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From Physical Circumcision to the Doctrine of Repentance, Vol. 2

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The Doctrine of Repentance

The Doctrine of Repentance is the second book in a series of volumes on the subject of physical circumcision. In this volume, we discuss how to deal with sin, including an examination of how it should be dealt with in each situation. We also look at whether or not repentance is necessary for salvation and whether or not there are degrees of sin.

The Doctrine of Repentance is designed to help you understand how to deal with your sins so that they do not become overwhelming. You will learn how to recognize the ways in which they can affect your life and how to avoid them. This can help you prevent yourself from committing those sins again in the future and improve your relationship with God.

about From Physical Circumcision to the Doctrine of Repentance, Vol. 2

The book of Hebrews is an important book to read and study, especially for those who are beginning the process of repentance. The author of this epistle was not an apostle, but had been taught by them. He writes in chapter 3:1-6 about the superiority of Christ to angels and Moses, then says that we must go on to perfection (3:14). This can be accomplished only through faith in Jesus Christ, who has been perfected for us (4:11). Our salvation is based on grace through faith (4:16) and works are necessary only because God commands them (4:17).

In chapter 5:8-9 we learn how much better it is to trust in God than in man. In verses 10-12 we hear about forgiveness of sins through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Then in verses 13-14 we learn that there are many priests today offering sacrifices but only one true High Priest—Christ Himself!

We should all take time to study this book more closely so that we may grow spiritually by learning more about our Savior and what He did for us!

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