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Haitian Praise And Worship Songs

Praise and Worship is a Christian song genre whose primary language is English. It includes songs of adoration and thanksgiving to God, and also songs that express love for Jesus Christ. Praise and Worship songs are characterized by a wide range of styles, including pop, rock, hip hop, folk music and even contemporary classical music.

In this blog we will explore the history of Haitian Praise And Worship Songs.

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If you are looking for music to remind you of your heritage, then Haitian praise and worship songs are the way to go. These songs will help you reconnect with your culture, feel at home in a new place, or even just re-experience the joys of childhood.

Fouye Haiti

Fouye Haiti is a Haitian patriotic song. It was composed by Elie Lescot in 1885 to celebrate the country’s independence from France on January 1 of that year. The song is commonly played at Haitian Independence Day celebrations, such as those held in Port-au-Prince on January 1 each year to commemorate the occasion.

Fouye Haiti was written after Lescot heard news that Emperor Napoleon III had agreed to turn over control of Saint-Domingue (Haiti) to its people without further bloodshed or fighting between French troops and local rebels.

Cheri je ki nan tete ou

  • Lyrics:

Lyrics are important to the song, so here are the lyrics for “Cheri je ki nan tete ou.”*

  • Singers:

There are many artists that have sung this song. They include Voodoo Priest1, Ansyme2 and others.

  • What is it about?

This song is about a woman who has been through a hard time in her life and finds comfort in God because he gives her strength and encouragement to continue on.*How does it make you feel?

I think this song makes me feel very hopeful and happy as if I can do anything in life because God will always be there with me.*How does it make you think? It makes me think that no matter how much people try to hurt others or themselves there is always someone there for them who loves them unconditionally.*What does it remind you of? This song reminds me of my childhood growing up in Haiti with my family and friends, helping each other out through tough times together without giving up hope for better days…

Fanm sa a pa ka rale

Fanm sa a pa ka rale

Translation: The woman who sang for us

Background Information: This song is about a young girl named Sheba, who was sold into slavery from Africa and taken to Haiti. She fell in love with her master, but he did not want to marry her because she was black and he was white. The song tells of how she met someone else while looking for work (someone who also loved her) and how she escaped with him. It’s a sad story that has happened many times over in history.

Who Sings This Song?: Many Haitian singers sing this song including Adeline Georges, Roty Pierre-Paul, Carole Etienne, Chery Jean-Baptiste, Tikos Bajaracki and many others!

How Does This Song Make You Feel?: This song makes me feel like I’m home again after being away for so long; as though everything is still there waiting for me just as it was when I left it behind…even if it’s only inside my heart now!

Ou konnen ke banm mwen

  • “Ou konnen ke banm mwen.”
  • This song is a little more on the slower side, but it features a beautiful melody. The lyrics mean “you know that my heart belongs to you.”
  • To listen:
  • Artist: Edensky Louissaint
  • Year: 2005

Yaweh Nesta Rock

This song is about the Haitian revolution. It’s about Toussaint Louverture, who was a slave and became a revolutionary leader. Many people know him as an important figure of Haitian history, but many more people don’t know much about him at all. This song tells the story of how he led an army to freedom, defeating Napoleon’s forces and establishing Haiti as one of the first independent countries in Latin America.

We have this video from Flickr user Joel Schalit

Osez Josephine-Laurent Voulzy

Osez Josephine-Laurent Voulzy

The lyrics of this song are about a woman who is struggling to make a choice. She doesn’t know what to do, or who she should listen to. She wants someone to tell her what they think is best for her, but no one knows how she feels inside, so no one really knows what’s going on in her mind. The song is from the album “Chansonnier” (1977) and was written by Jacques Revaux and Claude Lemesle. It was produced by Jean-Michel Rivat

Une seule vie-Joe Dassin

The song Une seule vie is by Joe Dassin and was first released in 1973. The lyrics are by Michel Berger and the music was composed by Joe Dassin. It is a love song about knowing that there’s only one life to live, so you should live it for someone special.

The music video for this song features a man walking around Paris, France with his girlfriend. They go to a cafe where they share an intimate moment together before going their separate ways. Later on in the video, we see the same man sitting alone at home drinking wine while staring at a photograph of himself and his former lover from when they were together–he clearly misses her very much!

Vivre pour le meilleur-Johnny Hallyday

The song “Vivre Pour Le Meilleur” by Johnny Hallyday is about living for the best, not the worst. The lyrics of this song teach us that we should be aware of what we do in life and ensure that it is done with good intentions. The lyrics also tell us that although there may be some challenges along the way, life can still be amazing if we do our best to overcome those obstacles.

The chorus of this song says: “Vivre pour le meilleur / Dans ce monde pourri / Vivre pour le meilleur / Jusqu’au bout du tunnel.” This means “Live for the best / In this world full of corruption / Live for yourself as long as you can.”

In conclusion, Haitian praise and worship songs are popular among Haitians because they want to know what God has planned for them. These songs are inspirational because they encourage people to think positively and stay focused on their goals rather than giving up when faced with challenges or setbacks in their lives

Un autre monde-Téléphone

Un autre monde is a song about hope. It was written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, who also performed it with Téléphone. The song was released in 1984 and has since become an essential part of Haitian praise and worship songs.

The chorus of Un autre monde translates to “another world.” This phrase encapsulates the desire for change that Haitians feel every day. The lyrics describe a place where everyone is equal and no one goes hungry—a world free from poverty, violence, and oppression.

Belle Maison de campagne à vendre-Les retardataires (groupe musique)

The song’s lyrics are a mixture of praises and prayers, asking God to help them get over their problems. The singer pleads with God to give him strength and courage so that he can take care of his family. This song reminds me of my childhood days when I used to go out into the countryside with my parents, grandparents and other relatives who were farmers or agro-businessmen in Northern Haiti. They would sing songs like this one while working on their farms together in order to pass time while doing manual labor under the hot sun or rain (depending on what season it was).

While listening to this song makes me feel nostalgic about my childhood memories growing up in Haiti, it also makes me think about how far we’ve come since then—both as individuals and as a nation—and how much more we still have left ahead before we’re truly free from all forms of oppression.”

Les lavandières du Portugal_Pascal Danel_1969.mp3

This song was released in 1969 by Pascal Danel. It was a hit in France and Belgium, despite being about a man who is in love with a woman who is married to another man.

These Haitian songs will remind you of your culture and heritage.

  • Haitian songs are a great way to connect with your culture and heritage.
  • Haitian songs are a way to remember your roots.
  • Haitian songs are a way to remember your family.
  • Haitian songs are a way to remember your ancestors.


If you like these songs, please share them with your friends and family so they can enjoy them too. Now that we’ve covered the basics of Haitian culture, let’s move on to discussing some of the Haitian songs that will remind you of your roots.

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