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How To Become A Pastor In Dunamis

Paul reflects this idea in the following qualifications, “respectable, hospitable, able to teach…, not a bully but gentle, not quarrelsome…” and “have a good reputation among outsiders, so that he does not fall into disgrace and the devil’s trap.” These traits reveal a man who cares first about others.

Tamale, Ghana is home to the Dunamis Bible Institute, an accredited Bible seminary founded by African Mission Evangelism Inc. Its primary focus is the education and formation of Pastors, Missionaries, Youth and Children Leaders, Other Church Workers, and Those Interested in Christian/Pastoral Ministries and Missions. The Bible Institute welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to be instructed in the Word of God in an environment free from religious bias. The Dunamis Bible Institute also provides training in biblical and cultural literacy, preparing students to lead effectively and humbly.

The Dunamis Bible Institute has a clear mission: to equip God’s chosen men and women with a solid theological education at prices they can afford.

This is especially important in the Northern regions of Ghana.

DBI’s mission is to provide a formal education in the Bible and Theology to men and women who feel called by God and are seeking personal spiritual growth or who are interested in serving in Christian ministry. People in this camp care more about the spiritual depth of biblical and theological education than they do about a program’s official government recognition.

Nevertheless, we have established a mechanism to guarantee excellent ministerial and theological training, particularly at the Diploma level. You’ll also learn about Dunamis Christian University in this piece.

How To Become A Pastor In Dunamis

Programmes & Requirements

1. Certificate in Ministry

Short term courses tailored to suit those entering it.

2. Certificate in Pastoral Ministries

This program is a one year course designed for persons who are mainly interested in church planting, preaching, and teaching.

3. Higher Certificate in Practical Theology

The H/C in Practical Theology Program is a two-year program designed to equip persons to perform basic tasks of Christian ministry. This is pursued through biblical, theological, historical, educational, and guided practical ministry studies.

4. Diploma in Theology

This is an advanced study to equip Chris-tian leaders in biblical research methods. Persons who complete this course should be able to research and apply biblical lessons to the needs of the 21st-century church. To help students understand and apply the principles, methods, and concepts of wholistic mission for effective evangelism, church, and community development.

Requirements for admission

A strong secondary education is required for all the programs except the CIM. Persons with weaker secondary grades would be admitted to the H/C in the Pastoral Ministries program.

How Dunamis Church Started

On November 10th, 1996, the Dunamis International Gospel Centre opened its doors. Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor, Area 10) was the site of the first Sunday service. After 2 weeks, the church relocated to the Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where services continued for another 6 months.

In June 1997, less than a year after the ministry began, the congregation relocated to a larger worship facility in Area 1, adjacent to the Old Federal Secretariat. God moved in a mighty way, confirming His Word with power, signs, and wonders. And the Bible says, “as they praised God, the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

Overflowing in the church grounds and also along the road soon became a regular feature of every service, making it abundantly clear that the Church building was inadequate to hold the throngs of people who flocked there. Therefore, it became immediately apparent that a brand-new building was required to accommodate all of the worshippers.

On September 14, 2014, Bishop David Oyedepo presided over the ground-breaking/foundation-laying ceremony for the new International Church structure, which had been moved to a location along the airport road after receiving divine direction.

On November 24th, 2018, an auditorium with a capacity of 100,000 was dedicated to God as part of the new headquarters for the International Church. It is called the Glory Dome. Truly, God has been faithful.

Dunamis Christian University

The Christ Abundant Power Apostolic Church (Realm of Power), Alapere, Ketu, Lagos, has begun a free education programme for people wishing to study at their Dunamis Bible College and Theological Seminary from the academic month of March, in order to fulfill the mandate given to Dr. David Olorunleye, the Chancellor of the school and the General Overseer and his ministry.

Everyone, of whatever faith they may be, is welcome to participate in the training. The registrar, Reverend Olusegun, explained that the free training was provided because of a mandate from Prophet Olorunleye and to assist people in discovering their calling.

To aid Christians in understanding their calling and developing their God-given potential for ministry, Dunamis Seminary University offers formal education. This ministry, with its decades-long track record of success, equips believers to fulfill their individual roles in God’s plan for expanding His Kingdom.

Because your relationship with God is important to you, we prioritize you as a student at Dunamis Seminary University. Our goal is to give you access to cutting-edge ministerial training taught by highly qualified professors at no cost. Tuition is waived because we think it’s important that those called to ministry have no financial barriers to entry.

Our Certificate and Diploma programs in Biblical Studies are designed to help you reach your ministry goals.

Acknowledged as legal by Nigeria’s central government. The following degree program is approved for issuance by the university.

A Theological Studies Diploma or Degree Certificate (Dip. Theology)

B.A. in Theology (BTh. Theology)

A theologically-focused master’s degree (MTh. Theology)

Doctor of Theology Degree (DTh theology)

Each year, applications are accepted from October 4th through the end of December.

Regular classes begin on the following Saturday after Labor Day.

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