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The Holy Bible promises to deliver the long-awaited wisdom that you need, but many people have been unsuccessful finding the answers. The GULLAH New Testament offers new and unconventional wisdom for those who are tired of seeing the same old stuff on their dashboards. Those who are tired of seeing BS from their friends will now have access to information that makes sense and gives real insight into what’s going on in the world.

There are many benefits to reading the New Testament. The Gullah New Testament is a translation used to accurately communicate what Jesus said, and the meaning’s of his words. The words of Jesus are explained in language that you can understand. Reading this book will lead you closer to knowing God through Jesus Christ in your life, and thru him you can have eternal life!

A well-known figure in the community, this New Testament is the best choice for anyone looking for a spiritual companion. This affordable edition of Gullah New Testament (Gullah Bible) makes it an ideal gift for loved ones and friends.

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The goal of this site is to make the Gullah New Testament even more accessible, available, and useable than just in print form alone. There are many ways to navigate around a Bible on this site. The index you see on the left (yellow) pane provides a number of ways to find a passage.

Basic navigation

  1. If you click on a book name, you will get a list of the section titles for that book. It provides a bird’s-eye view of the whole book. Each of these section titles is an active link. Click on one to go there.
  2. Click on a chapter number under any book name to go there. Then you can scroll to any verse.
  3. The back arrow on the browser will take the user to the previous view or location.
  4. There is a button above the yellow navigation pane that will Go to the top of the book.
  5. As you move from book to book you will see a green tab near the top left of the right hand pane that tells you which book you are currently in. This is helpful when you are in the middle of a large book, or jumping from one active link to another.

Some additional features:

  1. Parallel passages are found as active links below section titles where different versions of the same story occur in more than one book. This is most common in the synoptic Gospels. If that particular book has been translated, then the parallel passages referring to that book are all active links. In this way the user can compare the same story, for example, in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, simply by clicking the mouse. As an exercise, go to Luke 3:21 and follow the parallel passages telling the story about John baptizing Jesus.
  2. If you are finding the font size too small for your eyes, in most browsers you can increase font size by clicking on VIEW, TEXT SIZE, INCREASE.

The Concordance

Some people are familiar with the idea of a Bible concordance, but have never had access to one. This electronic version of the Gullah Nyew Testament makes this useful tool accessible to everyone.

  1. At the very top of the yellow navigation pane click on the Concordance.
  2. This opens up an alphabetical list. Let’s say we want to do a topical study seeing what the Bible says about ‘glory.’
  3. Beside the ‘G’ letter click on the plus sign ‘+’, then find glory. You will see this occurs 123 times in the Gullah New Testament.
  4. Click on glory. You will see all occurrences of glory appear in the upper right hand pane. Scroll down through the list.
  5. Click on the link in Luke 2:14 (Luk 2.14), and you will see that passage appear in the lower right hand pane, with all occurrences of glory highlighted.
  6. Now go back to the yellow navigation pane at the left, and open up ‘T’ to find tority. Find and click on the link to Acts 1:7 (Act 1.7) and you will see that passage appear in the lower right hand pane, with all occurrences of tority highlighted.
  7. You get the idea. The search is limited to finding single words only, and not phrases like “Holy Spirit” or “Son of God.”.

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