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Prayer To Lord Jesus For Healing

Our Lady of Jasna Gora, Mother of the Church, with choirs of Angels and our Patron Saints we humbly kneel before Your throne. You have for centuries been shining with miracles and graces in Jasna Gora, the capital of your mercy. Look into our hearts, which pay homage and respect to You, showing great devotion.

Awaken the hearts of saints among us, make us real apostles of faith, strengthen our love to the Holy Church, and implore thy powerful intercession in obtaining all graces.

Our Mother with a scarred face, embrace me and all people that are dear to me. I trust in You and hope for intercession with Your Son, praising God, the Holy Trinity.


Short Prayer For Healing And Recovery

In the Name of the Father,
and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.


Let us praise our God in veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
our Mother and Protector.

O Almighty and merciful God!
You have given the Church a wondrous help and defense
in the most holy Virgin Mary
and You have honored Her sacred image as the Black Madonna
with remarkable veneration of the faithful.
Grant in Your mercy that, under Her protection,
we may struggle confidently throughout our lives
and at the moment of death be victorious over our enemy.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


O Black Madonna, our Mother and Queen of our nation!
Trusting in Your maternal goodness
and powerful intercession with Your Son,
we place before You our humble prayers and petitions.
To You we commend all our needs, in particular
[Mention your need(s) here…],
our families, and all children of our nation.

V: For Your presence and intercession
at the Shrine of the Black Madonna
and for the countless graces
You have obtained for us in the past,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: For Your gracious reign over our parish,
for Your powerful help throughout our history,
especially in times of difficulty and suffering,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: For the maternal care with which You ever surround us,
leading us to Your Beloved son,
strengthening the faith in our hearts,
drawing sinners to conversion,
and comforting the sick,
the sad, and the faint-hearted,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: For our negligence in the faith
and for the religious indifference
through which we have strayed so often from God,
unmindful of his presence and love,
R: We ask You, Mother intercede for us.

V: For our conduct which has not always been in accord
with our holy faith nor with the dignity of a child of God;
for sins against life, for drunkenness, selfishness,
carelessness, envy, social discord, and lax morals,
R: We ask You, Mother, intercede for us.

V: For being so preoccupied with ourselves
that we did not see the needs of our brothers and sisters;
the hungry, the homeless, the sick, and the lonely,
R: We ask You, Mother, intercede for us.

V: O Mother with the Divine Infant in Your arms,
through this sacred image You remind us
of the constant presence of Your Son
and of Your own motherly solicitude
as a source of strength and courage
in our daily trials, difficulties, and labors,
R: We praise You and we love You

V: O Queen, whose image bears the scars of enemy attacks,
You are to us a sign of hope, unity, and victory,
R: We praise You and we love You

V: O Virgin Helper, You aid us
in overcoming all evil and weakness,
R: We praise You and we love You

V: When we are oppressed by doubts
and temptations against faith,
R: Be our help and protection.

5 V: When we feel lonely, abandoned, and threatened,
R: Be our help and protection.

V: When we are in danger of yielding
to our evil habits and sins,
R: Be our help and protection.

V: That You may strengthen us in faith
and obtain for us the power to renew our lives
in the spirit of God’s commandments
and the Gospel of Christ,
R: We beseech You, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: That You may continue to reign in our lives
on the personal, family, social, and national levels,
R: We beseech You, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: That You may obtain for us from Your Son
the special grace that we implore in this novena,
R: We beseech You, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

O Black Madonna,
Pray for us.

O Black Madonna,
Pray for us.

O Black Madonna,
Pray for us

Most Powerful Prayer For Healing

You can have anything you want if you keep in touch with me and let my words enter your own essence. (NLT) John 15:7

The Lord commanded us to make intercession. Because God commanded it is one of the most simple reasons to pray. Discipleship requires a life of obedient service to God.

“Remain vigilant and seek divine intervention. If you don’t, you’ll give in to temptation. Thought and emotion are on board, but the body can’t keep up. Matthew 26:41, New Living Translation

Then Jesus used a tale to impress upon his followers the need of persistent intercession. (Lucas 18:1)

And always, ask for everything you want, whenever you want, in the Spirit. Keep this in mind as you continue to pray for the saints and watch over them. (NIV) Quote from Ephesians 6:18

Why Bother If I Can’t Pray?

When you don’t know what to say in prayer, the Holy Spirit will show you what to say:

The Spirit strengthens us when we are feeble. When we do not know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit prays for us. Whoever examines our hearts knows the thoughts of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the righteous in accordance with God’s will. New International Version (NIV): Romans 8:26-27

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