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HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, 3rd Revised & Updated Edition

HarperCollins Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive and richly illustrated reference book that provides a detailed look at biblical people, places, events, and themes. It offers clear explanations of the meaning of words used in the Bible and helps readers understand their significance in the context of scripture. The dictionary also includes more than 1,500 photographs and illustrations that bring to life ancient sites, artifacts, and archaeological discoveries.

With over 4 million copies sold worldwide since its original publication in 1957, HarperCollins Bible Dictionary remains the authoritative resource for students of the Bible and anyone seeking to better understand God’s Word.

harpercollins bible dictionary pdf

The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary is the best-selling reference book in the field. Now, in its third revised and updated edition, this essential resource continues to provide a wealth of information on biblical words, people and places.

The dictionary’s extensive collection of articles includes new entries on key terms such as “apocalypse” and “mysticism,” as well as expanded coverage of topics such as “Israelite law.” It also features an entirely new section that explores the interplay between biblical texts and modern culture.

A handy reference tool for any student or scholar of the Bible, this updated HarperCollins Bible Dictionary will help you better understand what you read in scripture.

HarperCollins Bible Dictionary is the ultimate reference tool for students and teachers of the Bible, providing clear, concise explanations of all the key terms, characters and places found in the Bible.

This third edition has been revised and updated to include new entries on subjects such as “Mormonism” and “Christian Zionism”, as well as expanded articles on subjects such as “Mary Magdalene”.


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