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Prayer To Forget

If there is one thing that usually becomes a cumbersome burden for any human being, it is to be in love with a person who does not correspond at the very least. If this is happening to you and you don’t know what to do to get this person out of your mind, don’t be anxious.

God has the magic recipe to change your luck in the blink of an eye, pray to forget someone.

Check and pray the powerful prayers to forget someone below, and we can be sure that you will forget the love that torments you as much as possible.

Pray to open your soul, pray to forget the unrequited love, and then you will continue to hope that Jesus will bring back joy and peace.

Prayer to forget a great love urgent
Dear God and Heavenly Father, who makes everything in the universe possible, by praying, I show the great sadness that burns my heart and suffocates my senses in ways that I cannot explain to anyone.

There is one person (name) that I love with such passion that my heart burns in such a way that I can’t seem to explain it in words, but it is an unrequited feeling.

It is enormous suffering in my heart, and I ask you to help me to get it out of my thoughts, the one that has hurt me for a while.

I have done everything in my power to win the affection of this being that I love more than my own life, but it has not been possible for him to feel the same as I do. Furthermore, I think that I am taking him further and further away from me.

Because it is impossible to have him by my side, I ask for all your support to help me overcome this bitter sadness that doesn’t even let me sleep and begin to give up the person I love. My heart helps me.

Thank God, because you never abandon children who need your persuasive help and this sad and frank request, I am sure it will be no exception.


Prayer to forget someone who hurt you
Today is one of those days when I cannot comfort my soul, not even sleeping a thousand hours, Holy Father. Only your memory and your infinite goodness can silence the signs of my bitter cry that fills my heart every night when I remember the damage done to me by the being I loved most in the whole world.

Prayer To Let Go of Someone Who Hurt You

In the Name of the Father,
and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.


Let us praise our God in veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
our Mother and Protector.

O Almighty and merciful God!
You have given the Church a wondrous help and defense
in the most holy Virgin Mary
and You have honored Her sacred image as the Black Madonna
with remarkable veneration of the faithful.
Grant in Your mercy that, under Her protection,
we may struggle confidently throughout our lives
and at the moment of death be victorious over our enemy.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


O Black Madonna, our Mother and Queen of our nation!
Trusting in Your maternal goodness
and powerful intercession with Your Son,
we place before You our humble prayers and petitions.
To You we commend all our needs, in particular
[Mention your need(s) here…],
our families, and all children of our nation.

V: For Your presence and intercession
at the Shrine of the Black Madonna
and for the countless graces
You have obtained for us in the past,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.

V: For Your gracious reign over our parish,
for Your powerful help throughout our history,
especially in times of difficulty and suffering,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.V: For the maternal care with which You ever surround us,
leading us to Your Beloved son,
strengthening the faith in our hearts,
drawing sinners to conversion,
and comforting the sick,


Prayer to forget my ex-boyfriend
Dear Heavenly Father, the man I loved the most in the world deceived me in the worst possible way, but I still want to be with him, even though everything. I don’t know what to do to get him out of my life and my heart forever, and I believe that only you can help me achieve it.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you for all the goodness and power in your relationship with your children to overcome this pain of the old beloved I feel and to make me happy again somewhere else, next to a new love. I know that with your support and infinite light, it will be so!


Will I forget this person in a few days?
The moment when a powerful prayer comes true is not specific, so I cannot tell you when you will forget that love that hurt you so much.

What I can tell you is to arm yourself with a lot of patience and courage to be able to forget the feelings that people have made to you.

The world revolves. Let’s leave this feeling to the edge of our hearts, and give it some time to wait.

Let the world show that there is a better life, that happiness exists, and you will see that before the time you have given yourself a good human being will appear, for you to spend good times in your love life.

Prayer To Forget Someone

“From this day on, I no longer have a daughter.” His words sank, deep like pebbles to the bottom of a pool.

There are things I wish I could forget.

Words flung out like spears, trying to pin me to the wall.

Looks that shot daggers and pierced my heart.

Promises broken and dreams shattered.

These memories I carry deep within. I wish I could forget. But I can’t erase the memories that are seared on my brain, as much a part of me as the happy memories that taunt me with their impossibility of being relived.

So I do the only thing I can. I come to the throneroom of God, and ask Him to help.

I wrote this prayer for you, friend, and for me, and for everyone who lives with memories they’d rather forget.

A Prayer for When You Can’t Forget the Pain
Oh Lord, the One who is a Father to the fatherless, You see my pain and You know my grief. You bore all these sins before they even happened, and not a wound was inflicted without striking pain in Your heart as well.

There are memories I don’t want to relive, but I can’t shrug them off either. They pounce on me when I least suspect it, and the weight of the emotions threatens to undo me. Father God, hear my desperate plea. I need You, oh I need You.

You promise to make everything beautiful in its time, and I wish that time were right now, but in the in-between, would you carry me in Your arms? Hold me close to Your heart. Let me rest my head on Your shoulder, as a lamb carried by her Shepherd.

Hold me when the grief seems to overwhelm me, like waves crashing into me. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. You are my refuge. My strong tower. My shelter in the midst of the storm. In You I am safe, not only from the past, but from haunting memories as well.

I can’t forget, but You can heal. You can bring life out of ashes, and I’m asking for nothing short of a miracle here. Heal these wounds, Lord, but leave the scars. I want to always remember Your goodness, Your healing, and Your restoration. I want to be able to look back on what was and see what you are doing. You promise that You’re doing a new thing in me; help me believe that and fix my gaze forward instead of dwelling on what was in the past. Help me to entrust the past to You and to step forward into the future that You’re fashioning for me.

You will be faithful to complete this good work that You started in me, and I can’t wait to see how You’ll do it!

I love You, Lord.


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