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Angels In The Bible And Their Duties

Angels⁢ in the Bible‍ are‌ spiritual beings created by God to ‌serve as messengers, protectors, and guides to humanity.‍ They are featured prominently throughout Scripture‍ and​ play various roles​ in carrying out God’s divine plan.

One of the key features of angels in the Bible is their celestial​ nature. They are described as beings⁤ of light, radiating God’s glory and possessing a power and majesty that surpasses human comprehension. In their interactions with humans, they typically appear in human-like form, often dressed in white robes, with wings symbolizing their ability to swiftly carry out God’s commands.

Angels have multiple duties

Angels, as celestial beings, have fascinated and inspired believers for centuries. In the Bible, angels play various roles and have distinct duties in carrying out God’s divine plan. This blog post will explore the roles and duties of angels in the Bible, shedding light on their significance in the spiritual journey of believers.

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Angels in the Bible: Divine Messengers and Servants:

Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible, serving as messengers, protectors, worshipers, and instruments of divine intervention. Each role they play holds profound spiritual significance.

Key Duties and Roles of Angels:

  1. Messengers of God:
  • Angels are primarily known as messengers of God, delivering important messages and revelations to individuals. For instance, Angel Gabriel announced the births of John the Baptist and Jesus (Luke 1:5-38).
  1. Guardians and Protectors:
  • Angels are often portrayed as guardians and protectors of individuals and nations. Psalm 91:11-12 states, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”
  1. Worshipers of God:
  • Angels are depicted as ceaseless worshipers who offer continuous praise and adoration to God. Their worship is seen in passages like Isaiah 6:1-3 and Revelation 4:8.
  1. Agents of Divine Intervention:
  • Angels are instrumental in executing God’s will. They may act as agents of God’s judgment or provide guidance and assistance in various situations. For example, an angel released the apostles from prison in Acts 5:19-20.
  1. Comforters and Healers:
  • Angels can bring comfort and healing to those in need. In John 5:4, an angel stirred the waters at the Pool of Bethesda, believed to have healing properties.

Relevance Today:

The roles and duties of angels in the Bible continue to inspire and reassure believers. They serve as reminders of God’s presence and His active involvement in the lives of His people. The belief in guardian angels watching over and protecting individuals offers a sense of comfort and hope.

Names of Angels of God 

Under each name I will share the meaning of the name and if the angel had some kind of specific duties. These 4 angel names are taken from the Bible.

The Angel Gabriel 

The meaning behind the angel’s name:

גַּבְרִיאֵל Gabrîyʼêl, gab-ree-ale’; from Strong’s H1403 Gabriel = “warrior of God” or “man of God” 

an archangel; the angel God used to send messages of great importance to man; sent to Daniel, to Zacharias, and to Mary

Gabriel’s Duties –

 It is mentioned that Gabriel stands in the presence of God (Luke 1:19) and he was sent out from there to deliver important messages to the prophet Daniel, Zacharias, and to Mary. 

Scriptures that mention Gabriel 

The Angel Michael 

The meaning behind the angel’s name:

מִיכָאֵל Mîykâʼêl, me-kaw-ale’; from Strong’s H4310 who (is) like God?; Mikael, the name of an archangel and of nine Israelites:—Michael.

Michael’s Duties – Michael is the only angel to be called an archangel. In the book of Revelation, we see Michael leading God’s army against Satan. 

For more on the meaning of archangel please check out 5 Types of Angels of the Bible 

Scriptures that mention Michael

The Angel Lucifer 

The meaning behind the angel’s name:

הֵילֵל hêylêl, hay-lale’; from Strong’s H1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning-star:—lucifer.

Lucifer’s Duties – Before the fall according to Ezekiel we see that he was an anointed cherub who covers (protects). After the fall Lucifer is known as Satan. He is known as the tempter, accuser, Beelzebul, the father of lies and Beelzebul

Scriptures that mention Lucifer 

The Angel Apollyon

The meaning behind the angel’s name:

Ἀπολλύων Apollýōn, ap-ol-loo’-ohn; active participle of G622; a destroyer —Apollyon.

Apollyon’s Duties – This one is pretty simple…he destroys. 

Scriptures that mention Apollyon 

* Just to note in some translations of 1 Corinthians 10:10 it mentions the destroyer or destroying angel. This could be a reference to Lucifer or Apollyon. It is unclear so I have left it out of “Scriptures that mention…” but I still wanted to share it. 

Nameless Angels of the Bible 

 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. – Hebrews 13:2 

I do want to point out that the Bible is filled with accounts of angels that remain nameless. 

The KJV Bible is 783,137 words in length and only 4 angels are mentioned by name. These angels kept their focus as being messengers of God and kept those who received the message eyes on God. 

Honestly, I think that’s pretty cool. I believe as humans we strive so much to be known, or remembered, or famous. And here you see these incredible creatures who go about not sharing who they are but doing the will of God. 

The Seven Archangels from the Books of Enoch

Just in case you skipped to this section and didn’t read what I wrote above…I will place it here again. 

*An important note is that I do not believe that the Book of Enoch is the inspired word of God as our canonized scripture is. Yes, it is a known fact that some of the early church fathers and some groups do consider the Books of Enoch canonical. And many Christian denominations do look at it as having some historical or theological view.

My reason for sharing is to help you understand where people are getting certain names for angels that you do not see in the Bible. 

The Books of Enoch are composed of three 3 books: 1 Enoch, 2 Enoch, and 3 Enoch. 

It’s in the First Book of Enoch that mentions the 7 archangels. Below are the names of the angels and the meaning:

  1. Gabriel –  “God is my strong man” or “God is my strength”
  2. Michael – “who is like God?”
  3. Raphael – “God heals”
  4. Uriel – “God is my light”
  5. Raguel – “Friend of God”
  6. Remeil – “Thunder of God”
  7. Sariel – “Prince of God” or “Beloved of God”

Angels in the Bible and Their Divine Duties: Messengers, Guardians, and More

Reuchlin’s angels of the Shem HaMephorash[edit]

(per Reuchlin)
Biblical verse
(per Rudd)
Demon ruled
(per Rudd)
1. VehuiahPsalms 3:3Bael
2. IelialPsalms 22:19Agares
3. SitaelPsalms 91:2Vassago
4. ElemiahPsalms 6:4Gamigin
5. MahasiahPsalms 34:4Marbas
6. IehahelPsalms 9:11Valefar
7. AchaiahPsalms 103:8Aamon
8. CahethelPsalms 95:6Barbatos
9. HazielPsalms 25:6Paimon
10. AladiahPsalms 33:22Buer
11. LaviahPsalms 18:46Gusion
12. HahaiahPsalms 110:1Sitri
13. IezalelPsalms 98:4Beleth
14. MebahelPsalms 9:9Leraje
15. HarielPsalms 94:22Eligor
16. HakamiahPsalms 88:1Zepar
17. LoviahPsalms 8:9Botis
18. CalielPsalms 35:24Bathin
19. LevuiahPsalms 40:1Saleos
20. PahaliahPsalms 120:1–2Purson
21. NelchaelPsalms 31:14Morax
22. IeiaielPsalms 121:5Ipos
23. MelahelPsalms 121:8Aim
24. HaiviahPsalms 33:18Naberus
25. NithhaiahPsalms 9:1Glasya-Labolas
26. HaaiahPsalms 119:145Bune
27. IerathelPsalms 140:1Ronove
28. SaeehiahPsalms 71:12Berith
29. ReiaielPsalms 54:4Astaroth
30. OmaelPsalms 71:5Forneus
31. LecabelPsalms 71:16Foras
32. VasariahPsalms 33:4Asmodeus
33. IehuiahPsalms 94:11Gaap
34. LehahiahPsalms 131:3Furfur
35. ChavakiahPsalms 116:1Marchosias
36. ManadelPsalms 26:8Stolas
37. AnielPsalms 80:3Phenex
38. HaamiahPsalms 91:9Halphas
39. RehaelPsalms 30:10Malphas
40. IeiazelPsalms 88:14Raum
41. HahahelPsalms 120:2Focalor
42. MichaelPsalms 121:7Vepar
43. VeualiahPsalms 88:13Sabnock
44. IelahiahPsalms 119:108Shax
45. SealiahPsalms 94:18Vine
46. ArielPsalms 145:9Bifrons
47. AsaliahPsalms 92:5Vual
48. MihaelPsalms 98:2Haagenti
49. VehuelPsalms 145:3Crocell
50. DanielPsalms 145:8Furcas
51. HahasiahPsalms 104:31Balam
52. ImamiahPsalms 7:17Allocer
53. NanaelPsalms 119:75Caim
54. NithaelPsalms 103:19Murmur
55. MebahaiahPsalms 102:12Orobas
56. PoielPsalms 145:14Gremory
57. NemamiahPsalms 115:11Ose
58. IeialelPsalms 6:3Auns
59. HarahelPsalms 113:3Orias
60. MizraelPsalms 145:17Vapula
61. VmabelPsalms 113:2Zagan
62. IahhaelPsalms 119:159Valac
63. AnavelPsalms 100:2Andras
64. MehielPsalms 33:18Flauros
65. DamabiahPsalms 90:13Andrealphus
66. MavakelPsalms 38:21Cimeries
67. EiaelPsalms 37:4Amduscias
68. HabuiahPsalms 106:1Belial
69. RoehelPsalms 16:5Decarabia
70. YabamiahGenesis 1:1Seere
71. HaiaielPsalms 109:30Dantalion
72. MumiahPsalms 116:7Andromalius


Angels in the Bible play diverse roles and carry out significant duties as messengers, guardians, worshipers, and agents of divine intervention. Their appearances offer profound messages of hope, guidance, and comfort, underscoring the enduring connection between the divine and the human. The concept of angels emphasizes God’s care and protection and serves as a source of solace and reassurance on the spiritual journey of believers.

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