

Singing is a necessary part of the ministry at Lakewood. Whether it is a choir performance or a solo on the platform, praise and worship is a vital part of our service. The wide variety of music we offer our members is enjoyed by many. We want to give you something to reflect upon while you sing your heart out to God.

For those who don’t know, the Church service at Lakewood is a well known and often televised worship experience. The worship team was praised for their participation in leading thousands at the recent WOW Conference.

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Lakewood Church Praise And Worship Team

The Dallas-based megachurch, Lakewood Church, has seen tremendous growth in attendance and giving over the last decade. In 2005, the church was averaging more than 38,000 in weekly attendance. In 2015, that number has increased to more than 51,000. One of the ways they were able to double their attendance was by adding a 6th service that draws 14,000 attendees on Sunday Mornings.

Worship leaders and band directors are a unique bunch. There’s the crowd waiting for the next “big thing” in the Christian industry to groove to, the congregation of people who just want to go home with a cool t-shirt and some praise awkwardness that they’ll never admit ever happened. The point is – both of these groups may not be familiar if you’re a worship leader or director. So here’s a list with some must haves, helps and “don’t let them see you with it” items that will help you hold it down at your next gig.

If you are not a member of Lakewood Church, then you may be asking yourself, “how can I listen to Lakewood Church praise and worship songs?” Well, there is no doubt that praise and worship songs play an important role in the lives of Lakewood Church members.

Song Highlights

 Highlights  All Songs

You Are GoodIsrael HoughtonSpotify
Friend of GodMichael Gungor / Israel HoughtonSpotify
Fill My Cup feat. Martin Smith / CeCe WinansCompassionArtSpotify
So Great feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & Orchestra / Christy Nockels / Michael W. SmithCompassionArtSpotify
Lead Me to the Rock feat. Paul Baloche / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraCompassionArtSpotify
King of the Broken feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & Orchestra / Leeland Mooring / Darlene ZschechCompassionArtSpotify
Some Children See Him (Intro)
Brazillian Sleigh Bells
Sing Over Me feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Sing feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton / Aaron Lindsey
O How I Love Jesus feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraF. Whitfield
I’ll Never Stop Loving You feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Holy You Are feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
He Lives feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Hallelujah feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Glorify Your Name feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraKevin Singleton
Free for All feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton / Mark Townsend
Cover the Earth feat. DBX / Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Bless the Lord feat. Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Lift Your Voice feat. Lakewood Church Choir & Orchestra / Marcos WittSpotify
Sweeter feat. DBX / Israel Houghton / Lakewood Church Choir & OrchestraIsrael Houghton
Some Children See Him
Christmas Overture
Who Can Satisfy feat. Lakewood Church Choir & Orchestra / Marcos WittDennis JerniganSpotify

Lakewood Church Singers 2022

From the moment they were born, Steve Crawford and Da’dra Crawford Greathouse felt an incredible connection to music that they credit to their family.

How old is Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff?

58 years (18 May 1963)
Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff/Age

Is Israel Houghton at Lakewood Church?

A rep for Lakewood says, “Lakewood Church released Israel Houghton from his responsibilities as a worship leader [in February] and placed him on indefinite leave. Since that time, he has not been featured in any Lakewood Church related activities.”

Who sings at Joel Osteen church?

Cindy Lerae Cruse-Ratcliff
Cindy Lerae Cruse-Ratcliff (born May 18, 1963) is a singer-songwriter who serves as the senior worship leader at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

How much do Lakewood Church musicians make?

Salary Ranges for Church Musicians The salaries of Church Musicians in the US range from $10,063 to $180,583 , with a median salary of $32,817 . The middle 57% of Church Musicians makes between $32,817 and $82,005, with the top 86% making $180,583.

Who is Joel Osteen daughter?

Alexandra Osteen
Joel Osteen/Daughters

Alexandra Osteen is a singer and she is most popular as the daughter of Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen. Alexandra’s father – Joel Osteen is the Lakewood Church televangelist whereas her mother – Victoria is the co-pastor of Lakewood Church.

Does Israel Houghton still lead worship?

Israel Houghton (/ˈhoʊtən/; born May 19, 1971) is an American Christian music singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader….

Israel Houghton
GenresContemporary Christian music gospel praise & worship soul
Occupation(s)Singer songwriter producer arranger
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, keyboards
Years active1997–present

How many pastors are at Lakewood Church?

Lakewood Church is non-denominational (not affiliated). It has 368 full-time and part-time staff….

Lakewood Church
Senior pastor(s)Joel and Victoria Osteen
Pastor(s)Nick Nilson, John Gray, Dr. Paul Osteen, Craig Johnson, Lisa Osteen Comes

Do church musicians get paid?

The salaries of Church Musicians in the US range from $10,063 to $180,583 , with a median salary of $32,817 . The middle 57% of Church Musicians makes between $32,817 and $82,005, with the top 86% making $180,583.

How much do church drummers get paid?

How much does a church drummer get paid?

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$17,000$326
75th Percentile$15,000$288
25th Percentile$10,500$201

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