Christianity Argumentative Topics

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Christianity Argumentative Topics

Religion Essay: Christianity |

  1. The nature of God
  2. The existence of God
  3. Jesus Christ and his mission
  4. The relationship between Christianity and Judaism
  5. The relationship between Christianity and other religions
  6. Death and the afterlife
  7. Takeaway: There are many ways to approach writing an argumentative essay on christianity.
  8. Is there a connection between faith and health?
  9. Should the government fund religious schools?
  10. Should animals be used for research purposes?
  11. Should torture be considered appropriate in terms of imprisonment?
  12. Do we need religion to have good moral values?
  13. Can we believe that God exists because our parents taught us about it and we never doubted their word?
  14. Should churches pay taxes?
  15. Takeaway: These are some topics that can be used for argumentative essays on christianity.
  16. What is the core of Christianity?
  17. Do evangelicals have a political agenda?
  18. How is the Bible relevant today?
  19. Should religions try to convert people through missionary work or should they be content with their own membership?
  20. Should churches be taxed?
  21. Is “Christianity” a religion or an ideology?
  22. Are we all born Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist (no religion), etc.?
  23. Can God and science co-exist?
  24. How did Christianity contribute to the rise of science in Europe during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods, as opposed to China and India where scientific discoveries seem to have stagnated for centuries?
  25. Is it rational to believe in a god or gods even if you don’t completely understand them?
  26. Takeaway: christianity argumentative topics are important to consider.
  27. Is the church irrelevant?
  28. Does God exist?
  29. Can money buy happiness?
  30. Are women oppressed in the church?
  31. Who is Jesus Christ to you?
  32. Is Christianity at its dusk?
  33. What are the original sins in Christianity?
  34. What happens to those who have not heard about Jesus Christ?
  35. Is the church a business today?
  36. Takeaway: These are interesting topics for christianity essays.
  37. The Holy Trinity: Fact or Fiction?
  38. Birth of the Savior and His Crucifixion.
  39. The Bible, a Good Source of Faith?
  40. Is the Bible Relevant to Today’s Culture?
  41. Biblical versus Secular Ethics.
  42. Stereotypes of Christians and Christianity.
  43. Reasons for Christian Conversion.
  44. Christianity as a Source of World Peace.
  45. Religious Persecution and Violence in Christianity.
  46. Christian Fundamentalism versus Religious Violence.
  47. Modern Devotion and Worship in Contemporary Times.
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  49. The difference between Christian and Islamic religion
  50. How Christianity is right or wrong?
  51. The role of God in the lives of Christians
  52. What are the main goals of Christianity?
  53. Explain why Christianity is good.
  54. What is the impact of Christianity on history?
  55. The importance of Jesus Christ for humankind
  56. How to become a Christian?
  57. Takeaway: These topics will help you to make a good argumentative essay.
  58. Discuss how the church offers a sense of unity, community, and belonging.
  59. Why is faith important?
  60. Discuss how religion can help people to cope with daily life.
  61. Is it important for children to be exposed to world religions at a young age?
  62. Discuss the historical significance of Christianity.
  63. Do you think religious rituals are necessary? Why or why not?
  64. Do you think religious beliefs can be rationalized? Explain your answer.
  65. How do religious texts shape society’s norms and values?
  66. What is the role of Christianity in health care, education, business and government?
  67. What is the most powerful force in this world for positive change? Is it religion? Does it matter what religion a person follows as long as he or she believes in something?
  68. Why are people more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than in religion? (i.e., New age spirituality vs. science)
  69. Takeaway: There are many ways to discuss faith and religion.
  70. Should you teach your children about other religions?
  71. Is the Bible a historical document?
  72. Can someone believe in God and science?
  73. What does it mean to be Christian today?
  74. Why should I care about charity and social justice?
  75. Does prayer work?
  76. Does God exist outside of my mind?
  77. What are the ethical issues in Christianity?
  78. Takeaway: There are many great topics to write about that relate to Christianity.
  79. What are the consequences of christian religious practice?
  80. Should christians be judged by their religious beliefs?
  81. Is the bible the word of God or just another book of fables and parables?
  82. Are jesus’ miracles fact, fiction, or a combination of fact and fiction?
  83. Why did Jesus come to Earth?
  84. How can Christian families balance secular interests with religious ones?
  85. What is idol worship in Christianity?
  86. Is there a difference between god and devil? Or do they operate under one unitary doctrine?
  87. Should christians be allowed to own weapons in order to propagate their religion from religious persecution?
  88. Is heaven and hell factual places in christianity, or just a metaphor for good and evil?
  89. Takeaway: Christian religious ideas are not always easy to defend.
  90. Is Christian theology supported by evidence?
  91. Does the bible support the act of abortion in extreme cases?
  92. What are the views on abortion for Christian theology?
  93. Should Christians be against contraception?
  94. Why does faith inevitably lead to violence?
  95. Is Christianity a force for good in the world?
  96. How did Christianity transform Western civilization?
  97. Do miracles happen today, as in ancient times?
  98. Was Jesus Christ real, or is it all myth and legend? Why do you think so?
  99. Is religion a necessary part of human life? What benefits do you get from your belief system (or non-belief) that make it worthwhile to you?
  100. Takeaway: If you have questions about your faith, consider writing them out. This may help you find answers.
  101. Is God a good thing?
  102. Is belief in God irrational?
  103. The problem of evil.
  104. What is the relationship between suffering and God’s love?
  105. Why believe in miracles?
  106. Do humans have free-will?
  107. Are miracles possible?
  108. Can we ever truly know what the Bible says?
  109. Takeaway: These ideas can be used to write about or discuss Christianity.
  110. Is there a connection between the Bible and the Quran?
  111. Are virtues higher than values?
  112. Do we need natural theology?
  113. Is there any difference between Creation and evolution?
  114. Does religion give a moral compass to humanity?
  115. Should religion be separated from the state?
  116. Can religious leaders be democratic?
  117. Why do you believe in something you can’t see?
  118. Why is it essential to believe in God?
  119. Is Christianity still moving forward or backward?
  120. Takeaway: Choose an idea that means something to you, so you can write with passion.
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  122. christianity pros and cons topics
  123. christianity informative essay topics
  124. christians and abortion essay
  125. religious argumentative topics
  126. spiritual research paper topics
  127. Takeaway: christianity argumentative topics
  128. should christian church leaders be forced to perform gay marriages.
  129. Is Christianity a religion of peace?
  130. Can Christians support the death penalty?
  131. Should Christian parents use spanking as a form of punishment?
  132. What difference did the Reformation make to Christianity in Europe?
  133. Would Jesus have voted Republican or Democrat?
  134. Why are Christian fundamentalists worried about Intelligent Design being taught in schools?
  135. Is there anything wrong with using embryonic stem cells if they come from aborted fetuses?
  136. In what ways does the Bible affect the life of Christians today?
  137. What are the religious differences between Mormonism and traditional Christianity?
  138. Takeaway: There are many interesting argumentative essay topics that you can write about.
  139. What significance does faith have on the life of a Christian person?
  140. Is Christianity a true savior for humanity?
  141. What are the major advantages of Christianity in comparison with other religions?
  142. Are you ready to become a Christian?
  143. What are the restrictions and prohibitions in Christianity?
  144. Why do people start following Christianity instead of other religions?
  145. Is there free will in Christianity?
  146. How does Christianity shape the moral values of a person?
  147. Why do people follow Christianity instead of other religions?
  148. What is the main evil that Christianity is up against and why?
  149. Takeaway: You can get interesting ideas while reading this collection of argumentative topics.
  150. The great things about Christianity
  151. Whether Christianity is real or not
  152. How does God identify itself to us?
  153. Is there a force beyond our knowledge?
  154. When does the advent of Christianity start?
  155. Is Jesus Christ and God one and the same being?
  156. What are some of the ethical concepts in Christianity that are not found in other religions?
  157. How does fasting affect men mentally, physically and spiritually?
  158. How does the Catholic Church interpret the Bible?
  159. Can animals be considered as Christians or must they be baptized and have faith in God?
  160. If Jesus Christ is the son of God, why did he call him Father?
  161. Takeaway: Debate topics related to Christianity.
  162. Is Christianity the most intolerant religion?
  163. Is the church doing enough to help the needy?
  164. How can the Catholic Church reconcile its teachings on sexuality with modern society?
  165. Does faith matter when it comes to global warming and conservation?
  166. Should Christianity be taught at schools/universities?
  167. How does meditation apply to Christian beliefs?
  168. Why do some Christians believe that people of other faiths go to Hell?
  169. Takeaway: There are a lot of different topics related to Christian faith which might interest you.
  170. Does Christianity Condone Violence?
  171. Does Christianity Cause Wars and Violence?
  172. Has Christianity Done More Harm Than Good?
  173. The Bible Doesn’t Teach Blind Faith, So Why Do Christians Believe It?
  174. Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil in the World?
  175. Takeaway: You can have views about christianity and share them with the world.
  176. Is the modern Christianity too liberal?
  177. Why is prayer still important for Christians nowadays?
  178. Will Pope Francis play a big role in the current political and social issues?
  179. Should atheists be allowed to become priests or preachers?
  180. Why do many people who describe themselves as Christians approve of abortions?
  181. Why is it that Christianity is a more popular religion in Western countries compared to Eastern countries?
  182. Can a Christian have an idol, and if so, what would it be?
  183. Is being a Christian still a good leverage when running for political office?
  184. Should Christians learn other religions aside from their own?
  185. Can one religion be considered superior to another and if so, which one will be considered superior and why?
  186. Takeaway: Christianity has always been associated with several important matters.
  187. Should Creationism Be taught in School?
  188. Is Abortion a Crime?
  189. What is the Purpose of Life?
  190. Is Sex before Marriage a Sin?
  191. Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
  192. Does God Exist?
  193. Should Gay Marriage be Legalized Everywhere?
  194. Life after Death – your opinion on this.
  195. The Role of Women in Christianity.
  196. Why do People Become Religious?
  197. Takeaway: people have strong feelings about these issues
  198. The Bible is the Word of God.
  199. Baptism and being born again are equally important in Christianity.
  200. Christianity is not an institution of higher education.
  201. Churches in the black community are generally easier to consult on a wide range of issues.
  202. Evangelical Christianity is more than just faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  203. The majority of churches in America have a standard religious beliefs and practices that their members must follow to be considered Christians.
  204. There are formal liturgical and ritualistic practices involved in church membership, including baptism, communion and confession.
  205. Christian theology seeks to understand the relationship between God, humans and the world.
  206. Some of the basic theological questions that arise from Christian theology include: What does it mean to be human? How does God relate to humans? What is the nature of sin? How does the world relate to God? Why do people suffer? How can we be saved? How can we know God’s will for our lives?
  207. Christians believe that Jesus came down from heaven to earth as both fully divine and fully human, so that he could die on behalf of humanity’s sins and rise again to provide eternal life
  208. Is it Justified to push for Gay Rights in Africa and Asia?
  209. Faith and sexuality are not mutual exclusive.
  210. Do Violent Video Games Make People More likely to be violent in Real Life?
  211. Yes, because they desensitize players to the effects of violence.
  212. No, because correlation is not causation.
  213. Discussing religion at work can be dangerous.
  214. Should Creationism be taught in Schools?
  215. State and religious institutions should not mix, so no, it shouldn’t be taught in schools.
  216. Religious education should be protected like other forms of education.
  217. The ethics of modern science are questionable.
  218. Takeaway: Differences in faith shouldn’t lead to arguments; rather they should lead to more compassion and understanding of other people’s beliefs.
  219. What are the essential teachings of Christianity?
  220. Should we use the Sermon on the Mount as a guide for how to live our lives?
  221. Why does God allow bad things to happen?
  222. Is it morally acceptable for Christians to kill in war?
  223. What is the best way for Christians to relate to the government?
  224. Why did Jesus die on the cross and what does it mean for us today?
  225. Takeaway: These are some important topics about what it means to be a Christian.
  226. Pros and cons of divorce
  227. Pro and con gay marriage
  228. Is religion a force of good or evil?
  229. The evolution-creationism controversy
  230. Should creationism be taught in addition to evolution in public schools? Why or why not?
  231. Cloning in the 21st century
  232. Pros and cons of “designer children”
  233. Should stem cell research be banned? Why or why not?
  234. Takeaway: Study more about all these issues because they are relevant to your life.

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