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Elevation Sunday Service

When it comes to making sure people are in their seats at the right time, accountability is key. Churchgistics’ new app, Elevate, enables churches to enforce the times and dates when the service starts and ends via an electronic swipe card system.

We’ve all attended church on Sundays and either loved our service time, or had us wishing we could be back in bed. Your church needs a creative leader who can be the link between the pastor and staff and the congregation. I am turning my attention to this area because I’ve been doing it over ten years with different types of churches large and small. The reality is that you need to craft sermons that will encourage spiritual growth in your congregation to get them ready for their week ahead.

A good worship leader can make all the difference for a church that’s struggling with slowly declining attendance and baptisms. Everyone wants to be involved in an alive church. Working directly with your pastor to improve how you carry out church services is a great way to elevate the interest of your attendees.

Churchgists is a tool that helps churches elevate their service times to a higher level. Using Churchgists, you can create beautiful, modern schedules that are easy to read and understand. Plus, you can coordinate all aspects of your church’s calendar through one central hub.

With Churchgists, your church will be able to:

-Create schedules that are easy to read and understand

-Track attendance in real time

-Share services with other churches and organizations

Elevate church service times

Pastors and church leaders are constantly looking for ways to make their services more meaningful and engaging, but one thing that is consistently overlooked is the time of day services are held. While many churches hold services early in the morning or late at night, these times can be off-putting to potential attendees.

Studies show that people are much more likely to attend church if it’s held at a time that works for them. When you consider the fact that most people have jobs and children, it becomes clear why this is important.

While some churches have tried holding multiple services during the week, this can be difficult for many reasons including lack of volunteers and funding. A much better option is to simply move your current service times to later in the morning or early afternoon so that more people can attend without feeling rushed or exhausted from work/home life demands!


In-person gatherings are located at:
975 Millcreek Mall
Erie, PA 16565

Sundays • 8:30 + 10 + 11:30AM
All Services Also Stream Online

The Elevation Church also known as TEC has been set up by God to develop members to be witnesses for Christ and still empower them to achieve the highest levels of distinction and greatness in life. At The Elevation Church, greatness primarily means service.

According to Mark 9:35, Jesus said that whoever wants to be great in God’s kingdom must first learn to be the servant of all. The privilege of leadership brings with it a higher calling to serve God and humanity. And as we take definite steps to reach out to elevate one another, we elevate our communities as well. Thus, making the spirit of greatness common.

We have a wide variety of ministries and avenues through which our members can serve. Everyone can find a place to spread greatness. So whatever your gift, this is an environment where you can express it and become all God has created you to be!

TEC is also focused on Social Service delivery and is the main driver behind several initiatives, events, interventions and community outreaches that are enablers and beneficial to the social well being of the communities that it serves. TEC’s present focus areas are its immediate communities in Lagos and some other parts of Nigeria. Some of these interventions include:

  1. The Pistis Foundation
  2. The Ubomi Project
  3. Prison Rehabilitation Impact Programs
  4. E-200 Empowerment outreaches
  5. Employability enhancement programs
  6. Several other recovery, medical and wellness interventions

Our Beliefs…

  • We believe in the Godhead- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that God the Father, loved us so much that He sent Jesus Christ His son, to take on flesh so that He could die and save us (the world) from sin.
  • We believe that Jesus died and resurrected and is seated now at the right hand of the Father.
  • We believe that we have another comforter, The Holy Spirit who is God and with whose fellowship we enjoy here on earth.
  • We believe that we are joint heirs with Jesus to God’s inheritance by His word and that we will rule and reign with Him forever more.

Elevate Life Church is a Christian Church located in Riverside, CA. We believe that Riverside shall be saved through loving people to life, feeding people both spiritually and physically, and becoming fathers to the fatherless. We’d love for you to come and join us for a service. It’s the best way to find out what we’re about as a church.  Elevate Life Church is open to all ages, all nationalities, all races, all backgrounds, all people. You’re never a stranger in your Father’s house. Our mission is to love people to life, and we’d love to meet you.


To conclude, churchgists is a good platform for churches to use. Whether you are trying to get your church more involved in technology or are just looking for a new way to remain up to date with sermons, churchgists is the site for you! has a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach to communicating with users. There is no ambiguity about what their goal is or how the site works, which allows visitors to quickly understand what the service does and begin using it with confidence. The entire website follows a similar pattern of providing all the information you need without asking you to do any searching or guesswork.

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