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the doctrines of the bible

The doctrines of the bible are the fundamental beliefs that Christians believe. The following are some of the most important doctrines:

1) God exists, and He is the Creator of everything we see and do not see. He is also our Savior from sin and death.

2) We were all born with a sin nature, but Jesus Christ died for us so that we could be forgiven of our sins and live forever with Him in heaven.

3) Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of Mary, and lived a perfect life without sin. He died on a cross to pay for our sins so that all who believe in Him can have eternal life with God.

Outline of the Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible

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Outline of the Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible
By David Allen Reed

  1. Concerning God.
    1. His Being.
      1. Attributes.
      2. The Trinity.
    2. His Works.
      1. Creation.
      2. Providence.
      3. Angels.
  2. Concerning Man.
    1. Created.
    2. Common Origin.
    3. Compound Being.
    4. Offspring of God.
    5. In God’s Image.
    6. Under Law.
  3. Concerning Sin.
    1. Its nature.
    2. Its extent and penalty.
  4. Concerning Redemption.
    1. Introductory and General Statements.
    2. The Person of the Redeemer.
      1. Truly God.
      2. Truly Man.
      3. Truly God and Man.
    3. The Work of the Redeemer As
      1. Prophet.
      2. Priest.
      3. King.
    4. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Redemption.
    5. The Work of Redemption Viewed In Its Relations to the Believer.
      1. The Union Between Christ and the Believer.
      2. Related Doctrines.
        1. Repentance.
        2. Faith.
        3. Regeneration.
        4. Justification.
        5. Adoption.
        6. Sanctification.
    6. The Union Between Believers: The Church and Its Institutions.
    7. Eschatology.
      1. Death, and the state of the soul after death.
      2. The resurrection.
      3. The second advent and the general judgment.
      4. Heaven and hell.

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