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 Joseph Prince – The Truth About Tithing Under Grace – 26 May 19

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Joseph Prince – The Truth About Tithing Under Grace – 26 May 19

Joseph Prince, is a leading proponent of the prosperity gospel in Singapore. He has been accused of being a heretic and condemned by many Christian groups for his teachings on tithing and faith.

In this video, he explains how Christians should tithe under grace, which is different from tithing under the Law because it’s not about giving the first 10% of your income back to God. Instead, it’s about giving God everything you have so that he can work through you and use your life to bless others.

He goes on to explain that when we give ourselves to God completely, he will use us to bless others in ways we never thought possible. We might have felt like our lives were worthless before, but when we give ourselves away completely, God will use us in ways that will make an impact on others’ lives forever—and it may even change our own lives as well!

About  Joseph Prince – The Truth About Tithing Under Grace – 26 May 19

So, we’ve all heard the word “tithing” before. Maybe you’ve even heard it in a sermon or two! But what does it MEAN?

Tithing means giving 10% of your income to God. It’s a biblical principle that has been taught for thousands of years. You might have heard about it in the bible, but what does it look like for YOU today?

In this message, Joseph Prince will give you an update on tithing under grace and help you understand how to place your tithe with confidence so that it can be used as God intended.

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