Daniel Chand Biography

Daniel Chand enjoys reading and listening books. He has a great sense of humor and loves traveling. He believes in prayer and regularly contributes to charity. Daniel is also very social and loves making friends. Finally, he strongly believes that his dreams can be achieved if he tries hard enough. With the right mindset, he can do anything!

Daniel Chand is a reputable marketing and internet user advocate who has been working on his own niche sites since 2008. His work has been quoted in the Huffington Post, and included as a source of information on Wikipedia. A good example of his work is GymShark (http://gymshark.com/), which gets over 50 million pageviews per year. Over the years, Daniel has found success with numerous clients, ranging from high school basketball teams to companies that sell over $3 million worth of merchandise online in a single year. Daniel is an expert in all things written content and link building, and he’s also available for consulting gigs.

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Daniel Chand Biography

Born in Bedford, England, prior to accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior, Daniel was an amateur boxer in London, on track to becoming a professional boxer. He lived a life of addictions, violence & negativity and was on course to an 8-year imprisonment. Daniel began boxing at the age of 15, and his first bout was at 18 years old. Daniel boxed in Alexandra Palace in 2012, representing Haringey Boxing Club.

The presence of God called out to him whilst he was incarcerated in prison. He felt God’s hand upon him as he read the word of God. After reading the bible for himself, he prayed for forgiveness for his sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Daniel has been studying Theology with the Christ For The Nations Institute since 2015 and has been serving with the youth ministry of CFC London since 2016. Daniel is passionate about evangelism and making disciples for God’s kingdom across the world. He is currently working closely with the threefold ministry (apostolic/prophetic/evangelistic) in order to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through many means such as; social media, open-air meetings & festivals etc.

Before becoming an Evangelist, Daniel was heavily involved with the criminal justice system and saw many of his friends sent to prison for various crimes. This is what led him to become an Evangelist after he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

After being released from prison, Daniel spoke with his pastor who told him that God had put it on his heart that he should go into ministry and preach the Word of God in prisons across the UK. After being released from prison, Daniel did just that! From speaking at local churches in Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire to national prisons across the country!

In 2015 Daniel became a member of The Joshua Generation Ministries (JGM) under the leadership of Pastor Mark Sherlock. He has been an active member ever since.

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