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Job Description For Church Clerk

Sample Job Description – please modify to fit your church’s needs.
Church Clerk
Principle Function:
The church clerk is responsible to the pastor for maintaining thorough and complete records of
the church’s business by recording minutes and preserving records.
Regular Duties:

Record minutes of church business meetings. When keeping minutes, the church clerk


a. Record the motions with exact wording. The church clerk should request that

persons making motions put them in writing. If this is not possible, the clerk should

repeat the motion after it has been presented and before the motion is seconded

or voted on.

b. Record only necessary items of discussion. No attempt should be made to include

every statement presented in discussion.

c. Always record the name of the person making the motion. Should future questions

arise concerning the intent or wording of a motion, knowing who made the motion

can help clarify any questions.

d. Do not editorialize (give an opinion concerning the motion or discussion) in the

minutes. The church clerk records only the actual motion, the actual transaction of

business, or what the moderator instructs. This procedure is important because

these minutes become the legal documents supporting the action of the church.

Maintain church records. Unless assigned to the church secretary, the church clerk
should maintain church membership records and records of church business meeting
minutes. Well-kept records are the best protection against injurious law suits and also
provide orientation for new staff and church leaders.

Correspond with other churches for membership changes. Unless assigned to the church
secretary, the church clerk is responsible for requesting and forwarding letters of
membership to other churches.

Provide records for church history. The church clerk should work with the history
committee to ensure they have the proper information for historical purposes. The
following items should be kept for historical purposes: budgets; outstanding events; a
record of new staff members; and a record of special events, such as remodeling,
anniversaries, and celebration of centennials.

Prepare the Annual Church Profile. Unless assigned to the church secretary, the church
clerk should prepare the Annual Church Profile and send it to the association or state

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