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Job Description For Church Janitor


Grace Reformed Church

Church Custodian

Job Description

Purpose of the position:

The Church Custodian has the responsibility for the appearance, maintenance, and security of the building and

grounds, as well as the overall cleanliness of Grace reformed Church.

Reports to: The Pastors and Personnel Committee directly, the Consistory indirectly.


 Dependable, responsible, and self-motivated. Must have regular timely attendance during stated or

negotiated hours.

 Possess excellent communication skills and a strong team player with the staff.

 Ability to reach, bend, stoop, kneel, and stand for extended periods of time. Must have the ability to

lift a minimum of 40 pounds and to have complete mobility in building and grounds activities.

 High School Diploma or GED required.

 Prior maintenance experience preferred. References also desirable.

 Good organizational and planning skills, and an ability to delegate with staff and volunteers as needed.

 Good knowledge of basic mechanical functions of Grace Church equipment.

 Ability to organize, coordinate, and schedule cleaning tasks for maximum efficiency.

Custodian Job Responsibilities and Duties:

 Room Set Up & Tear Down: The custodian will be responsible for setting up tables, chairs and other

equipment required in advance of meetings at the church that are assigned to the custodian by church

staff. The custodian will likewise be responsible for clean-up and tear down following meetings and

events that are assigned to the custodian. The majority of meetings and events are responsible for self

clean-up and tear-down. Upon request, the custodian will provide tablecloth supplies for the tables if

needed. It will be the responsibility of the custodian to prepare the church for services.

 Interior & Exterior Lighting: The Custodian will ensure appropriate lights are turned on for services and

meetings and turned off at the conclusion of church services or events. This includes all common areas

and restrooms. The custodian will visually check and replace all burned out light bulbs and fluorescent

tubes and will repair or coordinate repair or replacement of any toggles switches, outlets, and fuses.

Fixtures should be cleaned whenever light bulbs are changed. A quarterly check should be conducted

on emergency lights and replacement of backup batteries completed as necessary. Timers on exterior

lighting should be adjusted quarterly or sooner if needed.

 Climate Control: The custodian will be responsible for appropriate climate control for all Church

services, meetings and events in order to ensure comfort of guests. Climate control incorporates


heating and cooling of Church buildings and proper maintenance of the equipment. Timers on all

thermostats, including the Ministry House when not occupied by residents, should be checked weekly.

Batteries on thermostats should be checked and changed quarterly. All furnaces or air conditioners

including the Ministry House, should be tested and checked to ensure proper operation. Furnace filters

are to be replaced as needed, but minimally quarterly. The fins on the fans in the Sanctuary are to be

dusted prior to first operation annually.

 Security: The Custodian shall check that all doors are unlocked and exit lights turned on before all

services, and special events. The doors and windows should be locked and lights turned off after the

service or event is completed.

 Restrooms: Towels, tissue, and soap supplies will be checked on a regular basis, and adequate supplies

maintained and supplied as needed. Deodorant cakes will be kept in all urinals, and plumbing fixtures

checked for proper operation. All restrooms are to be checked before services, events or meetings and

cleaned, maintained or repaired as required.

 Interior Building Maintenance: The Custodian will visually inspect the building and complete minor

painting, repairs, or adjustments as needed. Any major need identified by the custodian should be

reported to the Deacons for repair or replacement. The Custodian shall have the carpeting cleaned

quarterly or as needed. Conduct safety checks on pilot lights and burners in kitchens. Ensure that an

adequate supply of garbage bags and related goods are maintained and available for use.

 Exterior Building and Grounds Maintenance: The Custodian should visually inspect all windows and

replace any that are found to be broken. Stained glass or windows that require professional installers

that need repair should be reported to the Deacons. The Custodian is responsible for ensuring that the

exterior of the building is in good repair. The Custodian will perform simple repairs as required and

coordinate repairs that may require a contractor to complete.

 Lawn Care: The custodian is responsible for mowing all grass on the Church-owned grounds with a

lawnmower provided by the Church. The custodian is also responsible for all weeding on the grounds.

The Custodian will work with volunteer Church staff to coordinate planting of flowers, and will be

responsible for the weeding and watering of the flower gardens.

 Snow Removal: Snow shall be removed from all walks that parishioners, staff, and guests will be

utilizing to attend Worship Services, meetings, or events (This starts at the beginning of the Church

property to the end of the Parsonage, Church steps, walkways, sidewalks, and in the rear parking lot).

All entrances and steps should be salted whenever ice and snow are present. The Custodian should call

and coordinate plowing of the parking lot prior to Worship Services, meetings and special events.

 Standard Sunday Service Activities: General accommodations should be made for parishioners,

Ministers, Choir, Soloists, or guests of the Church. Accommodate and assist with set up for Coffee

Fellowship, Fellowship Receptions or Special Events. The Baptismal fount should be filled when

required, and cleaned and disinfected when activities are completed.

Cleaning Responsibilities and Duties:

 Sanctuary, Choir Loft, and Balcony: Floors are to be dust mopped, carpeting should be vacuumed, pews

dusted and cleaned, windowsills dusted, dust pulpit furniture, dust piano, pipe organ and console

weekly. Tile floors should be cleaned and buffed each week. They should be wet mopped after salt


tracking or as required. Vacuum pews in advance of weddings. Tile floors should be stripped and

waxed, walls washed, upholstery vacuumed, wax paneling, woodwork, pews and handrails annually or

as needed. Pencils in the sanctuary are to be checked, sharpened or replaced weekly.

 Consistory Room, and North Nook: Vacuum floors, dust windowsills and furniture weekly. Wash walls

and wax paneling annually.

 Fellowship Hall, Prayer Room, and Library: Vacuum floors, dust windowsills, clean piano and walls and

furniture weekly.

 All Classrooms, and Nursery: Weekly vacuum or dust mop, dust and clean all furniture as required.

Clean and buff tile floors. Strip and wax tile floors at least once annually or as needed.

 Stairs and Hallways: Weekly vacuum or dust mop floor, dust railings, clean light switch plates, and

clean and disinfect all drinking fountains. Strip and wax tile floors at least once annually or as needed.

 Fireside Room: This room is to be vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned weekly. The kitchen appliances

should be cleaned and the tile floor cleaned and buffed weekly. The tile floor should be stripped and

waxed at least once annually.

 Offices: The Church Offices are to be vacuumed, dusted and thoroughly cleaned weekly. The Printing

Office is to be dust mopped and buffed, wet mopped and waxed as needed.

 Kitchens: The sinks, counters, and appliances are to be kept neat and clean and monitored weekly. The

floors are to be dust mopped and buffed, wet mopped and buffed as needed. Tile floors are to be

stripped and waxed at least once annually.

 Restrooms: In order to maintain sanitary conditions in all restrooms, the plumbing fixtures will be

cleaned and disinfected at least once weekly. The floor is to be wet mopped and all garbage cans

disinfected weekly. Tile floors should be stripped and waxed at least once annually. Deodorant cakes

will be kept in urinals.

 Windows and Doors: All Church windows and doors are to be cleaned annually. Window panes on

doors and entrances are to be cleaned weekly. Doors are to be dusted weekly and cleaned as needed.

 Ministry House (White House):

 When the house is used by a Ministry, it will be cleaned by the Ministry(ies) using the house.

The carpet should be vacuumed, dusting, general cleaning, and the wastebaskets should be

done weekly. Tile floors are to be dust/wet mopped as needed. This includes all three levels,

and the kitchen and restrooms should be cleaned in the same manner as listed in bullet points

kitchens and restrooms above.

 When the Ministry house is not in use by either Ministries or residents, the Church cleaning

service will maintain the property monthly. The Ministry house will be cleaned in a similar

fashion as listed above on a monthly basis.

General Expectations and Responsibilities:

 The Custodian often represents the Church and great care should be taken to make a positive and

professional appearance in all circumstances.

 Police area daily for appearance, security, breakage or malfunctions. Empty trash as needed.

 Put all garbage in appropriate containers.

 Clean the garage and janitor closets annually or more frequently if necessary.


 Accommodate Weddings and Funerals as needed. Spot clean sanctuary and all public areas prior to


 Accommodate organ, furnace, air conditioning repair and maintenance as required. Coordinate

repairman activities.

 Arrange for all fire extinguishers to be checked and charged as required to meet all safety inspections.

 Accommodate Fire Inspector inspections when they occur.

 Custodian is responsible for keeping inventory of all cleaning or kitchen supplies and order/purchase

when items are needed. Major purchases should be coordinated with the Building and Grounds

Chairman in conjunction with the Deacons.

 Attend bi-weekly Staff meetings.

 Change exterior sign as directed.

 Perform other duties as required by the Building and Grounds Chairman or Consistory as needed.


 This position will be under the direction and authority of the Pastors and Consistory.

 The candidate will meet bi-annually with the Personnel Committee to review goals, set expectations,

evaluate performance, and suggest ways to improve.

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