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Intercessory prayer for priests

We have so many priests out there who need our prayers. We must pray for them to be delivered from their trials and temptations, and we should pray for their spiritual growth. Some priests are good men but just lack certain prayerful qualities needed to do the job well. Others, unfortunately, are bad men who have become priests for deeply flawed reasons. Ultimately, we can all learn from and grow through the friendship of a good priest–which means all priests should be good.

In this article I am going to share with you some of the things that priests do and how they do them, to help you appreciate what our priests experience. If a priest has a large parish, hundreds of masses are said every week. Each is fresh and different as the celebrant and musicians change from day to day. It takes dedication, talent and skill to lead worship at all of these masses.

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Are you a priest?

Are you tired of your congregation?

Have they begun to lose interest in the power of prayer?

Do you want to restore their faith in the power of prayer and in you as a leader?

Dear God,

We come to you today with a special request: please pray for the priests who minister in our diocese.

Father John is doing an amazing job of leading his parish, but he has a lot on his plate. He’s got to get through all the Sunday masses, plus he’s been asked to help out at another parish this weekend because they’re short a priest! Please give him strength and wisdom as he serves Your people.

Father James is a great guy, but he seems to be having trouble finding his way after leaving the seminary. We just want him to know that we’re here for him, if he needs anything at all.

Father Peter has been struggling with depression lately, and we’re concerned about where it might lead him. Can you please comfort his soul?

Intercessory prayer for priests

The role of the priest is to be a spiritual leader for his flock. It is his duty to guide and protect his congregation, whether it be from within the church or outside of it. Priests are responsible for their congregations in much the same way that parents are responsible for their children.

The word “priest” comes from the Latin word “praestare” which means “to do something first” or “to offer” (an action). This is because priests are considered “first responders” when it comes to spiritual matters. They are the first ones that people go to when they need help with something spiritual such as prayer requests or confessionals. In many cases, this can be very stressful on priests because they have so many different responsibilities that they may not always be able to handle them all simultaneously without some help from outside sources such as intercessory prayer services provided by local churches or other religious organizations nearby where people go regularly attend services there too!

The Church is suffering. Priests and religious are leaving the priesthood at an alarming rate, and the Church can’t afford to lose any more of them.

The best way to help priests and religious is through intercessory prayer. As a layperson, you have a special role in intercession, because you can pray for priests and religious with a greater sense of freedom than priests or religious themselves. You don’t have the same obligations they do—like saying Mass on Sunday or hearing confessions. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your own sins will hurt your ability to intercede for others (because they won’t). And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about becoming distracted by worldly things; you don’t have other obligations or distractions that might keep you from focusing on what’s most important: helping priests and religious stay strong in their vocation so they can continue doing God’s work here on Earth!

So how can we help our priests? In this blog post I’m going to give three concrete suggestions for how laypeople can pray for priests and religious so that our prayers actually make a difference.

Intercessory prayer for priests

For priests, who guide God’s people with their teaching and example.

As Catholics, we pray for priests. It’s an important part of our faith. Priests have a special mission to help lead the people of God in their worship of God and their service to others.

Priests are an example to us all—they’re not just priests, but also husbands and fathers and sons; they’re not just teachers in the classroom or pastors at Mass, but also workers who spend hours building homes for the poor. They represent Christ in every aspect of their lives, which means that they serve as models for us all: whether we are married or single; whether we work with children or adults; whether our jobs involve direct ministry or indirect ministry (such as working behind-the-scenes).

There are so many ways that you can help support your priest through prayer! Here are some ideas:

Lord, help me to be aware of the many ways you are present in our world, in my life and in the lives of those around me.

As you pray for your priest, you will likely feel God’s presence more profoundly. You will be able to recognize his ways of manifesting himself in your life and the lives of others. This can be a great gift for priests because they may not always have time to think about how God works through them or in their parishioners’ lives.

As you pray for the priest, try to open yourself up to his experiences with God. Some examples include:

  • A parishioner shares something meaningful that happened during prayer or when hearing scripture read at Mass
  • Another person shares something good that happened while talking with him or her recently
  • Someone has been helped by one of his sermons

Help me to be a light for others and to share your love with all whose paths I cross each day.

Lord, help me to be a light for others and to share your love with all whose paths I cross each day. Please guide me when I am in need of support or comfort. Let me know what they need so that I may help them in their time of need. Help me stay strong when I feel weak and show kindness even when I’m feeling unkind myself.

I pray that you would reignite my passion for ministry, that it would burn brightly like a beacon on the hilltop calling people home. Let us never forget this important truth: It is through our actions that we can bring hope into the world around us; it’s not just about what we say but how we act every day as priests of God’s Church!

A prayer for priests who are ill

A prayer for priests who are ill

“Lord Jesus, please heal Father Jim and all priests who are ill. Please give him strength to carry on through this illness and give us the grace to care for him in his time of need.”

A prayer for the grace of obedience

Why does the grace of obedience matter? Because it helps us to live in union with God. The grace of obedience is a gift from God and one of his greatest gifts. It is also a form of love, which means that by giving up your own will and choosing to follow God’s will instead, you are showing him how much you love him. Finally, it’s an act that requires a choice on our part—a choice that can shape our lives for years to come if we choose wisely!

A prayer for priestly holiness Lord, you call your shepherds to be like you, close to your flock and caring for it as you care. May your priests be holy in their service to Your people and faithful in their dedication to You.

So many priests are holy, so why do we need to pray for the holiness of priests?

The Church is the Bride of Christ and needs her priests to be faithful to their vows and close to their flock. As such, we must pray for our priests that they will be faithful shepherds who can lead us in a life-giving way. We must also remember that not all priests are holy; therefore, let us join together in prayer for those who have fallen from grace or been unfaithful.

You can pray many different ways for priests or people preparing to become priests.

There are many ways you can pray for priests. You can pray that they have strength to serve God and his people, that they will be well, or that they have the courage to do their job. You can pray for priests when they’re serving God in mass or preaching the gospel in a sermon, or when they are visiting their parishioners who need comfort and encouragement. The best way to find out how much you should be praying for someone is by asking yourself: “What does this person need?”

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