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Prayer To Recover Stolen Property

I prayed this 1 Prayer over a truck I recently bought on Ebay but the title reads “Prayer To Recover Stolen Property”. Anyway, I was scammed by another person so I had to file a report and cancel my PayPal purchase. When I cancelled, my Ebay purchase and Paypal purchase where immediately reversed and the money was returned to me. The difference between that and this is that even though i received my money back, the truck somehow got struck off from the DMV database so there’s no way for me to get it back now with no title. Stolen property prayer is applicable for items that have been stolen, lost or misplaced by the owner. The prayer is effective in recovering such goods as cash, computer, jewelry and other goods when they have been stolen from you. Saint [name], you are well known to be the protector of all thieves as they go about their business. I pray to you, that you help me to recover my stolen property, wallet, or phone. As you know Saint, it is not only a financial loss for me (I can replace the items), but it has hurt my feelings and my feelings truly make me suffer (I can’t replace that). So Saint [Name], with your grace and generosity, help me find myself again in this horrible situation. Amen.

Dear Lord, we thank you that our family, who is the circle of our lives and loves, is kept safe in your care. Please watch over us and those close to us. Thank you for the many blessings, which we do not take for granted. We are asking you now to comfort the person who stole from my purse at the grocery store. We are not angry with him or her — just hurt that it had to be taken by them. He or she must be in desperate straits to have done this. You know all things, dear Lord. You know this person’s heart and how hard life has been for them lately. Please bring healing and peace to their spirit as they carry out what they have stolen from me. Give them a clear heart, willing hands, and open eyes as they return all that was stolen. A quote I saw said, “Never ask God to take away anything he gave you.” This is in reference to our emotions, gifts or whatever He has given us that we tend to take for granted. However, this person didn’t know what had happened to me when I decided to send out a prayer for my stolen property. The fact is sometimes our faith has a tendency of being more reactive than proactive. Many times it takes our pain to force ourselves into a position of God’s presence and the use of faith as an instrument in getting everything back without fail.

What can i do for you my friend? Wondering about a stolen property. Isnt that terrible. But one thing you should be sure is ,that your lost property will be recovered soon. I also have some useful information about prayers to recover stolen property which was written by a religious leader in hindi language . I don’t know if these prayers are from Bible or not, but you can use it to pray for your purpose . Do you have something stolen from you? Then this prayer is for you. This prayer will help you recover the stolen property or money that was stolen from you. If you have ever had personal property stolen, you know how devastating it is to you. This can occur on the street, at home or even in your office. If there is anyone who is not happy with you that has access to your property and can take them away, this can happen. The most important thing that you should remember is that it’s your property and every case is different, but there are also common factors which should be considered when deciding how to get back stolen property.

Prayer To Recover Stolen Property

It’s such an upsetting thing when you lose something of yours. Even more so when it’s something you really had a special attachment to. Having something stolen from you is such an invasion of your privacy. It can make you feel violated and so upset that someone else would be so selfish.

When you find that lost item or have that item returned, you probably say a quick prayer thanking Jesus for bringing the item back into your life. Say these prayers for lost or stolen items when you need to remain centered and calm when you’ve lost something special to you.

Let us pray. If you would like me to pray on your behalf play the video above and listen along.Get your prayer shared around prayer groups and holy places with the prayer submission.

Prayer for Lost Things

O Holy Saint Anthony, God chose you to be one of his most powerful advocates for us. You have been chosen to be the one to bring back to us our lost and stolen items.

I pray to you with all the faith and hope I have to help me find my lost item, just as you have helped so many countless members of God’s flock. I give what I have lost to your care, that you may bring it back to me. I ask that through God you will be able to find my lost item and that it will find its way back to me.

I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Prayer for Stolen Property to be Returned

O Heavenly Father, I ask that you urge the person who stole my property to return it to me. I ask that you drive the thief from my life in any further capacity.

I pray that you make the thief obedient to your will. I ask that through the power of your intervention that you would be able to have the things that were taken from me returned. My heart is heavy and filled with anxiety at having lost my items. Though I try to not dwell on material things, this item has a great personal connection to me.

I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Finding Lost Things

Dear Lord, you always are with us, holding us up, walking with us, showing us love and filling us with hope every single day. I ask that you please return to me what I lost. You know how much that item means to me. You know the anxiety that losing this item has caused me.

You know the stress placed on me while I’ve been trying to look for it. I pray that you help me to find this item quickly and without any more stress. Thank you for allowing me to come to you with this problem.

I ask this through Christ our Lord.


Prayers to the Thief Whole Stole My Items

Almighty God, Heavenly Father, I ask that you hear me in my prayer today. I know you have taught us to give up our material possessions for eternal life. I ask of you to help me be reunited with my items, as they have more than worldly value to me.

I ask that you strike fear into the hearts of those that stole my item, that they may find it better to return the item to me. I ask that you show the thief the way back from sin. I pray that you can reach the thief’s heart and make them want to be forgiven for what they have done and for the pain they have caused me.

I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer to Recover Stolen Item

Dear Lord, I know that Satan is always trying to get us away from you and to do his will. I know that Satan takes joy in pain, suffering, and anxiety. I pray that you remind whoever took my item that they need to turn away from Satan. You who knows all things Lord knows what the thief will do next knows what’s in their heart.

You know what they plan to do with my item. If they decide not to give it back, then I ask that you help to heal their heart from wanting to steal again in the future. I ask that you heal my heart from wanting to find my stolen object.

If I don’t get it back, I pray that you take away my stress about losing it. Open my heart to be okay with the possibility that I may never get my item back and make peace with that.

I ask this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer to Saint Anthony for Lost Items

If your lost item is truly precious to you, we have a larger collection of prayers to Saint Anthony for lost things.

Saint Anthony, O most holy and gentlest of Saints, I pray to you to bring back my earthly possession. O loving Saint Anthony, please tell my prayer and petition to Jesus Christ. My soul and my heart are yours. You possess the most miraculous of powers.

Please feel my heart with sympathy for the person who decided that they needed to take my item. I ask that you fold this person in your arms so that they may find a way to walk in your light instead of in the dark of evil. I ask that you make an example of this incident. I pray that you don’t let others have to go through this situation.

I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer to Let Go of Lost Items

Lord, our Savior, I come to you with thanks for all that you have given me. I praise you for all that you have provided for me in my life. I thank you for what you have allowed me to provide for my family. I know that I have anger in my heart towards the person that stole something from me.

I ask that you help me to let it go. I need to be thankful that it was just a possession that was stolen. That it was something that could be replaced, and even if it can’t that it’s a material thing and not a loved one or a friend. I pray that you help me remember that.

I ask this through Christ our Lord.


Powerful Prayer to Find Lost Things

Dear Father in heaven, I have lost something dear to me and seek guidance and aid in finding it. I have my hope and faith in Your great ability.

Please Lord God send your angels to guide my search. Help me find what is lost and lead me towards it. I know that with Your help, I will find what is lost.


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Bible Verses About Finding Lost or Stolen Things

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

Luke 8:17

This Bible verse tells us that God knows everything and that he can help us find lost or stolen items. Nothing is beyond His almighty ability and there is nothing He does not know.

And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Luke 11:9

When looking for lost or stolen items, prayer is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. This bible verse promises that if you ask God for help, He will provide it. Additionally, prayer can help you to remain hopeful during this difficult time.

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