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Best Cymbals For Praise And Worship

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on Best Cymbals For Praise And Worship. Read on to learn more. We at churchgists have all the information that you need about istanbul cymbals for worship and best cymbals for recording. Read on to learn more.

Hey, you. You’re a drummer. You’re on the hunt for some new cymbals, and you’ve come to the right place. Whether you play rock and roll, jazz, or worship music—we’ve got your back. We’ll help you find the best cymbals for praise and worship that are perfect for your sound and your style. We love music. We love drumming. And we know what it’s like to be a drummer who wants nothing more than to play their heart out every time they get behind their kit—whether it’s in church or at home with friends.

We know how important your instrument is to you, because it’s important to us too! Praise and worship is a huge part of the Christian faith. Whether you’re in a band or a choir, or just singing with family and friends, there’s something about singing God’s praises that makes everything feel right with the world. If you’re looking for cymbals that will help you make beautiful music with your praise and worship group, look no further than

. These cymbals are designed specifically with the needs of praise and worship musicians in mind. From their patented “ring-free” sound to their ability to withstand years of use, these cymbals are perfect for any musical setting where you want your music to sound its best.

Best Cymbals For Praise And Worship

If you’re a drummer looking to find the perfect cymbals for praise and worship music, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled this handy list of the best cymbals out there. We’ll point out what makes each one unique and why they would be great for praise and worship music. Whether you play in a small church on Sunday mornings or work with a full band during your weekly services, we want to help you find the perfect set of cymbals for whatever your situation may be.

Best Hi-Hats For Praise And Worship

For example, let’s say you’re playing in a worship band that plays a lot of songs with fast double-stroke rolls. You’re going to want hi-hats that retain their metal and tonal qualities while being incredibly responsive. The best way I know how to do this is by buying a pair of Zildjian or Sabian HHX Evolution Hi-Hats. These cymbals are made with an aluminum alloy body (which makes them really light) and have extremely durable edges (so they won’t dull out right away). They also feature an inverted cup design for more focused sound projection, which means you can control the dynamics of your kit better than ever before!

Best Crash Cymbals For Praise And Worship

Crash cymbals are used for playing fast accents, loud crashes and short rolls. They can also be played in a way that makes them sound like flams or patterns.

They can be used for playing fast runs as well.

Best China Cymbals For Praise And Worship

K.C. Custom China: K.C. Customs are, as you may have guessed, custom made by K Custom Cymbals out of Boonville, CA. They’re hand hammered and lathed and come with a two-year warranty (as opposed to the one year that most other china cymbals are covered for).

Sabian HHX Evolution: Sabian’s HHX line was designed to replicate the sound of an old-school ride cymbal from back in 1955, which means it has more sustain and less overtones than other china cymabls on this list. This makes it perfect for use in praise and worship music that requires a sustained wash of cymbal sound with minimal overtones interfering with the overall mix—just turn up your reverb pedal! If you’re looking for something similar but slightly less expensive than an older model Zildjian ride cymbal but still want great sustain and tonality in your worship setlist then check out these babies!

Zildjian K Custom: This large-scale china sounds amazing when played softly or aggressively…it all depends on how hard you hit it! It also has excellent stick definition so even though you’re using a high volume level there’s no need worry about losing articulation or clarity due to excessive volume levels–or having any unwanted frequencies bleeding into other instruments during recording sessions/live performances either.”

Best Ride Cymbals For Praise And Worship

A ride cymbal is the most versatile and important drum set cymbal. It’s used to keep time, create dynamics, and add accents to a song. The best ride cymbals for praise and worship are ones that are durable enough to withstand frequent use on stage but still sound good enough for the audience to hear them clearly over the rest of the band.

Keep reading for our list of best ride cymbals for praise and worship!

Best Splash Cymbals For Praise And Worship

Splash cymbals are small and thin, making them ideal for accents or fills. They’re also used in jazz music. The sound of a splash cymbal is not as loud as other types of cymbals, so they’re best for playing at lower volumes or adding subtle effects to your music.

Best Rock Cymbal Set For Praise And Worship

Rock cymbals are a great addition to any drum set. They’re versatile and can be used with just about any genre of music. Rock cymbals have a dark, rich timbre with high definition and sustain.

While there are many different types of rock cymbals, this section will focus on what we think are the best for praise and worship:

  • Crash/Splash Cymbal Sets – A crash is the loudest, most explosive type of rock cymbal. It creates an abrupt attack that cuts through any other instrument in your band’s arsenal. If you want to get your point across quickly and forcefully, look no further than this option! A splash (also known as a china) has less volume but produces more sustain at lower volumes than its larger counterpart; it also has more color because it doesn’t cut out immediately after striking like a crash does when hit at full force by a stick on the rim or edge close-up (the part where it bends over). For example: if someone were standing right next to me when I struck my china against theirs so hard their instrument vibrated enough for them feel it physically shake off their body like they were being electrocuted while simultaneously hearing thunderous rumbles emanating from inside their chest cavity…this would probably scare them pretty bad! But if said person were standing several feet away while this happened instead–not so much because distance makes everything seem less scary…especially when

istanbul cymbals for worship

If you’re looking for great cymbal brands like Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Meinl, then you’ll want to check out our list of cymbals for praise and worship.

Here is a list of some of the best cymbals for praise and worship:

  • Zildjian – A great brand for beginners or intermediate drummers who are looking to buy their first set of drums. The company makes many different types of products including sticks and pedals as well as accessories such as drum racks.
  • Sabian – This manufacturer makes a wide variety of products including bells (which are similar except they can be used on any instrument), chimes (which are also similar but sound slightly different) and hi-hats (commonly paired with other percussion instruments). They also offer other accessories such as stands that hold multiple instruments at once!
  • Paiste – This company has been making music all over America since 1952 so if you’re looking for something high quality then this may just be it! They have several different collections within each category that include everything from crash cymbals up through timpani drumsets (if needed).

Though there are many different types of cymbals, the most common are Hi-Hats, Crash Cymbals, China Cymbals, Ride Cymbals and Splashes. Each type of cymbal has its own unique sound, which means it can be used in a variety of ways. The best way to find out which ones will work best for you is to listen to them all and decide what works best with your music.

Best Cymbals For Live Performance

Cymbals play a massive role in the overall sound of any church worship team. They have the power to make or break the atmosphere you’re trying to create. So, it’s important to have some good cymbals that fit the situation.

Luckily, many companies have put together cymbal packs that provide you with all the tones you need. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Best Church Cymbal Packs for Worship Music

1. Zildjian K Custom Worship Cymbal Set

The Zildjian K Custom cymbals exhibit ark and warm character that fits very well in worship settings. If you bunched a group of different K Customs together, chances are that they’d work for church.

Luckily, Zildjian has gone and picked out all the best ones and put those in a set that caters extremely well for worship music. Included in this set is a pair of 14” Dark hi-hats, 16” and 18” Fast crashes, and a 20” Medium ride.

The hi-hats have great stick clarity with an amazing amount of swell to them, perfect for heavy and light grooving. The crashes have short decays and get out the way quickly, making them the perfect accent tools.

The ride can be crashed on and is more subtle than you’d expect a ride cymbal to be. If you’re looking for warm character, these are the cymbal to get. They’ll do a fantastic job in laying low in the mix while providing just enough attack to be effective.

I love the mixture of cymbals you get in this set. Typically, cymbal sets come with a group of cymbals from the same series. They’ll all sound similar with a few differences due to their size and type. However, this particular set has varying cymbals from the K line, giving you excellent variety in all the tones you can achieve.

2. Sabian AAX Praise and Worship Cymbal Set

These cymbals are most commonly used by gospel drummers, thanks to their fantastic projection and varying tones. The pack includes 5 cymbals that will give you creative control over the number of sounds that you can make from all the cymbals.

The 10” Aero splash is a fantastic addition to this pack. It has a short trashy sound that is great for playing quick jabs in the middle of drum fills. Gospel drummers do this a lot and that’s why they love this cymbal so much.

The 16” and 18” X-Plosion crashes are powerful, packing a huge punch when played. There’s a good pitch difference between them, giving good tonal range.

The 14” Medium hats have that typical dark hi-hat sound. The tones are clean and cutting and change the further out from the bell you play.

The 21” Raw Bell Dry ride is a beast of its own, providing a seriously strong bell sound and a woody ping on the bow.

This cymbal set is the perfect choice for gospel drummers. The tones may be a bit too aggressive for drummers playing in very small churches.

I’d suggest getting this pack if you play in church as well as other music settings. These cymbals are amazing in pop, R&B, and hip-hop environments. Those styles are heavily incorporated into gospel music, which is why they’re an ideal option.

3. Meinl Mike Johnston Byzance Set

The Mike Johnston Byzance set wasn’t designed with church drummers in mind. However, these cymbals have musical qualities that fit wonderfully in many church settings.

Included in the pack is a set of Extra Dry 14” hats, an Extra Dry 18” crash, an Extra Thin 20” crash, and a Mike Johnston Transition ride that is 21”.

Let’s start with the Transition ride. It was designed to be one of the most versatile ride cymbals around and you bet it will sit fantastically in a church mix. It has good stick definition with just the right amount of overtones to keep it sounding subtle.

The hi-hats and 18” crash cymbal have similar sounds as they’re from the same line. The short decay and dark tones are music to the ears. Mike Johnston calls the 20” crash the ‘bwoosh’ crash. It has a huge sound that is great for ending fills with.

My favorite thing about these cymbals, and most Meinl Byzance cymbals, is how thin they are. As the cymbals in the pack are so thin, you can lay into them quite hard without the sound being too overwhelming. This is incredibly ideal for worship settings.

I’ve been to a few churches where noise from the drums has been a big issue. The reason for this is that the drummer is hitting the cymbals hard, and their thickness is making the sound overbearing. You wouldn’t have that issue with the cymbals in this pack. You can hit them as hard as you want while playing in church and you probably won’t get too many complaints.

Overall, a fantastic set of cymbals!

4. Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set

If you were a fan of the Mike Johnston pack, but are on a budget, look no further than the Meinl Classics Custom Dark cymbals. These things pack a punch and work well in gospel settings.

Included in the set are a pair of 14” hi-hats, 16” and 18” crashes, and a 20” ride cymbal. All the cymbals sound very similar to each other. They’re bright and punchy with complex dark overtones.

Mostly used by metal drummers thanks to their cutting tones, these cymbals can be used by gospel drummers because they cut through mixes very easily. This means they’ll be heard clearly in a mix that also has an organ.

Since they’re quite loud, they may not be the best cymbals to use in contemporary Christian settings.

5. Paiste Signature Classic Cymbal Set

The Paiste Signature Classics are arguably some of the best sounding cymbals around. They’re also some of the most versatile. You could use them in any musical setting and they will shine through the mix.

If you’re looking for some top-quality cymbals for your church, these are a great option. The cymbal pack has a set of Dark Crisp 14″ hats, a fast crash that is 16”, and a 22” Full ride. On top of that, it includes two Paiste Full crashes that are 18” and 20”.

Contemporary Christian music often requires large cymbal sizes to cater to the big sounds of all the electronics and these cymbals perfectly fit that role. With a 20” crash and a 22” ride, you’ll have all the tools you need to achieve that big sound.

All the cymbals have smooth tones and there is a fantastic tonal difference between each one. You can’t go wrong with these cymbals. They’re incredibly expensive, so you’ll need to do some saving.

This is the cymbal pack that I would get if I had an unlimited budget. I’ve always seen the Paiste Signature Classic cymbals as the peak of cymbal production. They sound incredible no matter what setting you play them in.

6. Zildjian A Cymbal Set

When thinking of cymbals, there’s often a classic sound that everyone pictures. That classic sound often comes in the form of the Zildjian A. These are such popular cymbals and they’ve been used by so many different drummers over decades.

They have a full-bodied tone that perfectly exhibits what many people think cymbals need to sound like. They’re bright, cutting through mixes very easily. These bright tones make them a great choice for use in gospel settings.

The set comes with New Beat 14” hi-hats, Medium Thin crashes in the standard 16” and 18” sizes, and a Sweet ride which is 21”. The New Beat hats are incredibly popular amongst drummers while the crashes and ride cymbal have excellent tones.

Check these cymbals out if you’re looking for a brighter sound that cuts easily through mixes.

Christian Contemporary vs Gospel

Although all church music has the same goal in leading a congregation and setting a contemplative mood, there are two distinct styles of music that you’ll find in different churches. These are Christian contemporary music and gospel music.

Christian contemporary music leans more on the side of pop and rock, having many common drum parts such as playing four-on-the-floor for multiple songs. You’ll hear music like this coming from bands such as Hillsong and Elevation Worship.

Dark and warm cymbals work best in that setting as those types of cymbals blend very nicely into the mix, adding to that warm and contemplative mood.

Gospel music leans closer to R&B and churches that play this style will often have choirs to back the music. This style is more upbeat and requires cymbals that are a bit brighter and punchier.

Cymbal Size

You’ll often find that drummers who play Christian contemporary music have very large cymbals. It’s not uncommon to see someone with 20” crash cymbals and a 24” ride. Although that seems a bit excessive, the large cymbals cater extremely well to the style.

Gospel drummers, on the other hand, make very good use of smaller cymbals for playing accents in different drum parts. You’ll see gospel drummers using splash cymbals very regularly.

Playing Drums in Church

It’s important to remember that playing music in church is about creating a reflective environment for the congregation. From a drummer’s standpoint, this means that you shouldn’t play anything that is distracting. Instead, everything you play should support the song and the mood.

Knowing this helps in your decision of which cymbals to use. You should also consider what kind of drummer you are. If you have control over your technique and dynamics, you would be able to make bright cymbals work in church environments. If you’re unable to keep your cymbal playing soft, dark and dry cymbals will always be better.

Remember not to play the cymbals too much as that can get distracting. Space is just as important as the notes you play. This is especially true in worship settings where a few seconds of empty space could feel like minutes to someone in the congregation. Hitting the bell of a cymbal could pull them out of that zone completely thanks to its distracting nature.

Cymbal Brands

You may be wondering which brand is the best when it comes to choosing cymbals for worship music. The simple answer to this is that all cymbal brands are good, and you just need to look for the right cymbal qualities to find the best options.

Both those packs include cymbals that the brands themselves have stated are ideal for church settings.

Number of Cymbals

Each cymbal pack comes with a varying number of cymbals. This may make you wonder how many cymbals you need for drumming in church. In truth, you only need a pair of hi-hats and a ride cymbal. That 2-cymbal setup will be enough to play all the needed drum parts that worship music has.

However, it’s more comfortable to play with more cymbals. Also, you get more tonal variety with more cymbals. So, an ideal setup would be having two crash cymbals, one ride cymbal, and one pair of hi-hats. That’s the number of cymbals you’ll get from most cymbal packs. A few of them will have a few extras as a bonus.

In typical church settings, splash and effects cymbals aren’t used too often. They’re important in gospel settings, though. That’s why you’ll always see gospel drummers using large drum setups with what seems like dozens of cymbals.


As a drummer, getting a good set of cymbals is one of the best investments you can make. There are several ways to treat your drums so that they sound good, even if they’re cheap.

There’s no way of doing that for cymbals, meaning a bad set will always sound bad.

So, getting a high-quality set of cymbals will boost your overall drum sound dramatically and it will especially help in your church setting. Every set that I listed above has fantastic qualities that could work for you.

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