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Kenneth E Hagin – Must Christians Suffer

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Kenneth E. Hagin is a well-known author and speaker. He is the founder of Rhema Bible Training Center and Word of Faith World Outreach Center, which are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hagin has written over 70 books on various topics including healing, prosperity, faith and prayer. He has also written a number of magazine articles for publications such as The Plain Truth magazine and The Voice of Healing magazine.

Hagin’s ministry has been very successful within the body of Christ but his teachings have also caused controversy among many Christians who do not agree with his theology or methods.

I want to talk to you today about the subject of suffering. We’re going to go over some things that have been on my mind, and then we’ll have a time of prayer.

about Kenneth E Hagin – Must Christians Suffer

You may be asking yourself this question: “Why does God allow Christians to suffer?” I think it’s a good question. If you’re a Christian, you’re supposed to believe that Jesus Christ came into the world and died for us so that we could have eternal life with Him. And yet, He also told us that we will suffer in this world before we enter into His kingdom (John 16:33). So then why did He say that? Why would Jesus tell us something like that if it’s not true?

Well, let me ask you another question: What is your response when someone tells you something like this? Do you automatically assume they’re wrong just because they said it? I bet most of us do. But if Jesus Himself said it, maybe we should take it seriously. Maybe there’s something He wants us to learn from His words!

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