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Guidelines For Church Ushers

Guidelines for Ushers

At least 14 years old

A Catholic who has received First Holy Communion and Confirmation, as well as
one who leads a life of faith in keeping with the function to be assumed.

Free from any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared

Reverential, respectful of his/her faith, and of good moral character

If married, be in a valid marriage according to the law of the Catholic Church

Dress: Please dress in a manner which reflects the dignity of God. Athletic wear is not

appropriate, you are expected to wear your “Sunday best” when serving in this role.

Please read the “Dear Henry” letter. This is how we want to make all who come to SJTE

feel. Everyone should be welcomed with a smile and a hello. They should feel happy

upon entering and leaving Mass AND look forward to coming back again.


• Join in the liturgy as part of the worshipping assembly!

• During the Sign of Peace, be especially alert to the presence of newcomers or

visitor and extend a greeting to them.

• Be conscious of those with a physical disability or who cannot join in the

Communion procession. In an inconspicuous way, bring their location to the

attention of a Eucharistic Minister.

• Be prepared for emergencies: know the position of the fire extinguisher &

defibrillator; locations of fire exits; a telephone to call 911 in a medical

emergency, etc.


o Arrive at least 15 minutes before the Mass starts.

o Sign your name on the printed schedule in the Ministry Schedule – White Binder

in the Sacristy upon arrival.

o As people enter the church, identify a family or group of individuals (3 to 4

people) that would be willing to bring the gifts forward at the Offertory. The gift

bearers should be advised briefly when to come to the back of the church and

how to present the gifts. Please try to pick people that are dressed in a manner

which reflects the dignity of God.

o Greet people and introduce new parishioners or visitors to one or two familiar


o Distribute bulletins after the Mass


During the Liturgy:

o If the readings have begun, ask latecomers to wait at the back of the church until

after ALL OF THE READINGS are read and then assist them to find seats. Try to

do this with as much speed and little distraction as you can manage, all the time

treating them with reverence and respect.

o The collection of money from the faithful is not just a practical matter designed to

meet the financial needs of the parish, but as an integral part of the liturgy; it is

their gift to meet the needs of the pastor and the church.

o During the Prayers of the Faithful, you should unobtrusively position yourself to

your station, ready to collect from the faithful after the Presider’s Closing Prayer.

Once everyone is seated, you should proceed down the center/side aisles. Once

you reach the front of the aisle, you are to genuflect or bow before passing the


o After the collection is complete, you empty your basket in the one large basket in

the back of the church.

o The gift bearers will be given the bread and wine to be presented to the Presider

or deacon and escorted by altar servers.

o The first two gift bearers should present the gifts to the Presider or deacon and

then step aside so that the remaining gift bearers can step forward.

o After the presentation of the gifts, all will bow their heads respectfully in unison

toward the altar and then slowly return to their seats.

o At Communion, you should again, position yourself side-by-side in the back of the

church in the center and side aisles. It is important to note the appropriate

timing and maintain a proper pace as you approach the altar.

o When the priest or deacon turns to the first Eucharistic Minster of Holy

Communion and presents the wine to him/her you should proceed down the

aisles, bow your head toward the altar, and position yourself next to the edge of

the first pew. Parishioners in the front pews are invited to communion as soon

as it is obvious that the priest and Eucharistic minister are about to come around

the altar to distribute communion to the assembly.

o Proceed one pew at a time towards the back of the church inviting parishioners

in each pew to communion. Remember to invite parishioners standing in the

back to communion.

o Please be alert to identify those parishioners who, due to medical or other

reason(s) are unable to come forward to receive communion. In such instances,

please identify the parishioner(s) to a Eucharistic Minister or Priest to insure

they receive Communion.

o You should be the last in line to receive Communion.

After the Liturgy:

o Hand out bulletins as people leave and say a word of appropriate farewell.

o If you are at the 845AM or 1045AM Mass, please invite people to stay for

tea/coffee and/or donuts in the Heavenly Café.

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