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Prayer For Birthday Son

Your son’s birthday is a special occasion that calls for celebration and reflection. It’s a day to show your love and appreciation for him, and one way to do this is through prayer. A birthday prayer for your son can be a heartfelt and meaningful way to convey your wishes and blessings. In this article, we’ll explore the best prayer options for your son’s birthday and offer some guidance on how to craft a birthday message that reflects your love and hopes for his future.

We have written birthday prayers for son for you to use and commit your son into the hands of God. Children are special gift from God to parents. Whether you are a Dad or Mom, don’t fail to always ask God to guide, bless, protect and direct your child in all his ways. It won’t cost you anything to say great birthday wishes to your son on the remembrance of the day that he was born. 

God is a faithful father, he is always ready to hear and grant you your requests. There are many ways you can send these prayers to him; you can do it as a gift card, through text message or phone calls, face to face or other ways. Make it special without minding whether your son is 1, 2,6,7,16 or any other number of years.

Birthday Prayers for Son

1. My Son, as you celebrate your birthday today, the good Lord will prosper you in all that you do, nothing will stop you from shining. You are going to attain a greater height and you will be unstoppable in your quest for greatness. You are going to be among the great men that the world would have ever had. Have a wonderful birthday celebration my son.

2. The celebration of your birthday today will bring to you open doors, heavenly blessings will continue to shower on you. All that you have not been able to achieve in the past years, you shall surely achieve in this your new age. You will blessed beyond measures. Happy birthday my son. Mom and Dad loves you so much.

3. You have been a gentle and obedient child. Always eager to learn and take corrections. My prayer for today is that your own children will obey you and bring great happiness to you just as you have brough to us. God will always bless you for being that son who has brought so much joy to my world.

4. My dear son, the Lord will always guide and protect you in all that you do. No harm shall come near to you nor hurt you. He will always direct your footsteps so that you will always trade in the right places. Enjoy your day my lovely son.

5. May the good Lord always be your shield and armour. May he always be your life jacket in all that you do. No evil arrow pointed against you shall come near you. Be bold and courageous because the good Lord will always be by your side. Have the best of birthday celebration son.

6. The best birthday gift that I will offer you today is that the Lord will always bless you with good health. Sickness and afflictions shall never get near you. No matter how heavy the wind blows, it will never get near you. Happy birthday to you my sweet son and may you age in good and sound health.

7. As you mark the addition of another year today, anything that will hinder your joy and happiness will never get near you. You will continue to experience an unstoppable joy and happiness in your life. The Lord will always chase pains and sorrows far away from you. Have a memorable birthday celebration my son.

8. I wish you success and prosperity in all that you do. You will excel both in your academics and in the works of your hands. All protocols have been broken for your sake. Nothing shall hinder you from getting to the top my dear son.

9. Dear Son, the Lord Almighty will make you a blessing to your generation. Your name will be highly reckoned and known for greatness. You will be a light to all that comes across your way, you will be honoured and respected everywhere you go.

10. Just as you have always been a good child to us, my prayer for you is that you will never meet those who will corrupt you. The Lord will always give you a light that you will use to quench any negative influence around you. You shall not join bad gang but rather be a good advocate for good moral standard. Enjoy your birthday my son.

11. As you celebrate your day today, I cover you with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Untimely death shall never be your portion. You shall live long to see as many of your generation as possible. Every evil plot to destroy your life shall always come to naught.

Happy Birthday Prayers for son

12. The good Lord will remove all the glooms across your way, all your ways shall be free from all forms of dangers, the Lord will always walk with you and be your ultimate guide in all that you do. Happy birthday to you my son.

13. My Lovely Son, you shall find favour in whatever that you do. You shall always find favour both in the sight of God and men. Your destiny helpers shall never be far away from you. You are blessed and blessed shall you be in the morning, afternoon and evening. Blessed birthday to you my son.


14. The Lord will crown all your efforts with huge success, you shall never labor in vain but will always reap bountifully. Everything that your hand touches shall turn to gold and you will be richly blessed beyond measures. Enjoy your day my son.

15. Just the way that the Lord blessed Solomon with great wisdom, he will also bless you with great wisdom that wil lead you in all your ways. You will be a great problem solver and be among the wisest men wherever you are. Age with abundant wisdom and understanding my son.

16. Dear Son, the Lord will make you a great leader and a great ruler. He will always bestow you with the qualities that you need to excel in whatever that you do. You will be a great achiever and nothing will limit your greatness. Have a fun filled birthday celebration my son.

17. The Lord will be your stronghold even in the midst of troubles and calamities, he will hold you with his mighty arm so that your heart will not faint. Walk majestically because your heavenly father will never leave nor abandon you. Wishing you a great birthday celebration.

18. My prayer for you today is that God will always shield your soul from sin. You will always do that which will be pleasing to his sight. Every evil desire and sinful nature, he will cast away from you. Have a great day my Sweet Son.

19. Even if men fail you, the Lord will never fail you. Where others go and fail, for you, it shall be a success story. Your name will always be mentioned in the right places and you shall never experience any set back nor failure.

20. Your life will never be surrendered to the will of your enemies. There is no satanic decree of failure and destruction that will get near you. The Lord will always set you far away from anything that will bring you shame nor disgrace to your life, Enjoy your new age my son.

21. My son, you shall never be carried away by the pleasures and pressures of this life. You will be an arrow to face the enemy and any form of misdeeds. God will always deliver you from wordly temptations in Jesus Name. Beautiful birthday celebration my son.

22. As you celebrate the addition of another year today, the Lord will always deliver you from strange fires of immorality, cultism, indecency, wickedness and all manners of satanism. He will purify, sanctify and always keep you holy.

23. The Lord will always grant you an open heaven in the place of your source of livelihood. He will teach you what is best for you and direct you the way that you should always go. Happy birthday celebration my son.

24. Every wicked arm that will rise to delay your breakthrough and prevents your light from shining shall be destroyed. You will rise above the limit that they have placed you and no power shall ever pull you down.

25. You will be blessed in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. The Lord will always give you the grace to shine and prosper in all your dealings henceforth. Happy Birthday my son.

Birthday Prayers: A Source of Blessings

Prayers have a unique way of connecting us to our innermost feelings and beliefs. When you offer a prayer for your son on his birthday, you are not only sending well-wishes but also expressing your love and hopes for his life. It’s a way to invoke the divine blessings and protection that every parent desires for their child.

What is the Best Prayer for My Son?

The best prayer for your son will depend on your faith, personal beliefs, and your son’s unique qualities. Here are some ideas for different types of birthday prayers:

  1. A Blessing Prayer:“Dear Lord, on this special day, I ask for your blessings upon my beloved son. May he be healthy, happy, and filled with the strength to face life’s challenges. Guide him with your wisdom and grace as he journeys through another year of life. Amen.”
  2. A Gratitude Prayer:“Dear God, today, I give thanks for the gift of my son. I am grateful for every moment we’ve shared and for the joy he brings into our lives. Please continue to watch over and protect him in the years to come. Amen.”
  3. A Future-Driven Prayer:“Heavenly Father, as my son celebrates another year of life, I pray that you lead him on a path of success, fulfillment, and purpose. May he find his calling and make a positive impact on this world. Amen.”
  4. A Blessing for His Relationships:“Lord, I pray that you bless my son with meaningful relationships, friendships, and love. May he always be surrounded by those who cherish and support him. Amen.”

What Can I Write to My Son on His Birthday?

In addition to a birthday prayer, you may want to write a heartfelt message to your son on his special day. These messages are a wonderful way to express your love and affection. Here are some ideas for what you can write to your son:

  1. Express Your Love:“My dearest son, on this day, I want you to know how much you are loved. Your presence in my life is a gift, and I cherish every moment we spend together.”
  2. Acknowledge His Growth:“As you grow older, you continue to amaze me with your maturity and wisdom. I’m proud to watch you becoming the incredible person you are.”
  3. Offer Encouragement:“On this special day, remember that you have the strength and determination to achieve all your dreams. I believe in you and will always be here to support you.”
  4. Express Your Hopes:“May this year be filled with happiness, success, and new adventures. I pray that all your dreams come true, and you find the path that leads to your purpose.”

What is the Best Birthday Message for My Son from Mother?

A birthday message from a mother to her son should be filled with love, warmth, and support. It’s an opportunity to connect on an emotional level and let your son know how much he means to you. Here are some ideas for a heartfelt birthday message:

  1. **”To my precious son, on your special day, I want you to know that you are the light of my life. Your presence brings me immeasurable joy, and I am so proud of the person you are becoming.”
  2. “As your mother, I’ve watched you grow, learn, and overcome challenges. You have a unique strength and resilience, and I know you will achieve great things in life. Happy birthday, my dear son.”
  3. “My son, you are a constant source of inspiration for me. Your kindness, intelligence, and warm heart make me so proud to be your mom. May your birthday be as beautiful as the love you bring into the world.”
  4. “On this day, I want to remind you that you are loved unconditionally. No matter where life takes you, I will always be here to support and guide you. Happy birthday, my son.”

In conclusion, a birthday prayer and a heartfelt message are powerful ways to express your love and wishes for your son on his special day. Your words and blessings have the ability to touch his heart and remind him of the love and support he has from his family, especially from his mother. So, whether you choose to pray, write a message, or do both, remember that your love and blessings are the most precious gifts you can offer to your son on his birthday.

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