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 can you handle the blessing joel osteen

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Yes! I can totally handle the blessing of Joel Osteen.

I am a very spiritual person, and I think that Joel Osteen’s message is very inspiring. I love his positive approach to life, and how he always seems to be so happy. I also think that his message is very relevant to modern life today, which is something we don’t always see with religious leaders.

About  can you handle the blessing joel osteen

Hey there!

I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with Joel Osteen.

If you feel like you’re being bombarded by his message, I have a few suggestions for how to handle it.

First, ask yourself what it is that’s bothering you about him. Is it that he’s always talking about God and Jesus? Or maybe it’s that he seems so upbeat and happy all the time? If so, then consider the fact that his message might be exactly what you need right now. Think about all the ways in which he is teaching people to live their lives for something bigger than themselves—and then try to figure out how you can apply those lessons in your own life.


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