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Kenneth Copeland is a renowned televangelist, and he has a massive following. He is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which broadcasts his sermon videos on YouTube.

In the videos, you’ll find that he tends to speak in a very authoritative tone, which can be off-putting to some viewers. He also tends to speak in many different voices during one sermon, which can be jarring if you’re not used to hearing him speak.

Although many of his sermons are difficult to understand because of his accent and the fact that he speaks quickly, there are also many moments where he talks about important issues such as salvation or prayer. In these moments, you’ll find that he offers great advice for how we can live our lives more effectively.

Kenneth Copeland is a popular televangelist who preaches the prosperity gospel, which teaches that Christians must give money to God in order to receive blessings from him. He is also well-known for his teaching on healing, which he believes can be accomplished through prayer and laying on of hands.

Copeland was born in Texas in 1938. His father was an oilfield worker who died when Kenneth was young. Kenneth’s mother moved the family to Houston after her husband’s death, where she worked as a secretary while raising her three children alone.

About  kenneth copeland youtube

When Copeland was 15 years old, he began preaching at churches throughout Texas and Oklahoma with his brother James (who would later become a pastor himself). Kenneth became pastor at a local church when he was 22 years old; shortly after that, he married his wife Gloria. In 1972, Copeland founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) with his wife Gloria and their four sons: Paul, Peter, David and Jonathan.

Today KCM operates out of Fort Worth Texas where it houses offices for KCM staff members as well as other ministries including Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC). KCM also has six broadcast centers located across America including Dallas.

Kenneth Copeland is a well-known televangelist and author. He has been in the ministry for over 40 years and has written over 70 books.

He is also a passionate advocate for Israel, and he has spoken out against the anti-Semitism that is so prevalent in today’s world.


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