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sermons from popular men of God

Numerology of the bible

Frequent readers here on or on my numerology blog know that I’ve talked a lot about the numbers in verses in the Bible. In this article, I’d like to explore some of the most popular verses in the Bible and look at their numerological significance. The study of the use of numbers in the… Read More »Numerology of the bible

Nye church service near me

As one of the leading churches for business, Nye, CA assembly venues and much more, we supply our clients with a multitude of services. Our essential service is providing you with the top word-class facilities, outstanding customer support and exceptional prices. For us, our customers are the focus of everything we do – their success… Read More »Nye church service near me

Obadiah of the bible

Obadiah of the bible is a book of the Old Testament included in the Septuagint tradition and New Testament. The book tells about the prophetess Obadiah, his lineage and is made up of just one chapter. Obadiah of the bible’s prophecies speak mostly about God’s judgment and wrath on the nations who have no respect… Read More »Obadiah of the bible

Offerings in the bible

Within the bible there are many references to offerings. But what are offerings? The biblical definition of offerings is as follows; Offering: noun. gift, donation, or contribution; a thing given voluntarily without payment in return for a good or service. The definition above is not only supported by the scriptures but also it goes along… Read More »Offerings in the bible

Oil in the bible healing

Oil in the bible healing. No matter what you are struggling with today, there is hope for your future. Two thousand years ago, God’s Word promised healing for you, too. That’s the Good News. With that in mind, what do you need to gain from these pages? If you are worried about the painful wounds… Read More »Oil in the bible healing

Old and new testament books

Have you ever struggled trying to read the bible? It can get quite complicated! Thankfully there are books to ease your understanding. Here are some old and new versions of the bible you should own. The Old Testament is a collection of Hebrew texts that forms part of the three-part Bible (the Old Testament, the… Read More »Old and new testament books