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Counselling Christian women on how to deal with domestic violence

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It’s not uncommon for women in abusive relationships to be reluctant to seek help. They may feel ashamed, guilty, or even like they’re not allowed to ask for help.

But there are so many reasons why it’s important for Christian women to seek counseling in order to deal with domestic violence.

First of all, it can be hard for a woman to recognize her own situation as abusive—especially if the abuse is emotional rather than physical. Sometimes, it can take years before a woman realizes that she needs help getting out of an abusive relationship. So if you’ve been with your husband for several years and still feel like your marriage is “normal,” it might be worth talking to someone about what’s going on in your relationship.

When you see yourself as being responsible for another person’s happiness and wellbeing, it can be difficult to separate yourself from the situation at hand. You might think that if you were better at fixing things or making your husband happy, he wouldn’t lash out at you or call you names. But the truth is: you cannot fix him, and he doesn’t have control over his actions either (even though he may try).

About Counselling Christian women on how to deal with domestic violence

Dear Sister in Christ,

We are writing to you today to ask for your help. We have been hearing from more and more women that they are being abused by their husbands. We are asking for your prayers for these women, as well as your advice on how we can help them get out of their situation.

We know that you have been through difficult situations yourself in the past, and we believe that God has used those experiences to make you a better person than you were before. We want to know what advice or encouragement you would give these women who are suffering at home.

Thank you so much!


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