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Spiritual Meaning Of Coal

Coal is composed of sedimentary rock and is often black or dark brown. Commercially valuable coal is extracted from deep underground mines. The heat content of coal is around 20,000 kJ/kg on average, and many coals have fuel value.

Coal, when burned, is a leading contributor to climate change. But coal has more than just its share of negative effects. The carbon and methane this fossil fuel emits contribute to the presence of particulate matter in the air and continue to contribute towards global warming as well. On top of that, coal requires huge machines to mine it and then transport it, which leads to significant air pollution. Add all this to the fact that coal is known for being economical, and you have a winner that’s losing.

Spiritual Meaning Of Coal

Coal is the fossilized form of plant matter, which means it contains a lot of carbon. In addition to being used as fuel for heating and cooking, coal has spiritual meaning for many people.

When we burn coal, it releases energy that can be used to create light and heat. The process of burning coal involves burning the plant matter that is within it, so when we burn coal, we are releasing the energy stored in plants—and this is why some people believe that burning coal could be considered an act of spiritual significance.

Some cultures believe that when you burn coal, you are releasing the souls of plants who have died and returned to their natural state—you are freeing their souls so they can travel back into nature and continue their life cycle there. In this way, burning coal can be considered an act of respect for all living things on Earth.

Coal is a fossil fuel with a long history. For thousands of years, people have used it as a fuel, and it was crucial to the Industrial Revolution. Coal is produced when plants and trees are buried under layers of sediment, often being compressed over time into a solid substance.

Coal can be found all over the world, but it is particularly plentiful in Australia, China, India, Russia, and the United States. The quality of the coal depends on its source: some coal deposits have very low ash content and high carbon content, while others have high sulfur contents, which make them unsuitable for burning without special treatment.

Coal has many different uses beyond heating homes or powering factories: steel mills use coke (a type of coal) to smelt iron ore; synthetic fabrics are made from rayon (which is derived from wood pulp); and bauxite (another type of mineral) is processed into aluminum oxide by crushing bauxite rocks with high pressure rollers to form an alumina slurry that can then be separated into aluminum metal and oxygen gas through electrolytic reduction or direct smelting methods.

What Does Coal Symbolize In The Bible

A dream in which the blackness of the coal, coal mine, or coal pit was a feature is a warning to retrench and prepare for a period of financial embarrassment However, if the coal was burning brightly or you were stoking a coal fire, you could expect a promotion or satisfactory reward for past efforts.

If you delivered the coal or gave it away, the augury is of sudden social advancement To shovel coal, there are many obstacles to overcome before you succeed.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson, Tom Corbett

A brightly glowing coal fire predicts cheerful surroundings and the company of friends you love.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Coal symbolizes the hidden energy that is released only in contact with fire. This dream is an invitation to continue fighting because despite the odds, you can unleash energy, heat, or light that already existed in you.

To see coal is sign of wealth; to eat it, negative events. A burning coal is a harbinger of love, but also of shame and reproofs linked to erotic aspects.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreams of coal symbolize fuel, energy, and your connection to an outdated power source. Your subconscious mind is giving you the message to seek a more efficient use of your energy and that there is a more graceful, joyful way for you to have what you need in life.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations – Anonymous

This is a warning of danger.

If you dream that you are in a Coal-pit, it is serious, and means heavy business losses, or a keen disappointment in love.

To see Coal burning brightly in a grate is, however, a fortunate sign, as the sinister black colour has been destroyed.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive – Anonymous

To see coal(s) in your dream represents wealth and points to your unused potential. Alternatively, this dream may indicate that you have been misbehaving.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

Energy that rises from the unconscious. As fuel, it points to passion.

A well-known symbol for Money.

According to Freud, the symbol of libido. According to Jung and the alchemists, coal is a symbol for transformation since, in the process of burning, it is transformed into warmth and ashes.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

(Carbonize; Charcoal; Fuel) Burning coal in a dream means immediate earnings or a ready-to-fill order for one’s merchandise.

If one can benefit from it in his dream, it means easy benefits, receiving jewelry as a gift, or having a type of work in which one needs to use coal. Seeing burning coal in a dream also means seeking knowledge and wisdom. Coal in a dream also represents an evil and dangerous person, or it could mean tainted money, unlawful earnings or receiving a grant from someone in the government. Burning coal in a dream also denotes someone who is unjustly suffering from hardships and trials or someone whose property is unjustly confiscated. Consumed or burned-up coal in a dream means the same thing as ashes and signifies falsehood. Having large cuts of coal when one needs small pieces in a dream means worries, distress and concerns, while having finely crushed coal when one needs chunks to light a fire in a dream means diminishing one’s wealth. Seeing coal or charcoal in a dream could also mean an increase or rejuvenation of one’s sexual desires. Seeing coal in the winter in a dream means money. Fuel for the fire in a dream means corruption.

(Also see Ashes)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Vision: Handling coals is a good sign that you will be prosperous. Sitting on coals, you are waiting impatiently for something. Red-hot coals (in a fire): if the rest of the dream is positive, expect a happy event; if the dream is negative, you will feel deeply ashamed about something you did. See Fire.

Depth Psychology: Coals in a dream are a sign that you are using your experiences to gain insight and wisdom. See Diamonds, Jewelry. Coals may also stand for a desire for material things.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Something which appears to be “burned out” and worthless but can be used for good

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

A cleansing agent from God’s altar, Isa. 6:6. Coals are also symbolic of kindness (Prov. 25:22

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