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Dream About Killing Someone In Self Defense

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This morning as I awoke, I had a dream in which I killed someone to protect myself. I want to know if other people have experienced something similar and, if so, what they believed they were defending themselves from. I’ve had numerous murderous dreams in the past. Anybody has a theory as to why?

Hello everybody. You should read this article if you’ve ever had dreams in which you killed someone in self-defense and you’re not sure why. I thoroughly review everything. This essay covers everything, from the most frequent ways that killing someone will save your life to how it will alter you. Hope it’s useful.

Dream About Killing Someone In Self Defense

Murder or killing someone is a violent criminal act, punishable by law. Taking someone’s life is also a mortal sin punishable by eternal damnation of the person’s soul and separation from God.

In some cases, killing someone could be an inevitable outcome of defending your own life, which is, killing in someone in self-defense.

The criminal Law defines the situations which could be considered self-defense and the perpetrator of the killing act could be acquitted of the charges for murder if it is proven that they were only trying to protect their life from being taken away by their attacker.

Killing someone in self-defense always implies being attacked by someone and fighting to stay alive.

As in real life, killing someone in self-defense is a very disturbing experience. Dreams can often be very realistic and vividly portray some situations as if the person was experiencing them in real life.

Killing dreams in general as well as killing in self-defense have an important symbolic message for the dreamer and should be carefully interpreted to decipher their message.

Dreams about killing someone usually indicate trying to end something in your life, or get rid of something you know it doesn’t serve you, or worse, something that is harming you.

Maybe you want to get rid of some disturbing or unnecessary aspect of your personality and the dream reflects these attempts.

Killing dreams often reveal the person’s desire to end a relationship with someone in reality, usually the person they dreamed about killing.

Dreams involving killing usually reveal a lot of repressed rage and anger the person is harboring against someone or something.

Sometimes the anger is pointed at the person who is dreaming the dream, and the dream has a role to make them understand the roots of the anger to be able to confront it and resolve it.

This dream is always calling you to decipher the reasons for having it, especially the reasons for the anger and range you are keeping inside.

This dream often reveals repressed pressure and extreme agitation. This dream is a sign of potentially losing control over your actions and life in general.

If the person you killed in a dream is someone familiar, it is important to ask yourself about the reasons for having this dream. Why do you have such aggressive feelings towards that person, which caused such a violent dream with death as an outcome.

Maybe the dream is asking you to get rid of some aspect of yourself which is somehow symbolized by the person you killed in your dream. The killed person often embodies some of the traits you want to get rid of.

Sometimes killing a person in a dream indicates getting rid of some bad addictions and habits you have, which you know are detrimental for you.

Dreams about defense meaning

Defending yourself or someone in a dream usually reveals fear and frustration. Maybe you don’t have enough private space and you feel the need to defend it against the ones who are depriving you of it.

Dreams in which you are defending yourself are often the ones revealing how suppressed you feel and unable to tell what you mean.

This dream could be warning that you fear not meeting someone’s standards and expectations.

Dreaming about self-defense in various forms often indicates feeling secure or feeling threatened by something.

This dream is more common in situations where you feel that something is jeopardizing your wellbeing in reality or the wellbeing of someone you care about.

Maybe you are thinking of ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from the imminent danger and the dream is a consequence of your thoughts.

Dreams about killing someone in self-defense meaning

If you dreamed you were killing someone during self-defense, possibly repelling someone’s attack on your life, or trying to defend a child or someone close, that dream is usually a sign of major personal success.

Depending on the outcome, this dream could have different meanings, but in general signifies being able to overcome the obstacles and problems you come across while reaching your goals.

This dream is a sign of determination to succeed and fight for your ideals and desires.

These dreams often go unnoticed, and are considered a nightmare, which, in their nature they truly are.

However, it is important never to neglect such dreams because they most likely carry a very important message from your subconscious about an urgent matter you need to attend to.

Dreams about killing a person in self-defense could have a good and a bad meaning, depending on the overall feel the dreamer had during the dream and its details.

Dreams, in which you kill someone in self-defense, often reveal that you need to take more care of someone in your life; this dream is often a sign of repressed nervousness, stress, anxiety, and often fear you feel.

It is important to release these feelings and get rid of them because they are seriously damaging your wellbeing.

Killing in self-defense is often a sign of your inability to deal with some current issues you have.

In some cases, self-defense killing is a sign of your inability to openly express your emotions and speak your mind.

Dreams about self-defense and killing someone while defending your integrity are unfortunately often a sign of terrible circumstances the person is going through in their life.

They often reveal that the person lives in a state of continual conflicts, and possibly fights with people from your households and generally disturbing life conditions.

A dream about killing someone defending yourself or someone close is usually a sign of overcoming some difficult obstacles you have in life. It is often a sign of problems in communication or expression of your thoughts.

It could also be a sign of over-compensating some lacks.

Dreams About Killing Someone in Self-Defense – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of killing someone in self-defense – If you dreamed you killed someone in self-defense, that dream usually symbolizes someone in your life who has some many flaws in their character, but you pretend not to be bothered by these flaws.

The dream is a revelation that you are actually bothered by the traits of this person, and in fact, you feel threatened by them.

This could be a warning to take some decisive action. In some cases, this dream indicates your attempts to full someone into believing a lie. Often a dream about killing a person in self-defense indicates some unpredictable announces.

Killing a person in self-defense in a dream could also be a sign that you feel controlled by someone or some circumstances, which bothers you a lot.

Maybe you have a feeling that you don’t have any say in the way your life is unfolding and that you are always following other people’s rules and fulfilling other people’s desires.

This could be a sign that you should make some significant changes in your life before you completely lose control over your behavior.

Dreaming of accidentally killing yourself while defending yourself – If you dreamed of defending yourself against someone’s attack and accidentally killing yourself, the dream is a warning sign. It usually reveals wasting your creativity and talents or taking them for granted.

Maybe you are waiting for the right timing to begin using them, but you are actually wasting your time. This could also be a sign of not being able to meet someone’s standards and expectations of you.

It could also indicate problems and issues you have been avoiding to face for a long time. Maybe everything has piled up and is now coming to get you.

Dreaming of killing a stranger in self-defense – If you dreamed of killing a stranger in self-defense, the dream is usually a sign of relief and releasing enormous negativity from your subconscious.

This dream is often a sign of dealing with matters which are not your concern, and only wasting time with that. It is a reminder not to waste time bothering what others think of you.

Maybe it is a sign of refraining yourself from speaking your mind.

Dreaming of killing someone in self-defense by stabbing them – If you dreamed of defending yourself and killing someone by stabbing them, that dream is usually a bad sign, indicating misfortune and troubles at work.

Maybe this dream is an indication that you need time to rest and heal from some past hurt.

Because of the brutality of your reaction, the dream often reveals a lot of accumulated anger and negative energy which needs to be released.

Dreaming of killing someone in self-defense by shooting them – If you dreamed of killing someone, by shooting at them in self-defense that dream often indicates your desire to be heard by others.

Maybe you feel suppressed by someone’s controlling behavior and you feel that you cannot openly speak about your ideas and thoughts.

This dream reveals a strong desire to speak your mind and be heard. It is often a sign of guilty conscious or repressed memories from the past.

Maybe you feel that you are wasting your time by giving advice to someone who doesn’t listen to you.

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