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Spiritual Meaning of Goat

Spiritual meaning of goat: The goat is considered as the symbol of spirituality. As a pet, goats are quite easy to train and being domesticated animals, they can be harnessed for carrying small loads. In both astrological and spiritual sense, Goat is also known as an auspicious animal which brings good luck. Read up on the goat symbolism in bible and the prophetic meaning of goats.

It’s a quintessential symbol of good fortune in popular culture. From the New Year’s celebration to golden fleece, its presence is often seen as a good omen that signifies prosperity. Yet whether it represents the divine or not, its history reveals more than just an unusual pattern on a kid’s clothing.

Spiritual Meaning of Goat

The goat has been a spiritual symbol for centuries. In the Bible, it was often used as a scapegoat—an animal that you could project your sins onto and then sacrifice. In this way, goats were used to cleanse your soul of whatever badness you thought of yourself as having.

In some cultures, goats are associated with fertility and virility. They are also associated with satyrs, who are half man and half goat. Satyrs symbolize sexual desire, which can be both good and bad—it depends on how you use it!

White Goat Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of goat is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Goats are often associated with life changes, such as moving to a new house or selling your home. They are also associated with independence, as goats are able to survive alone in the wilderness. Goats are known for their ability to climb trees and jump over fences, which can be symbolic of overcoming obstacles in your life.

Goats are also associated with fertility, due to their ability to produce milk year-round. This can be symbolic of an abundance of resources available in your life, or it can represent the ability to create something from nothing (e.g., building a business from scratch).

Goats are also believed to have healing powers, due to their association with Aphrodite/Venus (the goddess of love and beauty). People who suffer from depression or anxiety may benefit from owning one or having close contact with this animal at some point in their lives – though only if they’re ready for it!

The goat is a symbol of humility, patience, and the ability to see the big picture. It is associated with the divine feminine and feminine energy in general. The goat is also associated with earthiness and fertility, as well as having healing properties.

Goats are often used in sacrificial rituals because they were considered sacred animals. They were also thought to be good luck charms for sailors or people traveling by sea.

Goats have played an important role in many cultures’ spiritual practices; for example, some Hindus consider the goat to be a holy animal because it represents purity and devotion.

spiritual meaning of goat

Goat Symbolism And Meaning

Have you ever heard the expression “stubborn as a goat?” The goat is a force to be reckoned with. These animals are infamous for their tenacity and stubbornness. When facing a goat’s horns, this trait may seem annoying or dangerous, but it is also a sign of great fortitude and perseverance. Goats just don’t quit.

In the past few years, viral videos of playful goats have become extremely popular. Having owned goats in the past I am happy to report that when it comes to playfulness, goats are the real deal. Especially when they are young, though they never really grow out of this, goats are always looking for a good time. They love to jump, climb, chase, and run. So, goats represent fun, innocence, and joy!


Another thing that I know from owning goats is that they are LOUD. Goats are unapologetic and will always let you know what they are thinking. Hungry? Tired? Craving a good scratch on that hard to reach spot on their shoulder? A goat never holds back their feelings. Although this trait can get old (trust me), it really isn’t such a BAAA’d thing. Goats remind us to speak up for ourselves. Communication is key and we all know that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, or in this case the bleat-y goat gets the oats.

One particular group of goats, known as “fainting goats” have a genetic mutation which causes them to tense up and fall over when startled. Fainting goats’ bodies turn stiff and rigid for a few seconds whenever something occurs which scares them suddenly. These goats may represent anxiety, jumpiness, or the tendency to freeze in scary situations. (3)

Finally, despite their many virtues, goats can also be associated with their fair share of sins. Male goats have a well-earned reputation for lustiness. Their courting strategies, while successful for goats, are pretty revolting too. Male goats, or bucks, will urinate all over their bodies, faces, and even into their own mouths. This foul behavior is great for attracting a female goat, or doe, in heat but it is otherwise pretty off-putting. (4) Goats are also associated with gluttony. They absolutely love to eat and have developed a reputation for eating anything and everything. Goats also tussle for dominance a lot. This usually entails playful headbutting but can certainly become more aggressive than just that.

Goat Native American Symbolism

Domestic goats do not feature in Native American mythology because they were not introduced to the Americas until the seventeenth century. (5) Mountain goats, however, have found their way into the cultural traditions of a few Native American groups.

For some of the tribes who live along in the United States’ Northwestern coastal region, the hairs of mountain goats are used to weave important ceremonial blankets. In some traditions, high climbing mountain goats are connected with the sky and the spirit realm. Goats also serve as clan animals for a limited number of tribes. (6)

One Lenape legend describes how a kind man was rewarded for rescuing a baby goat, or kid, from its tormentors. According to this legends, the goat rewarded the man who saved him by sparing him when his entire village was killed and then teaching him how to bring them back to life. After this, the goat brought many more goats to willingly be slaughtered to feed the man who honored and appreciated their sacrifice. (7)

Goat Eastern Symbolism

The goat, or sometimes the sheep or ram, is the eighth animal of the Chinese zodiac. People born during the year of the goat are expected to be gentle, stable, shy, and filled with a strong sense of justice. (8)

two goats

People with the goat as their zodiac animal are thought to be family-oriented and most comfortable in large groups. The goat zodiac is selfless and down to earth. For men, the goat zodiac often entails maturity, but may also involve pessimism. For women, the goat zodiac sign is organized and dependable, but may be high strung or anxious as well. (9)

Goat Christianity Symbolism

In Christian iconography, goats are very often associated with sinfulness and demonic forces. Common symbols include goat demons or humanoid demons with goat horns.

Goats are mentioned as follows in Matthew 25:31

“When the Son of Man will come in all His Glory, with all the angels accompanying Him, He will take His place on the throne in Heavenly Glory. All the nations will gather before Him, and He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep on His right hand while the goats on the left.’” (10)

And in 25:41, the reason for this separation becomes clear:

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’” (11)


The stubbornness, gluttony, and lust of the goat may have contributed to this contrast between the purity of sheep and the distastefulness of goats.

Fortunately, though, the goat can also represent some positive things for Christians. According to Christianity, like all animals, goats were created by God and should be appreciated as part of his creation.

Furthermore, goats are hard-working, earnest, and easy-going. While it is not difficult to connect them with sin, it is similarly easy to connect goats with virtuous traits.

Goat Celtic Symbolism

For the Celts, goats represent wildness, madness, and otherworldly things.

In old Irish traditions, a fairy-like creature called a “Pooka” or “Puca” roams the hills and mountains of Ireland. This beast is sometimes thought of as evil and devilish and sometimes considered to be benevolent. In most depictions, however, it is a wild otherworldly beast which can shapeshift at will. The word “Puca” derives from “Poc” which means “he-goat.” (12)

The “Poc” name is also the origin of one of Ireland’s oldest celebrations. The Puck Fair is named for the male goat at its center. Every August, in a small town in the county of Kerry, a wild goat is captured, brought into town, and proclaimed king. The new king goat is paraded through the streets and placed upon a high pedestal. There, the new “King Puck” reigns for a few days before being released back into the wild. The origins of the Puck Fair are murky, but the celebration dates at least as far back as the seventeenth century. (13)

Goat African Symbolism

Goats play a vital role in the rural economy of West Africa, especially for small-holders and livestock owners of the region. 

two goats

Some West Africans treasure goats greatly because of their particular hardiness and disease resistance compared with other livestock in the region.

Goats will gladly feed on shrubs, weeds, and plants that most other domestic animals cannot. Therefore, their grazing preferences make them a low-maintenance choice for livestock holders.

Goat In Dreams

The appearance of a goat in your dream could refer to several things, but the goat dream meaning per individual depends on what he/she sees.

Generally, the goat symbolically represents ideas relating to abundance, modesty, success in solitude, free spirit, and resilience. 

It is perhaps highly likely that a goat coming into your dream could be an indication of a good time in your life. It could represent opportunities coming forth or of the time being favorable for achieving something.

If you dream of a happy or white goat, like the white goat symbolism could refer to financial success in your life. Furthermore, it can also translate to materialistic fortune or good luck in all spheres of life. 

Goats in dreams could also be symbolic of vitality and strength or represent the intuitive or curious side in you. Since goats associate deeply with humans due to common instincts, they reflect elements of our own nature when they appear in our dreams.

Seeing a black goat in a dream is indicative of impending trouble or an unusual challenge you will have to face. It is generally not overly negative, but it may be a confusing time in your life. 

The black goat meaning, like every other black animal, is generally unfavorable or unsettling. The black goat symbolism teaches you to explore and embrace your uniqueness and strangeness.

prophetic meaning of goats

The goat is a prophetic symbol of the devil, and represents his power to deceive. God told Moses to put two bronze goats on Mt. Sinai, one on each side of the ark of the covenant. One was called “for sin” and the other “for forgiveness.” The Israelites were supposed to sacrifice animals before them as they made their annual pilgrimage to worship at Mt. Sinai.

When Jesus came as a man, he was led into the wilderness by Satan where he fasted for forty days and nights. Jesus was tempted three times by Satan: first with food, then with power and glory, then with lust (which is related to sex). In all three instances, Jesus refused them because he wanted nothing more than to do God’s will. This story is reflected in John 8:44: “You are from below; I am from above; you are of this world; I am not of this world.”

Goat Encounters And Omens

A goat encounter can be a great reminder to take a moment and reflect. Are you on the correct path? Have you chosen this path willingly and are you still happy with it? Has stubbornness kept you where you are? Consider the strengths and flaws of the goat and use them to examine your circumstances.

Goat encounters can remind us to persevere, but be sure you aren’t just digging your heels in for the sake of it. A goat encounter is a reminder to be intentional about your choices.

two goats

Goats can also cross our paths as reminders to blow off steam once in a while. Goats are playful and energetic and can be seen as signs to enjoy life and find opportunities to play games and have fun.

Goat Mythology And Folklore

Goat symbolism in literature is not an uncommon genre. If you read some of the folklore concerning goats around the world, you’d see the various roles goats have played since ancient history. 

Thor is the Scandinavian god of thunder in literature, and the chariot he held most sacred was pulled by a team of goats. Thor’s goat, Heidrun, provided heavenly mead, the drink the gods consumed. (14)

Other pieces of literature and folklore represent the goat as a stubborn and determined reflection of mankind.


In Greek mythology, goats are sacred to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Greek myths also feature half-man half-goat creatures called Satyr. Pan, the god of the wild, is often depicted as a half-goat humanoid.

Goat Spirit Animal

People with the goat as their spirit animal are affectionate, easy-going, determined, and independent. The goat spirit animal likes to forge its own path forward.

If the goat is your spirit animal, look to this creature as a symbol of your determination and resolve. In these areas, the goat spirit is unmatched.

People with the goat spirit animal are young at heart and love to discover new things and enjoy adventures. While they may be hard-headed at times, people with the goat spirit are loving friends and devoted companions.

Goat Totem Animal

What does the goat totem tell you? What must you do if yours is the goat animal totem? It tells you to never doubt yourself and your potential. 

It teaches you to empower yourself with the knowledge that you can do all things, and no hardships will break you. No matter how hopeless a situation seems, never fail to believe that you will always land safely on your feet. 

If a project or time seems unfruitful now, patience and perseverance will bear fruits in the future. You only have to call upon the goat’s limitless well of determination and fortitude.

The goat totem, especially the mountain goat totem, reminds you to be fearless and confident. When climbing mountains, the worst thing you can do is look down. Sometimes difficult situations require a leap of faith, but you will succeed in the end so long as you’re on the correct path.

Goat Tattoo Meaning

Goat tattoos can symbolize power, libido, vital force, and also fertility. However, various figures and designs featuring goats in tattoos mean different things. 

The goat skull tattoo refers to the dark arts, and you will find this common in people who take an interest in occult imagery.

The buck symbolism spreads positive messages of innocence, compassion, kindness, gentleness, grace, motherhood, femininity, subtlety, peace, and adventure. 

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