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Christian Growth

Christianity Argumentative Topics

Right here on churchgists, you are privy to relevant information on Christianity Argumentative Topics, Overview on Christianity Argumentative Topics, Review on Christianity Argumentative Topics and so much more on Christianity Argumentative Topics. Take out time to visit our catalog for more information. Christianity Argumentative Topics The nature of God The existence of God Jesus Christ… Read More »Christianity Argumentative Topics

Apostle Joshua Selman explains how to stop Satan from manipulating you.

According to the Bible, Satan is a powerful fallen angel who continues to exist. His goal is to deceive and manipulate people, especially Christians. If you’re not sure what to do or how to stop Satan from manipulating you, then this article is for you. Apostle Joshua Selman has years of experience in delivering powerful… Read More »Apostle Joshua Selman explains how to stop Satan from manipulating you.

3 Ways God Answers Prayers

What comes to mind when you think of prayer? For some, you might think of a religious building or structure. For others, you may think of money. There are many different ways prayer can be done. However, prayer isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Prayer is something of the utmost importance because it gives… Read More »3 Ways God Answers Prayers

What is Travailing Prayer

Travailing prayer is not a new phenomena and has been a form of prayer for centuries. What is travailing prayer? Tony Staley explains, ‚ÄúTravail means to labor or work hard; it is derived from the Latin word “tripalis” which describes the rotating movements of a threshing machine. Prayer is a powerful weapon in the life… Read More »What is Travailing Prayer