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Activities For Church Fellowship

Activities for church fellowship: Our church fellowship activities provide a fun and exciting way to celebrate the incredible bond of faith between you, your community and God. We prepare these activities for all types of churches: Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and every denomination in between. Our unique events are not only meticulously planned but also thoughtfully staffed by experienced church volunteers. Check out our fellowship activities for adults and fellowship activity ideas for youth.

Church activities for fellowship. The greatest joy in my ministry is to see people come together as they discuss the Word of God and get excited about what God has done in their lives. Through this book, I have been trying to share with you fun ideas people have gathered to share each week in their own churches. These ideas are easy-to-do, practical, and encourage community togetherness everywhere.

Activities For Church Fellowship

If you are looking for ways to keep your church family and community connected, consider holding fellowship activities weekly. Here are a few ideas for getting the discussion started around meaningful topics:. You can have a pizza night or have a potluck dinner. Turn ordinary meals into special occasions at home by inviting new members.

Church is not just about worship but also about community. The church cannot thrive on one or two individuals. It takes a whole collection of people from all walks of life to make the church strong. That is why having activities that connect people with each other is important. Church fellowship is an important part of our faith and identity. Here are some helpful ways to get the word out about your event, raise money for a worthy cause, and make a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Ideas For Church Fellowship Events

  • Plan a Gardening and Environmental Day.
  • Help Less Fortunate Church Members With a Home Makeover.
  • Offer Community Life Skill Development.
  • Organize a Community Fun Day.
  • Plan a Christmas Seasonal Market.
  • Host an “Adopt a Family” Gift Collection Drive.
  • Organize a Christmas Concert.

Fellowship Activities For Adults

Christian Retreats are a great way to enrich your faith and meet others who share similar values and morals. There are usually several different types of Christian games for adults that take place at these retreats. These activities help break the ice and make learning more about your faith, church and friends fun and entertaining.

If you are organizing a retreat, there are numerous retreat game ideas available both online and in Christian books. Some of the most popular games will be discussed in this article.

1. Finish The Sentence

Example: I am Blessed Because…
This is a very popular ice breaker game for retreats. Each person in the group takes a turn introducing themselves and finishes a predetermined sentence, “I am blessed because…”. This gives everyone a chance to know each other a little better.

2. Bible Pictionary

List several scenes from the Bible onto pieces of paper and place into a bowl. Divide the group into two teams. Have one member of each team pick a piece of paper and draw out the scene on a large piece of paper or dry-erase board.

The other members of the team will try to guess what scene from the Bible is being drawn. The team that guesses the most scenes correctly in the time frame allotted will win a prize.

3. True or False

Have each person tell two stories about themselves, one that is true, and one that is false. The group has to guess which of the stories is a lie.

This is one of the more popular Christian games for adults because the false (and sometimes true) stories can be quite humorous and get everyone laughing.

4. Bible Telephone

Have everyone in the group line up side by side. Pick a short verse from the Bible and each person will whisper it to the person next to them. This will continue down the line until the verse reaches the last person, who will then repeat what they heard aloud.

A majority of the time, the verse will be completely different from what it originally started out as. This is always a fun game and a great icebreaker.

5. Bible Hangman

This is played similar to the traditional “hangman” game but uses words or phrases from the Bible. Break the group up into two teams. The first team will do the drawing, and the second team will guess the letters.

The game continues until the second team either guesses the word or phrase correctly or is “hung”.  Then, have the teams switch places and repeat the process. Keep track of which team guesses more words or phrases correctly, and offer the winning team a prize.

6. Name Game

Have one person start out by saying the name of a character from the Bible. The next person has to come up with a character from the Bible whose name starts with the last letter of the previously stated Bible character.

7. Who Am I?

You will need an index card for each person in the group. Write the name of a popular Bible character on each index card. Pin the back of the index card onto the back of each person.

Have everyone pair off into groups and ask each other questions to figure out whose name is pinned to their back. You can offer a prize to the first group that guesses all of their names correctly.

8. Bible Bingo

This is similar to the traditional Bingo game, but instead of using numbers on the Bingo cards, use words or phrases from the Bible. An announcer will shout out the word or phrase, and if it appears on their game card, the group member will check it off with a marker. The first person to get all the words or phrases in a row yells out “Bible Bingo” and wins the game.

9. Bible Scavenger Hunt

Give each group member a Bible and a list of items to find. The list should include ten to twenty items. The items should be clues to different Bible verses or phrases. The person that finds the most items in the time allotted wins the game and a prize.

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10. Name That Hymn

A piano is required for this game, as well as someone who is familiar with songs from the church hymnal and how to play them. Divide the group into two teams. The pianist will play the song without singing the words.

11. Bible Scene

Break the group up into small teams, and have each team choose a scene from the Bible that they would like to re-enact. Allow the teams enough time to put their scenes together and choose who will play each role.

Have a large chest of costumes and props available for the teams to use. This will add to the fun of the game and make the scenes more interesting.

Each team will perform their Bible scene, and the group will vote on which team’s scene was the best. Offer the winning team a prize. This is a great game to end the retreat with since the group members will be comfortable with each other by then and it is a memorable way to finish off their time there.

Fellowship Activity Ideas For Youth

Here’s a list of activities for church fellowship:

  1. Start a Bible study group!
  2. Play games together—a lot of them!
  3. Share your favorite recipes and make food together!
  4. Host a pie-eating contest (because who doesn’t love pie?)
  5. Go bowling or play pool at the local arcade, if that’s what you’re into

We are a church that is all about serving others, so we want you to be able to serve others.

We believe that God has created us to serve each other and to give back to the world around us. We want our members to know that they can be a part of this mission by being involved in our community outreach activities.

Here are some of the ways we like to spread the love:

-We host an annual charity event where we collect donations for families in need in our area.

-Every year, we pick a different cause and raise money for it through bake sales, raffles, etc.

-Our church has a soup kitchen open once a week where anyone can come in and eat for free!

In Summary

A majority of people who attend a Christian retreat rave about how good of a time they had learning more about themselves, their faith, and fellow church members. This is due in large part to the Christian games for adults that are played at these retreats.

These games for adults are not only fun but also educational and inspirational. They help forge strong bonds between the group members and give the attendees memories that last a lifetime.

Be sure to also check out our ultimate list of the best Christmas games for adults!

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