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Repentance & Salvation

Bible Verses About Mockers

The Bible has several verses that speak of mockers. A mocker may be someone who uses humor to make fun of others, often in a sarcastic way. Mocking is often a form of ridicule, and there are many examples in the Bible where people were mocked and ridiculed because they trusted in God instead of… Read More »Bible Verses About Mockers

Bible Verses About Mold

You will often find the word of God to be a source of inspiration, comfort and clarity in your life. If you are stuck with a problem or feeling down, then sometimes it can help to take a look at some Bible verses. When it comes to living with mold, there are many inspiring quotes… Read More »Bible Verses About Mold

Bible Verses About Moments

“We were made for moments.” -Randy Alcorn Good morning! I’m so excited to be writing this blog for you today. I know some of you may be feeling a bit lost lately, and I want to do my part in helping you find yourself again. The truth is: we’ve all been there. You’re going through… Read More »Bible Verses About Moments

Prayer for sailors

Prayer for sailors – marine blessing, water safety. Often times even experienced boaters who know the rules and regulations can make a poor decision during high-stress situations. For some people, being out on the water is one of the most relaxing places they can be. It’s an escape from the everyday stress of life. Right… Read More »Prayer for sailors