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Christian videos for KIDS

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We all know how hard it is to get kids to listen to anything, but we want to make sure you have a few tools in your back pocket when it comes to helping your kids grow into the best versions of themselves.

The first thing we’d say is that you should start by getting them to listen to God. If you’re not going through a tough time as a family, this might seem like an unnecessary step—but if you are, then we encourage you to start praying together as a family. God wants us all to be close with Him and each other, so why not start now?

About Christian videos for KIDS

Next, make sure you’re talking about everything that’s happening in your life! Even if your kids don’t understand what’s going on right now (whether it’s good or bad), they’ll want to know what you’re thinking and feeling. And they’ll also want to share their own thoughts and feelings with you. This helps build trust between parent and child—and trust is one of the most important things in any relationship!

Finally, make sure you’re spending quality time together as a family. We know that sometimes life gets busy and it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything—but if there’s one thing we believe in here

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