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How Do I Know If God Is Calling Me To Be A Pastor

Are you a young person who wants to know whether or not God is calling you to be a pastor? You’re not alone! Many young people have questions about their callings, and it can be hard to discern the answers.

If you’re one of those people who are wondering if God has called you to be a pastor, there are some things you can do to find out for sure. Here are five steps that will help:

1) Be willing to hear from God about your calling

2) Read Scripture every day and pray regularly

3) Ask yourself what type of ministry would fit your personality and gifts

4) Look at what others in your life think about your calling

5) If possible, talk with a pastor or mentor

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How Do I Know If God Is Calling Me To Be A Pastor

One of the most satisfying yet demanding professions is Christian ministry.  However, unlike other professions, you don’t choose Christian ministry, it is the ministry that chooses you. The Bible says that Jesus is the head of the Church (Colossians 1:18), and it is He Himself who chooses who should enter full-time ministry (Ephesians 4:10-11).

No one should enter ministry on a whim or just on a desire to do good, or for financial gain. If you are not called, you will not have the grace nor the gifting to do it. As a result, you will be frustrated, the life of God will not be in it, and it will be just a job, without satisfaction.

Someone with a calling to ministry, working another job, will be miserable. Someone not called to ministry, working in ministry, will be equally miserable. Since it is so important to become a minister only if you are called, the question is:

How do I know if I am called?  

God deals with us as individuals, so He doesn’t do the same thing with everyone. We all can have different experiences when we receive the calling to ministry. However, there are patterns that can be found in the life of people called to ministry. Ultimately, you know you are called by revelation, but here are five signs that can help you determine if you are called to ministry.

1) People called to ministry receive their calling supernaturally.

  • I have heard people say that Jesus appeared to them to give them their calling – that is not most of us. I have also heard others say that they heard an audible voice about their calling – that is not most of us either.
  • What most of us have is either an inner voice or conviction that pushes us to love, serve and seek God, beyond that of most people.
  • Some may receive a prophetic word or prophetic confirmation, others may have a dream, or often God brings that conviction through the reading of the Bible.  It is as if a verse related to the calling jumps out of the page and shakes you inside. 
  • These are the testimonies of the Holy Spirit within you. You don’t feel it only during a certain time of your life. It is a conviction that never goes away. The calling of God marks you for the rest of your life. Whatever you do, you will feel it tugging inside. It is like a wind or current. Trying to go against it takes effort. It makes you feel bad and dissatisfied, with no peace. Going with it makes things seem to be easy, smooth and fast. Everything feels peaceful in your life and there is an internal satisfaction and happiness that will come over your life.

2) People called to ministry will serve.

  • In a course I taught on how to find the purpose and call for your life, I had various ministers present their testimonies on how they were called to ministry. One key component found in all of us, was that we involved ourselves wholeheartedly in serving at the local church we attended at the time. No one had to push us; it wasn’t a burden. We did it because we wanted to serve God. Also, it didn’t matter what department we were assigned to, we did it responsibly and with joy.

3) People called to ministry manifest a grace and gifts that are visible to others.

  • When a person is called to ministry, there are supernatural gifts that will manifest in the life of the person. These gifts flow naturally and effortlessly.  In fact, they may be so natural to you that you may not be aware you are flowing in this grace, but others will notice. 
  • People will notice your prayers are more effective. When you preach the gospel to others, you are more effective. When you speak, people want to hear. You have deeper understanding of the Scriptures. There is greater authority in your words.  There is greater spiritual power and manifestations. All of these things will happen and grow throughout your life.

4) People called to ministry are hardwired for the ministry they are called to.

  • Every ministerial calling was preordained by God before the person was born.  So when you were born, God “hardwired” you with certain characteristics that go with the calling. They are inseparable from you as a person. 
  • Being a pastor is not simply to have the title of a pastor, or receiving a degree from a Bible college. Your personality, way of thinking, the way you conduct yourself, etc., are all hardwired to your calling.
  • For example, a pastor will be an extrovert, always looking to care for others, and will be a leader. An evangelist cannot help himself but is always thinking on winning souls. A teacher likes to study and is very organized. A prophet hates evil and things that go against the will of God. An apostle will be driven to help more and more people grow and mature in the things of God. These are things that are not studied, they are a part of who you are and cannot be changed any more than you can change the color of your eyes.

5) People called to ministry will have a greater desire for God and the things of God than the average Christian.

  • When I compare my Christian walk and that of other ministers with that of most Christians, I find that we have a much deeper desire for the things of God. We are willing to die to our desires and ourselves.
  • We are willing to sacrifice more for the sake of others. We are willing to seek out the will of God when others are having fun. We are willing to ask God to convict us when we are wrong.
  • We are willing to ask God to deal with us in the area of holiness. The average Christian is willing to sacrifice things for God. The minister is willing to sacrifice himself for the purposes of God.


Here is a quick bonus. Mature Christian ministers will be able to sense by the Holy Spirit, or by the work of God through you, that you have a call.  Do you have any mature Christian leaders that know you? Ask them and they may be able to help you out.


So, how did you do? Has God called you into ministry? If that is the case, then get ready to die to yourself, but also get ready for the most fantastic adventure in faith, blessing, satisfaction, and power you can possibly experience in life. You have been given a wonderful gift, but now, it is time to prepare yourself for it.

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