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Morning Prayer For Her

Morning Prayer For Her

Lord, I pray for strength to overcome my weaknesses.

I pray for health to cure my ailments.

I pray for wisdom to guide my steps.

I pray for patience to help me endure hardships.

I pray for courage to face difficulties and trials with faith and hope in you.

I pray that I may be generous in times of plenty, so that when times are lean I will have something to give away.

I pray that I may live each day as if it were my last, knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so that I do not waste time on things which are not important.

Morning Prayer For Her

Waking the man or the woman your heart beats for with a romantic good morning message for him/her is an intelligent way to keep the bond of affection between you together. If you make praying for each other your daily practices, the bond of affection between you will be too strong to be broken by circumstances of life. Prayer done in faith will achieve more for you and your partner.

The couple who pray together will stay together. Prayer is not just a religious thing but an invitation of an invisible force into your life to help things work well for you. Romantic good morning prayer for my lover will help you keep the emotion between you and also get God involved in your relationship affairs. Good morning prayer for relationship will make things work in your favor no matter the challenges you are faced with. Pray this morning prayer message for him/her!

  1. Good morning my Love, waking you up from bed is a pleasure for me this morning. I thank God because you made it to another day. Certainly, you are doing fine and finer will you be as you step out today. Amen.
  2. As you move out today for your daily adventure, may the Lord go with you and be your companion. May He help you achieve every good thing you’ve always aspired for. Amen! You’re always in my heart, my Sweetest!
  3. The peace of the Lord shall fill your soul and accompany you everywhere you go. You shall feel the warmth of the presence of God around you giving you instructions about where to turn. Good morning, my Best.
  4. May the grace of the Lord speak for you and give you accomplishment that is above your labor. You shall be favored by everyone who comes in contact with you today. Enjoy grace, My Love.
  5. May your day be filled with blessings and the goodness of Heaven. The Lord shall make everything you are bidding for easy for you. You shall find ease as you do your work today. Great morning to you, Darling.
  6. The thought of waking you up this morning has deprived me of my deep sleep. I was so eager to say good morning to the very love of my life. Thank God it’s a beautiful morning for you. May the Lord earnestly bless you today, my Precious Thing, Amen.
  7. It’s so amazing how the moon and stars disappeared to keep you company through the day. That’s how special you are to God and His creation for which I’m one. Have a wonderful morning, my Love!
  8. Hey Love, Something bright and beautiful awaits you this morning. Can you do something for me? Open your eyes and see the golden opportunities today has to offer you. I assure you, you’ll get it. Have a wonderful day!
  9. My very Love, romantic morning to you. The thought of you was all over my mind throughout the night. Guess what I have been thinking of you? Goodness, mercy, prosperity, favor. Expect to see them today. Have the best out of the day!
  10. Like the dew waters the earth for fruitfulness, so will the Lord water your life for fruitfulness. The name of the Lord shall empower you for fruitfulness all through the day. Have a feel of me throughout the day, my Sweetest!

Good Morning my Love Text Messages

  1. Everything you lay your hand upon today shall be productive. Your efforts shall not be futile. The Lord shall assist you and you shall be successful in all that you do, my Very Best. Amen.
  2. Whatever comes in contact with you today shall be blessed. Every person that interacts with you shall be encouraged and filled with hope. Your life shall be a blessing to many. Morning, my Darling.
  3. Good morning my Honey, it’s my pleasure to let you know that the Lord has prepared wonderful things that exceed your imagination for you. Step out and walk into the fullness of your blessings.
  4. The blessings of the day shall not elude you. You shall get every blessing today has to offer you. Your mouth shall be filled with endless laughter as you return home this evening. Have a wonderful evening in advance!
  5. The Lord shall keep you with His eyes and no evil shall overtake you. Your feet shall escape every trap set against you. Your enemies shall be put to shame, my Darling. Have a wonderful morning!
  6. Today shall deliver maximally to you like never before. The profit of today shall compensate for the losses of the past weeks and months. Everything you have lost shall be restored to you in hundred-folds. Have a blessed day, my Joy!
  7. May great opportunities look for you as you proceed into greatness today. You shall not be short of profitable engagements. You shall be blessed in all your endeavors, my Darling.
  8. The goodness of the Lord shall not cease in your life. The testimonies of good things shall not cease in your mouth. Glorious things shall be spoken and heard of you, oh my Sweetness!
  9. May the hand of the Lord rest upon you and give you a lifting that exceeds your efforts. May you enjoy divine speed above normal. You’ll outrun your competitor by the strength of the Lord. Amen.
  10. You shall not be tired but the Lord shall renew your youth like eagles. Wake up my Love, and approach the day with fresh and renewed energy. So you shall win, expect to return home with a win. I love you.

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Good Morning Message to My Love
Good Morning Message to My Love
Good Morning Message to My Love
Are you in the search of a fascinating good morning message to my love to wake him/her from bed? You wouldn’t have read very long to lay hold on some of them. As short as messages may appear, they could go a long way in thrilling your partner throughout the day. Good morning message to my love has a lingering effect in the heart of your lover. Good morning prayer for your lover is powerful. Don’t hesitate to make do with beautiful morning text for him/her as you pray.

There is a particular voice a lover cannot wait to hear from. No other voice is as important as this very one. This is a person who is no other person but your lover. Good morning love and prayer messages are like a catalyst that promote the activities of the day for your sweetheart. You’re just a text away from thrilling your lover. All you have to do is just copy and paste, you can thank me later.

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  1. Wake up, the love of my life, it’s another day for accomplishment and greatness again for you. Be excited because the best of God awaits you this morning. Good morning, my Love
  2. The Lord will watch over you today to keep you everywhere you shall go. He will direct your steps into pleasant places for your life. Amen.
  3. The Lord will guide you and make your way prosperous. Your shepherd-God will lead you into the green pasture and cool water to keep you fresh and invigorated. Good morning, Honey!
  4. You shall not lack any good thing today. The desire of the Lord shall be accomplished over your life. Every need of yours shall be met by His hands. Have a wonderful day!
  5. Sweetheart good morning to you, it’s obvious your night was a great one. As you have found rest in the night time so will you find rest today! I wish you the best, my Dearest Best.
  6. As you proceed into your work today, every missing valuable thing you have lost shall navigate its ways back to you. Your season of restoration is here for you. Move out with confidence, My Love.
  7. Whatsoever thing that you don’t like that has been occupying space around you shall disappear from you. Your life shall be surrounded with pleasant things in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  8. Everything working against you shall begin to work for you. The situations of the day shall be conducive to materialize your dreams. You shall not be tired, enjoy your day, Sweetness.
  9. You shall not be frustrated today, you shall find ease in all that you lay your hand upon. Circumstances of this day shall be friendly with you and you shall end your day in laughter. Amen.

Sweet Morning Greetings and Prayers for Him/Her

  1. May the pleasure of the Lord stand firm in your life and find expression within your domain. God shall be glorified in your life as you step out. Beautiful morning to you. Amen.
  2. The thought of the wicked ones shall not stand over your life. The expectations of the wicked shall not prevail and the will of God shall stand without fail. Great morning to you, my Dove.
  3. Every wicked eye looking at you, waiting for your downfall shall crash for your sake. The agenda of the wicked are brought to nothing over you. Love you, Darling, I’m praying for you.
  4. The Lord shall condemn everyone set to do you evil today. Everyone planning evil against you shall fail for your sake. The Lord is with you, my Dear.
  5. The Lord shall defend you today wherever you need defense. You shall not be found helpless in any way you need help. Blessed are you for the Lord’s sake. Amen.
  6. The Mark of the Lord shall be evident on you and no evil shall be able to touch you. As evils fly about, it shall pass over you in the name of Jesus. You’re in my heart, my Love.
  7. The blood of Jesus shall cover you and yours. It shall protect you from sickness, evils, and dangers that fly around in the name of Jesus. You are saved under His wings. Good morning, my Heart Desire.
  8. As you go out this morning, the Lord shall protect you and keep His eyes upon you. You shall not walk your way into trouble and disasters. The Lord is with you to keep you in all your ways. Amen.
  9. The blood of Jesus that speaks better things than the blood of Abel shall speak for you in high places. You shall enjoy mercy and favor that come out of the voice of His Blood. Amen.
  10. Everywhere your feet step into today shall be yours. The Lord shall give you great possession from among the people. Great is your blessings in the Lord. Amen.
  11. My Sweetest, I declare peace, progress, and prosperity upon you today from the depth of love I have for you. The Lord shall answer my prayers over you and make you great. Have a blissful day!

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Sweet Prayer for My Girlfriend
Sweet Prayer for My Girlfriend
Sweet Prayer for My Girlfriend
Word of prayer is naturally sweet to the soul of man. A thing may have not been fine but the moment you start praying, you’ll see that God will step into everything to make it beautiful. Sweet prayer for your girlfriend will make everything beautiful for her in all areas of her life. Good morning prayer for success of my girlfriend should be your daily.

Romantic good morning prayer for my love is very essential to sweeten your relationship and make you enjoy your partner more. Prayer is what you do to bring God into everything. When God steps into anything, everything must be fine. Have you been looking for good morning prayer for girlfriend, here are some of them for you!

  1. Good morning to my sweetheart, I’m honored to be the one to accompany you out of bed this morning. I’m excited you made it to another day. I thank God for keeping watch over you for me. His mercy shall continue to be with you.
  2. My desire for you today is that today will be one of the best days you’ve ever lived. You will know today for a special miracle. The Lord be with you. Good morning, Sweet Girl.
  3. Good morning to my Sweetheart, your life gives me inexpressible joy. Just as you’ve been a source of joy to me, may the Lord fill your day with joy. Enjoy your day!
  4. No force shall be strong enough to hinder your success today. Nothing shall stop you from achieving your dreams. You shall be found successful today, the Darling of my Heart.
  5. May you be blessed as you step out today. Everything shall work together for your favor this day, you shall not be disadvantaged, my Love.
  6. The Lord shall give you favor before everyone that comes in contact with you. Men and women shall look for you to bless you at all costs. My prayer is with you, go and succeed. Amen.
  7. You shall possess your possession today, you shall succeed no matter what it requires. Your efforts shall not be in vain. Good morning, my Desire!
  8. Your efforts shall be crowned with success. The Lord Himself shall make all things happen for you with uncommon ease. The struggle is not your portion. Have a wonderful day, My Love.
  9. The anointing that reduces or removes friction in the journey of life shall rest upon you, you shall move with speed in your journey. Amen!
  10. Everything crooked before you shall be made smooth. Mountain shall be leveled before you. Valley shall be made plain through the hand of God. A glorious morning to you, my Queen.

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Good Morning Message for Her Long Distance Relationship

  1. Whatever thing that has been hindering your expectations from coming through shall be taken off your way. You shall lay hold on what belongs to you. Amen.
  2. Your possession, another man shall not take. Whatever belongs to you shall come to you. You shall not be overtaken in this journey of life. Amen. Though you are far away yet I care about you!
  3. The Lord is on your side helping you to achieve your dreams. Everything difficult for others shall be made easy for you and the Lord shall give you rest, Good morning, my Essence.
  4. Be rest assured that the Lord will guide you from evil and present you blameless unto Himself. You’re prevented from all evils as He has promised in His word. The Lord keep you wherever you are. Have a great day!
  5. The joy of the Lord shall fill your heart. Heaven shall play melodious songs in your soul that will keep you excited and invigorated through the day. Have your day filled with joy unspeakable!
  6. May the Lord open the streams that supply joy from heaven unto you. It shall flow ceaselessly without running dry at any time. No more sorrow for you, joy is your portion. Amen.
  7. Your life shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water-bearing fruits every season without cessation. Your life shall be fruitful all through your life. Have a fruitful day, Honey!
  8. Mercy and the Lord’s grace will come to you in the time of need. Favor will visit you and stay with you permanently. You’re highly favored of God as you step out today, my Queen.
  9. No good thing on this earth shall elude you. You’re exempted from evil and it shall not come near you and your family. You’re kept by the power of God, my Queen.
  10. The Lord will be gracious to you and give you peace on every side as you approach your day with confidence and hope. Your expectations shall come through and you shall have great testimonies at the close of the day. Have a glorious day!

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Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend
Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend
Good Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend
The primary duty of a woman in a man’s life is to look after the man, be of help to his life and support him in every sense. One of the ways this help is expressed to your man is through a cool morning prayer for him. Good morning prayer for my boyfriend success is not just a religious activity but an extension of the hand of help to your man. Prayer for my boyfriend to love me should also be part of your prayers.

Romantic good morning prayer for my love is very essential to assist the love of your life spiritually and make everything he puts His hands to do prosperous. It’s wise to make do with early morning prayer for my boyfriend or morning prayer for my fiance. Here are good morning prayer messages for him to bless his day.

  1. Perfect morning to you, my great King, I’m sure you woke up well this morning. Thank God you’re up again in sound health and fresh energy. Today belongs to you and you shall win. Amen.
  2. Mercy will locate you when you’re in the need of it. Favor will find you at the point of need. You shall not be deficient of the favor of God over your life today. Have a blessed day, My Dearest King.
  3. No good things shall bypass you today, every good thing today has to offer shall navigate their ways to you and your mouth shall be filled with great smiles in the day. God be with you, Darling.
  4. Be hopeful and courageous that today shall be better than yesterday for you. You cannot get less than your expectations for the day. Good morning, Have a fulfilled day, Dearest!
  5. The Lord shall fight for you and defend your interest. He will cause you to rise higher than the challenges of the day. He’s with you, stay courageous, My King.
  6. You will end today with amazing and glorious testimonies like you have never had before. This day will leave you with remarkable testimonies. Be expectant, the Lord will do you well for me, My Dear.
  7. God will arise for you and make your way glorious. He will make your feet beautiful and He shall lead you into a green pasture of your life. Cool morning to you, My Darling Sweetheart.
  8. May God do you a favor today and do something special for you that will make everyone around you dance with you. Your life shall give birth to joy, My Dear.
  9. May you be a joy bringer to me and your world at large. Your life shall not spring sorrow, only exciting stories shall surround your life. Be blessed as you go out today, my King.
  10. The Lord shall reward all your past efforts and good deeds that you have done for humanity. He will use it as a template of kindness to everyone around you. Amen.
  11. As a result of what shall happen to you today, you’ll have a reason to rejoice exceedingly in the Lord your God. Today is for you and shall bring you joy. Happy day, My Darling.
  12. As you proceed into your work today, may God give you intelligence to achieve success more than the previous days and weeks. Enjoy divine ideas, My Love.
  13. May the Lord give you wisdom for interpersonal relationships with the people you’re involved with. You shall be found excellent above your equals. Amen.
  14. The spirit of wisdom and excellence shall dominate your soul and teach you how to do your works excellently to attract people that can lift you. Enjoy God’s wisdom today, My Darling.
  15. The courage, strength, and fortitude to confront and overcome your challenges shall come to you. God is your strength in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  16. God in His great mercy and love shall strengthen you to achieve the dreams of your heart. You shall not be deprived of your heart desires. Amen.
  17. Your accomplishments shall be greater today, you shall increase in productivity and fruitfulness. It can only get better with you, Dearest Crown.
  18. The infinite mercies of God shall overshadow you and cover up for you in your area of weakness. Your nakedness shall not be seen, My Darling.
  19. Your aspiration shall be fruited. Beyond your imagination, the Lord will do. He will assist you in every area of need, you shall not be helpless. Amen.
  20. The glory of God shall cover you and it shall prevent you from hazards. Today shall be remembered for good things in your life. I love you so much, My Best.

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Good Morning Prayer Messages for Her
Sweet Good Morning Prayer Text Messages
Sweet Good Morning Prayer Text Messages
As short as the text message is, it can kindle the flames of love to life more than any other thing. Little matches can burn the whole building. Little things should not be neglected because they could build up to mighty things that exceed our expectations. Good morning prayer text message for him/her is that little thing you need to keep your lover close with you.

Express romantic good morning prayer message for lover through text is a way to show that you have him/her at heart always. What you’re not mindful of may not deserve your text. Sweet good morning prayer messages for her or morning prayer for my fiancee could go a long way to show her how much you are in love with her.

  1. It’s another opportunity to say good morning to the one my heart beats for. You’re so special to me and I just want to say good morning to you, My Fiancee.
  2. May this day be filled with pleasant surprises for you. You shall be amazed at what the Lord would have done for you today, My Queen, stay blessed.
  3. The Lord shall give you the success that lasts and all your pending prayers and heart desires tendered before Him shall be answered with ease. Expect the Lord’s best, Queen.
  4. You shall be visited with good news from heaven and your environment. You shall sing a new song today and forever, good morning, My Heartbeat.
  5. Your mouth shall be filled with songs of deliverance. Your stories shall change for good and you shall forget everything that makes you sorrow. Blessing is yours today, My Darling.
  6. As you match out today, let everything answer to you for good. Nothing shall rebel against you. Have a successful day, Sweetheart!

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  1. You will gain recommendations in high places, your name shall be mentioned among the kings of the land. Enjoy the favor of God today, My Love.
  2. You will not struggle before life answers to you. I decree ease into your life. You shall find success easy for you. Enjoy ease today, My Darling.
  3. You shall become influential within your sphere of influence and beyond. You’re marked for relevance in your field of endeavors. Stay blessed and lifted.
  4. You shall enjoy abundance like Rivers today. Gates of prosperity and surplus are opened upon you. You shall have plenty and lend to nations. Good morning, Dearie.

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Beautiful Good Morning Message for Her

  1. Hey Dearie, good news for you. Guess what! Goodness, mercy, favor, abundance, greatness are waiting for you to accompany you to work. Enjoy them without limit, my Sugar Pie.
  2. The riches of this earth shall come to you. You shall have sufficiency so much that you will begin to finance nations of the world. You shall not borrow. Amen.
  3. The blessing of the Lord shall make you rich without adding no sorrow to you. The blessing of the Lord shall have its full course in your life. Amen.
  4. Today is new and it’s new indeed. The Lord shall make all things new for you. New events and occurrences shall break forth in your life. Amen.
  5. You shall record unthinkable progress today. A breakthrough like never before, prosperity without limit. Win as you step out this morning, My Own.
  6. Everything that concerns you shall receive the perfection of the Lord. Nothing missing, nothing broken in your life. I love you, Darling.
  7. Wonders of God await you today. Step out in faith, courage, and great expectations as you have them available for you. Amen.
  8. The Lord shall do all things well for you and make your way prosperous like Joshua. You shall not be defeated by the enemies of your soul. Victory is yours today, My Love.
  9. Surely there is an end and your expectations shall not be disappointed. You shall not be disappointed today, your desires shall come through. Amen.
  10. I’m persuaded to tell you this morning that today was meant for you to experience and enjoy the benefits of this Life. Have benefits-loaded day, Baby.

Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend
Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend
Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend
Your girlfriend is undoubtedly important to you, that’s why you’re in love with her in the first place. It’s normal to desire success for anyone you love. I know you love that baby girl that makes your heart beats and you want her successful. Can you allow me to teach you how to help her succeed? Prayer is the ‘HOW’. Good morning prayer for my girlfriend success is so essential.

Love is sweet especially when you are with the right person. After finding the right person, it’s important to keep the ball rolling. Romantic good morning prayer for my lover is how to keep this ball of love rolling both physically and spiritually. Here some sweet good morning prayer messages for her. Use these best morning messages, good morning text for her, and Love prayer for my girlfriend everyday.

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  1. Sweetest Babe in the whole wide world, good morning. It’s my pleasure to accompany you out of bed this morning to make you see a beautiful day in the land of the living. I’m so excited, you are up again.
  2. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, My Girl, the Lord shall give you the best of life also today as you have been the best to me. Have the best of the day!
  3. Enjoy the best the Lord has to offer you, be confident, He’s with you more than you’re aware. For your sake, today is blessed.
  4. Fortune of this life shall come knocking at your doors. Not only will they knock, but they will also stay permanently with you. Amen.

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Lovely Good Morning Message for Her

  1. You shall be empowered to be the total woman you’re meant to be. There shall be no deficiency in your life. You’re perfected, My Dove.
  2. Everywhere you turn shall turn to profit. Everything that turns at you shall be profitable. Either you turn or you’re turned at, profit is the only possibility. Good morning, Have a lovely day, Baby
  3. My crush shall be great in the hand of God and the sight of men. You’re born and ordained for relevance perpetually. Amen. Have an amazing day!
  4. The Lord is with you and shall turn to you to do you good. He will rise for your favor and his goodness shall spring up to you. Amen.
  5. God is your refuge and your very present help in trouble. He shall come to your aid and give you a helping hand in all circumstances. I love you, my Baby.
  6. My God shall order your steps and lead you into a pleasant place for your life. He shall watch over you until you’re profitable indeed. Amen.

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Prayer for my Sweetheart

  1. May the blessings of this day locate you. The sorrow of this day shall elude you. The goodness of the Lord shall mark you for good only. Amen.
  2. You shall find rest for your soul today, My Love, no struggle for you. I declare ease into your life by the mercy of the Lord. You’re always in my heart, my Baby.
  3. You shall be established by the hand of the Lord into the very center of His will for your life. You will not labor in the wrong place and sow on the wrong soil. Have a fruitful day!
  4. The work of your hand is blessed, everything that comes out of you in form of ideas, or concepts shall translate into abundance. Blessing is yours, My Crush.
  5. Shame shall not be your portion, you shall be honored in the sight of all people to whom you have to do with. Blessings and favor of the Lord are upon you. Amen.
  6. You’re protected and shielded from the evil of this day. The arrows of the enemies shall not hunt you down. The shadow of the almighty shall keep you. Amen.

Good Morning Blessings Prayers

  1. Merriment of all kinds shall pay a visit to you today like the dew of heavens. Your life is decorated with flowers of the heavens. Have a wonderful day, Baby.
  2. The creatures of God shall come in harmony with you to assist you in achieving your dreams and your visions. You shall not be alone in the pursuit of life. Enjoy the best of the day!
  3. I see joy ahead of you and I’m sure you will surely have a feel of it. I pray that everything turns out today to give you joy. Good morning, Dearie.
  4. Hey darling, I can assure you the best of the day because I have prayed for you. I know God is ever committed to answering my prayers over you. Enjoy the best of God out of life, My Darling.
  5. The blessings of the Lord are upon you, you’ll never miss out on any. You’re ordained for great favor from the Lord. Good morning!
  6. I call you blessed and you shall be blessed indeed! Have a blessed day!
  7. I pronounce showers of blessings upon you, you shall not be stranded today!
  8. Everything you’re set to do shall turn to prosperity. Your head shall is lifted above your enemies. Amen.
  9. Just as you have been a wonderful person, may wonderful things not cease in your life. Amen.

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