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Our course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Christian living.

You’ll learn how to be a disciple, how to live in community, and how to engage with faith in your daily life.

Our goal is to help you achieve an understanding of what it means to be the church and how you can be a part of it.

One Year Disciple Course. Lessons in Christian Living

This course is designed to teach you the basics of Christian living and give you a solid foundation for life as a disciple of Christ. The lessons are short and simple, allowing you to learn at your own pace without pressure or intimidation. After completing the course, you will be able to identify key themes from scripture and apply them to everyday situations. You will also have an understanding of basic Christian values, such as love, forgiveness, and humility.

The lessons in this course cover topics such as:

-What does it mean to be a Christian?

-How do you develop a personal relationship with God through prayer?

-What are some ways that Jesus lived his life on Earth?

One Year Disciple Course

Lessons in Christian Living

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The One Year Disciple Course is a program that takes you through the Bible, step-by-step, to help you understand what it means to live as Christ’s disciple.

The course is made up of six lessons: The Word of God, Prayer and Worship, The Church, Christian Living, Jesus Christ and the Christian Life, and Missions. Each lesson includes reading assignments from the Bible, questions for reflection and discussion with others in your small group or class (or both), and an opportunity for personal prayer.

There are three options for completing this course: online study through [website name], in-person study at one of our local churches or at our headquarters in [city], or through a combination of both online and in person courses.

This is a course for individuals who want to learn more about living as a follower of Christ. It is intended for new believers and those who have been Christians for many years. The course will cover topics such as the importance of prayer, how to make friends with God, and how to understand the Bible. The goal of this course is to help you become a better disciple of Christ by learning important principles that will guide you throughout your life.


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