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Christian Healing Fillmore was a New Thought thinker from the early 20th century. He was born in Ohio, and he grew up as a Methodist. In his early life, Fillmore practiced law, politics, and self-help.

In 1875, Fillmore started practicing Christian Science healing. His first wife died due to complications from childbirth, and this event moved him to focus on healing for the rest of his life. He became one of Mary Baker Eddy’s most influential students.

Fillmore’s teachings are still used today by adherents of New Thought, who believe that thoughts have power and can affect reality. He believed that God is all good, and that we’re all part of God’s creation—which means there’s no such thing as sin or evil.

Christian Healing Fillmore was the founder of New Thought, a religious movement that combined Christian theology with the idea that the mind could be used to heal the body.


Born in 1854, her parents were missionaries and she was raised in a strict religious environment. She was disenchanted with religion as a young adult and moved to New York City where she worked as a seamstress. She became interested in spiritualism and began attending services at the Beecher Bible Class where she met another spiritualist named Phineas Quimby. He taught her about “mental healing” which would later influence her own teachings on the subject.

In 1887 she founded Unity School of Christianity (now Unity Practitioner Training) which teaches that people can use their minds to change their circumstances and create prosperity in their lives. Fillmore also wrote many books including “The Way To Divine Science” (1891), “Science of Being” (1895), “Life Triumphant” (1902), and “The Law of Prayer” (1905).

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