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Hadassah In The Bible

In the Bible, we see a number of different women. Their names are often lost to history and we know them only by their relationship to other people. One of these women is Hadassah.

Hadassah was a young woman from the village of Shunem who married a wealthy man named Elisha. Her husband died when she was still young, but she remained faithful to him and would not remarry. She had no children of her own, but instead raised her husband’s nephew as if he were her own son.

It is said that after her husband passed away, Hadassah became very sick herself. She sent word to Elisha and asked him to come heal her illness so that she would not die before he arrived at Shunem. When Elisha arrived at the house where Hadassah lived with her nephew, he healed them both with oil from his lamp.

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It’s not easy to be a hero. It’s even harder to be a female hero. But Queen Esther overcame the odds and achieved what many thought was impossible: saving her people from genocide. She did it by foiling an evil plot against her people, convincing her husband to make a decree that saved an entire nation, and risking everything she had—and more importantly, who she was—to do good in the world. Yes, this is the story of Esther: a biblical heroine who used wisdom and courage to accomplish incredible things.

Who was Queen Esther or Hadassah in the Bible?

Esther was a Jewish woman who became queen of Persia. She was the wife of King Ahasuerus and her name means “star.” Esther is the only woman mentioned by name in the Bible and she is a woman of great courage. She saved her people from destruction by refusing to bow down to Haman, a wicked adviser to the king.

Was Queen Esther a Jew?

The book of Esther does not tell us much about the Hebrew origins of its heroine. The only clue it gives us is that she was a Jewess. A careful reading of the text reveals that there are more than twenty ways in which Esther could be described as a Jewess:

She was a Hebrew girl;

She was a Hebrew virgin;

She was born into an extended family of Jews;

and so on

Who was King Ahasuerus in the Bible?

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What did Queen Esther do in the Bible?

Esther was a Jewish girl who became queen of Persia. The king, Ahasuerus, chose Esther to be his wife after she won his favor during a beauty contest. Esther used her position to save the lives of the Jews from Haman, a royal adviser who had decided that all Jews should be killed.

Why is Esther called Hadassah?

In the Bible, Esther is known as Hadassah. The Hebrew name of Esther was Hadassah, which means “myrtle” or “myrtle tree.”

In Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke while on earth and written in Hebrew letters (a writing system used by many ancient Semitic languages), it became Keturah. In Greek, her name changed to Ester or Esther; in Latin she is referred to as Istria or Astrea.

Is Queen Esther’s story true?

Esther’s story is legendary, but there’s no evidence that it actually happened. The story is based on a Persian tale about Esther and Mordecai, and was written by a Greek author named Xenophon (not to be confused with Xenophanes). It was then translated into Hebrew by an unknown translator in the mid-second century BCE—and we don’t know if he made any changes as he translated the story from Greek to Hebrew. The Talmud doesn’t mention Esther at all!

Queen Esther’s bravery is legendary and her story continues to inspire.

Queen Esther, one of the wives of King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), is an example of strength in the Bible. She is famous for her bravery and loyalty, and continues to inspire us today.

Queen Esther’s story begins with her being chosen as one of three women from all over Persia to be part of King Xerxes’s harem. The king had asked that all beautiful virgins be brought before him so he could choose his new wife. Esther was taken into the palace by Mordecai, who had been adopted by her uncle when she was just a young girl after both her parents died (Esther 2:7).

Esther later became queen when King Xerxes’ first wife died; however, she did not reveal who she really was until it became necessary later on in order to save her people from destruction at Haman’s hands because he wanted revenge against all Jews after Mordecai refused him access into their community due to his greediness towards power (Esther 3:6).


Esther is a great example of how one person can make a difference in their world. God used her not only to save the Jews, but also to show her people that God loved them and would be with them during even the most difficult times. Her story is also an example for us today: we may feel powerless and overwhelmed by our circumstances, but with God’s help we can face anything.

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