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Here are the things a Guest minister or Pastor must never do after ministering in a church

A pastor could be called upon to minister in another ministry. It is also a very practical thing to do to equip the members with an outstanding divine unction that an invited minister carries. The members would be able to benefit from the grace in the ministration of the invited pastor. This is also done mostly when a particular minister is filled with the anointing that motivates people.

His colleagues in the ministry could invite him/her for ministrations in their church. It could be that of deliverance, healing or several of the divine manifestation of the power of God. In this respect, Church Gist has shared a sermon delivered by Bishop Irabor Wisdom of Answer’s Assembly in regards to the things that a minister must not do after they finished ministration as a guest speaker in another ministry.

As shared by Church Gist, the cleric has shed light on 8 things that a minister must be very careful about after they might have ministered in any ministry. The cleric in his word has revealed that, if any minister has ever done any of the eight things he has listed as a guest speaker in another ministry, such a person is a betrayer. As shared by the cleric, some churches are suffering today because of the after-program activities of their guest speakers.

Bishop Irabor Wisdom
  1. Organizing prayer meeting in the house of the members of the church you have previously ministered:

This is tantamount to betrayal. The members of the churches you have ministered to must not one way or the other try to connect with you in anything after you might have ministered in their church. This is specifically if done without the prior knowledge of the minister you have preached on behalf.

  1. If you still have connections with the members of a pastor you have previously ministered in his church but that you are no longer in relation with:

It is very wrong behaviour. Once you are no longer in connection with a pastor you might have previously ministered in his/her church, you must not have anything done with the members of the church. If you have severed a relationship with the pastor and you still have connections with his members, it is very wrong behaviour.

  1. If in any way you are relating with a member of a Pastor you have previously preached as a guest minister under his ministry without his knowledge, it is very wrong. At any time, such a member could inform the Pastor of your relationship with him/her. It could affect your association with the particular pastor.
  2. If in the process of you ministering as a guest in a church, you gave your number to some members that requested it without the knowledge of the host pastor, you are a betrayer. You are supposed to tell them to go to him and collect it from him.

The cleric in his words has advised that invited pastors must only relate with host members only in greetings. Do not relate closely with them.

  1. If you have ever counselled the members of the church of a Pastor you have peached for at a time without his knowledge, you are a betrayer. As long as they are not your members you must not counsel them. You are not their counsellor. Refer them to their Pastors.
  2. If at any time you have ever ministered for a pastor and you end up sleeping with a female member of his church in the church, you have committed an abomination. You are not just a betrayer but a big one. You must not pollute the ministry of another person with your secret sin. Your immorality must not be the downfall of another innocent person that was not privy to your atrocious lifestyle.
  3. If at any time you have been discontented with the honorarium you were given by the host pastor of a ministry you have preached and you have gone all the way to discuss it with a third party, you are a betrayer. If you have issues with the Honorarium he gave you, you tell it directly to the one who gave it to you, and not to a third party.
  4. If at any time you have instructed members of the church of a pastor you have preached for to pay some amount of money into your account without the knowledge of your host. You are a thief and a betrayer.

Written by: Bishop Irabor Wisdom of Answers Assembly, Nigeria.

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