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prayer for hospitality

I offer this prayer for hospitality because I know we can always use one. This is also part of an issue that many of us face in our daily lives…how to receive strangers, friends, and family members with welcome warmth. This prayer speaks to all of those challenges and more. My hope is that it might become a gift for you to give others and give yourself when needed.

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prayer for hospitality

Lord God,

You call us to love one another,

And one great way we can do this is through showing hospitality to each other,

Although not all of us are particularly gifted in hospitality,

Or live in the cleanest homes,

We thank you that by your grace our homes can become places,

Where life-changing fellowship and discipleship occur,

So Lord, teach us to open our homes wide to our brothers and sisters in Christ,

As we learn to share our lives with one another,

Help us to create homes where people always feel welcomed and loved,

And help us to always be prepared to show hospitality to someone in need,

Please teach us not only to invite people when it is convenient to do so,

But to also be willing to open our doors,

Even during times when hospitality feels tiring and burdensome,

Or when there are people who we would rather not serve,

Or when showing hospitality requires a costly sacrifice of our time, money and resources,

As we seek to live as your holy people,

Shining out as lights in the world,

May we learn to love and build up each other in the faith,

Through extending our homes to one another,

But Lord, teach us not only to open up our homes to the church,

But to extend the invitation to our wider communities,

We pray that you would help us to create homes that are places of refuge,

Where those in need can come in and receive care and support,

And where people from all walks of life,

Can experience a taste of what living in God’s family is like,

I pray especially that our homes would be places where people can know the love of Jesus,

So that through our servanthood in hospitality,

More people would be brought from death to life into your Kingdom,

And your heavenly family would continue to grow ever larger.

Dear Lord

Show me today when I am open to You and to those around me, as well as when I am closed to You and those You have put into my life. I want deeply to have more open space for You in my life, and that it may be a space that offers peace to others. Yet so many things in my life fill up the space and prevent me from being with You and from genuinely being with others. Most of them are good things, yet still they create clutter in who I am. I need Your wisdom today, Lord, to know which things to clear out and which things are genuinely mine to be used for Your glory. If something needs to go so that I can have more open space to offer, help me to loosen my grip on it, and if something should stay, may it be used freely as Your gift for the sake of others.

ancient prayer of hospitality

Give us eyes to see the deepest needs of people.

Give us hearts full of love for our neighbors as well as for the strangers we meet.

Help us understand what it means to love others as we love ourselves.

Teach us to care in a way that strengthens those who are sick.

Fill us with generosity so we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give drink to the thirsty.

Let us be a healing balm to those who are weak and lonely and weary by offering our kindness to them.

May we remember to listen, to smile, to offer a helping hand each time the opportunity presents itself.

Give us hearts of courage that we will be brave enough to risk loving our enemy.

Inspire us to go out of our way to include those in the margins.

Help us to be welcoming and inclusive to all who come to our door.

Let us be God’s hospitality in the world.

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