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Father Solanus Prayer For Healing

Father Solanus was a priest who lived in Detroit, Michigan. He died in 1889 and is buried in St. Bonaventure Monastery in Clinton Township, Michigan.

He was known for his healing prayers. People would come from all over to ask his help or just to touch him and receive his blessing.

Below is a prayer that he used often for healing:

“O God, You know my weakness, my strength, my poverty and riches; You know my health and sickness; You know what I have done with Your money and what I have left undone; You know what good fruit I have gathered from these things and what bad fruit I have thrown away; You know all things.”

“You know that at this moment I am in need of healing; but it is not fitting that I should tell you what it is. In the Name of Jesus Christ heal me now from all infirmities of body and soul.”

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Father Solanus Prayer For Healing

Prayer to Father Solanus Casey for Healing

Father Solanus Casey’s Prayer to God for Healing

O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst say, “I will give you peace in the midst of your trouble,” and from whom proceed all health and life: Hear my petition. Grant me a feeling of Thy love that I may be cured; restore me to health. If my affliction is sent to teach me patience or humility, grant that I may have the grace to bear it with submission; if it comes as a punishment for sin committed, grant me grace to confess and amend. If it has been sent by accident or by the malice of Satan, grant that I may overcome these obstacles with courage and trust in God’s goodness and mercy. Grant also through Thy Passion, O Lord Jesus Christ that my sickness may be a source of merit for those who pray for me asking Thy mercy upon us all through Christ our Lord! Amen!

Healing Prayer Request

Father Solanus Casey Prayer is a traditional Catholic prayer for healing and intercessory prayer request that can be said by anyone who has a need to pray.

Father Solanus had several miraculous healings during his lifetime. The Father Solanus Prayer Request is also known as the Blessed Solanus Miracle Prayers, Father Solanus Prayer For Healing, Father Solanus Prayer Request, Father Solanus Casey Prayer For Healing and Blessed Solanus Casey Prayer For Healing.

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Solanus Casey quotes

These Fr. Solanus Casey quotes will enable you to have a closer look on life and will help think over your purpose and distinction of choice. Have a calming read, people!

1. “The only science that gives purpose to every other science is the science of religion – the science of our happy relationship with, and our providential dependence on God and our neighbor.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

2. “It’s ‘Heaven Begun’, for the grateful on earth.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

3. “Worry is a weakness from which very few of us are entirely free. We must be on guard against this most insidious enemy of our peace of soul. Instead let us foster confidence in God, and thank Him ahead of time for whatever he chooses to send us.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

4. “What does it matter where we go? Wherever we go, won’t we be serving God there? And wherever we go, won’t we have Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament with us? Isn’t that enough to make us happy?”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

5. “Gratitude is the first sign of a thinking, rational creature.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

6. “We must be faithful to the present moment or we will frustrate the plan of God for our lives.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

7. “Have faith in God, shake off excessive worry, and thank God ahead of time!”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

8. “Blessed be God in all his designs.”

-Fr. Solanus Casey.

9. “If we only try to show the Dear Lord a good will and ask Him for resignation to the crosses He sends or permits to come our way, we may be sure that sooner or later they will turn out to have been just so many blessings in disguise.”

-Fr. Solanus Casey.

10. “May God bless you and multiply His graces and joys in your soul.”

-Fr. Solanus Casey

11. “How little we realize what a benefit it is that we taste sorrow now and then. Get acquainted with the Queen of Martyrs, God’s Mother’s suffering, and you will learn something of how we ought to love sorrow and pain in this life.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

12. “Death can be very beautiful – like a wedding – if we make it so.”

– Fr. Solanus Casey.

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