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 joel osteen church service times on tv

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Joel Osteen is a famous televangelist who has been preaching for over 20 years. His church, Lakewood Church, is based in Houston, Texas and has grown to an attendance of 45,000 people every week.

Joel Osteen’s church service times are shown on television at 7:30am EST and 11am EST every Sunday. The program is also available online through Joel’s website or through YouTube channels that carry the service.

Joel Osteen Church Service Times

Joel Osteen is a famous televangelist and pastor who preaches the message of hope and encouragement to millions of viewers worldwide.

Joel Osteen’s church services are broadcast live on television, so you can watch them from your home. His church service times are listed below:

About  joel osteen church service times on tv

Monday – Friday at 7:00 PM CT (Central Time)

Saturday at 8:00 AM CT (Central Time)

It’s time to get the word out! Joel Osteen’s weekly service is on TV this weekend, and you don’t want to miss it.

On Saturday, December 14th at 2pm EST, you can tune in to your local NBC affiliate for a live broadcast of Joel Osteen’s service.

Joel Osteen is the founder of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, which has become one of the largest congregations in America. He also hosts a popular podcast called “Your Best Life Now” and has written several books.


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