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 correction & direction for 2022 part 1 kenneth copeland pdf

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Kenneth Copeland’s 2022 vision is one of God’s most powerful prophecies to date. It is an exciting time to be alive, and we are all blessed to be able to see what God has planned for us.

In this document, you will find a correction and direction for Kenneth Copeland’s 2022 vision. This is not meant to discredit him or his ministry; rather, it is meant to help those who are interested in understanding the full scope of what God has revealed through Kenneth Copeland’s ministry.

In the 2021 part 1 in Kenneth Copeland’s book, there are some errors in the instructions for the “Direction for 2022” section. Below is a correction of these errors:

  1. The first sentence should read: “Every day we should ask God to help us overcome the problems and weaknesses we are facing.”
  2. The second sentence should read: “We must also make a decision to stay where God has put us until He says it is time to move on.”
  3. The third sentence should read: “We need to be willing to accept whatever comes our way as long as it does not interfere with our relationship with God.”

About  correction & direction for 2022 part 1 kenneth copeland pdf

I have been using your books for many years. I have been blessed by them and have used them to help others. I have recently read the book “2022” by Kenneth Copeland. It has been a blessing to me, but there are some things that need to be corrected and I believe it will help others if they knew these corrections.

First: The Holy Spirit is not in heaven waiting for us to ask Him for something (pages 222-223), but Jesus Himself is waiting for us with open arms as our intercessor (John 14:13). Second, God does not hate anyone (page 227), but we are all sinners who do not know how much He loves us (Romans 5:8). Thirdly, God does not want us to live in fear but instead uses His love to draw us closer to Him (1 John 4:18). Lastly, people do not go to hell when they die; those who reject God’s gift of salvation will go there when they die (John 3:18).


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