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Bible Stories In Order Old Testament

The Bible is the best selling book of all time. Have you ever wondered how the Bible was written? Or did you ever wish to read your favorite Bible stories in chronological order? Well, below is a list of bible stories in order of what we believe to be the most complete and chronological biblical story list of them all. Enjoy! Do you want to know the order of Bible stories and books in an easy way? Start your Bible knowledge with this article and collect new information. Here, you can read the list of all the books of the Bible in exemplary order.

Usually found in the first 39 books of Christian Bibles, the Old Testament is also known as the Jewish Tanakh. Before Jesus Christ came into the world, this name represented God’s original promise to his people (specifically, Abraham’s offspring) (or the new promise). The Old Testament includes old testament bible stories for adults, the patriarchs, the exodus from Egypt, the establishment of the nation of Israel, the nation’s subsequent decline and fall, the Prophets (who spoke on God’s behalf), and the Books of Wisdom.

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Bible Stories In Order Old Testament

The Old Testament is the first part of the Bible, and it’s made up of 39 books that tell the history of the Jewish people.

It begins with stories about creation, and ends with texts that discuss life after death.

The Old Testament was written by a number of different authors over a long period of time, beginning around 1000 BCE and ending around 100 CE.

The order in which these books appear in today’s Bibles doesn’t always match their historical order—some books have been moved or added to other collections.

The following is a list of the Old Testament in order.

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth
  • 1 Samuel
  • 2 Samuel
  • 1 Kings (1 and 2)

The Bible is a collection of 66 books that tell the story of God’s relationship with humanity. The Old Testament (or “first testament”) tells the history of God’s people in the Middle East, and the New Testament (or “second testament”) tells the story of Jesus Christ and his followers.

Old Testament stories include Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, Moses, King David, and more. New Testament stories include Jesus’ birth and death on Easter Sunday, as well as his miracles and teachings.

The Bible is the most widely read book in the world. It is also a complex work that can be difficult to understand, particularly if you are just beginning your study of it.

There are three main divisions of the Bible: The Old Testament, which was written before Christ’s birth; the New Testament, which was written after His death and resurrection; and the Apocrypha, which consists of a number of books that have been excluded from the canon of Scripture but that have some value for theological study and historical understanding.

The Old Testament contains 39 books in total, divided into three parts: The Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy), The Historical Books (Joshua through Esther), and The Poetical/Wisdom Books (Job through Song of Solomon).

The first five books of the Bible are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. These books make up what is called the Torah or Pentateuch.

Genesis tells the story of creation, as well as stories about Abraham and his family.

Exodus tells the story of how Moses led his people out of Egypt after they were enslaved there by Pharaoh.

Leviticus tells how Moses received God’s laws for worship and how they were to be carried out in everyday life.

Numbers tells about how the Israelites traveled through the wilderness toward their promised land, which was then called Canaan. They had many problems on their journey but finally arrived at Mt. Sinai where they received God’s laws for worship and other instructions that would enable them to live in Canaan peacefully with their neighbors who lived there already before them – these are called The Ten Commandments.

Deuteronomy is simply a summary of what happened in all four previous books above (Genesis through Numbers) so that future generations could remember what happened during this time period in history when God spoke directly to His people through Moses!

Bible Stories In Order From Genesis To Revelation

This is the Chronological Order of events in the Bible, from the Creation of the world in Genesis chapter one, to Apostle Johns revelation of Christ at the Island of Patmos in the book of Revelation, and the dates they occurred.

There are 236 Bible Stories In Chronological Order on this list, the dates of events and the Bible Chapters/verses.

Note: All Dates are Approximate

1John 1In the Beginning was the WordOTBefore Time
2Genesis 1The CreationOTBefore 4000 BC
3Genesis 2The Garden of EdenOTBefore 4000 BC
4Genesis 3The Fall of ManOTBefore 4000 BC
5Genesis 4Cain kills AbelOTBefore 3000 BC
6Genesis 5From Adam to NoahOTBefore 3000 BC
7Genesis 6 – 10The Great FloodOTBefore 2500 BC
8Job 1 – 42Job’s Suffering and FaithOTBefore 2100 BC
9Genesis 11The Tower of BabelOTBefore 2100 BC
10Genesis 12God Sends Abram to EgyptOT2091 BC
11Genesis 13Abram and Lot Part WaysOT2085 BC
12Genesis 14 – 50The Descendants of Abraham.OT2084 – 1806 BC
13Exodus 1 – 3Israel in EgyptOT1800 – 1446 BC
14Exodus 4 – 40The Ten Plagues on EgyptOT1446 – 1445 BC
15Leviticus 1 – 23Laws for Sacrifices and OfferingsOT1445 BC
16Numbers 1 – 36Census, Tribes, DutiesOT1445 – 1407 BC
17Psalm 90Psalm of MosesOT1407 BC
18Deuteronomy 1 – 34Moses’ Summary of Israel’s HistoryOT1406 BC
19Joshua 1 – 24Joshua Leads Israel Into Canaan.OT1406 – 1375 BC
20Judges 1 – 21Israel’s relationship with the Gentiles in Canaan.OT1375 – 1140 BC
21Ruth 1 – 4Naomi, Ruth and BoazOT1140 BC
221 Samuel 1 – 20Samuel, Saul, and DavidOT1100 – 1013 BC
23Psalm 59David’s Psalm of DeliveranceOT1013 BC
241 Samuel 21David at Nob and GathOT1012 BC
25Psalm 52David’s Psalm Fleeing SaulOT1012 BC
26Psalm 34David’s Psalm Before AhimelechOT1012 BC
27Psalm 56David’s Psalm at GathOT1011 BC
281 Samuel 22Saul Slays the Priests of NobOT1011 BC
29Psalms 57David’s Psalms in the CaveOT1011 BC
30Psalms 142David’s Psalms in the CaveOT1011 BC
311 Samuel 23David Flees SaulOT1011 BC
32Psalm 54David’s Psalm at KeilahOT1011 BC
331 Samuel 24 – 31David vs. SaulOT1011 BC
342 Samuel 1 – 4David’s ChildrenOT1010 – 1004 BC
351 Chronicles 1 – 10Genealogies of the IsraelitesOT1003 BC
362 Samuel 5David Reigns over All IsraelOT1003 BC
371 Chronicles 11 – 15David Reigns over All IsraelOT1003 – 1000 BC
382 Samuel 6 – 8The Ark is Brought to JerusalemOT1000 BC
39Psalm 60David’s Psalm of VictoryOT998 BC
40Psalm 15David’s Psalm of ZionOT998 BC
41Psalm 24David’s Psalm of Glory to GodOT998 BC
421 Chronicles 16David’s festival sacrificeOT998 BC
43Psalms 96, 105, 106Psalms of PraiseOT998 BC
441 Chronicles 17 – 18David Purposes to build a TempleOT997 BC
452 Samuel 9 – 10David and MephiboshethOT995 BC
461 Chronicles 19 – 20David Defeats Ammon and AramOT995 BC
472 Samuel 11 – 12David and BathshebaOT993 BC
48Psalm 51David’s Psalm of RepentanceOT991 BC
492 Samuel 13 – 14Amnon and TamarOT990 BC
501 Chronicles 21 – 27David Forces a Census, prepares governmentOT979 BC
512 Samuel 15 – 16Absalom’s ConspiracyOT976 BC
52Psalm 63David’s Psalm of Thirst for GodOT972 BC
532 Samuel 17Hushai’s Warning Saves DavidOT972 BC
54Psalms 41, 55David Psalms of DeliveranceOT972 BC
552 Samuel 18 – 23Absalom Slain by JoabOT972 BC
56Psalm 108David’s Psalm of SteadfastnessOT970 BC
572 Samuel 24David Counts the Fighting MenOT970 BC
581 Chronicles 28 – 29David’s last daysOT970 BC
591 Kings 1 – 2David’s last daysOT970 BC
60Psalm 37David’s Psalm of SalvationOT970 BC
61Psalm 72Psalm for SolomonOT967 BC
622 Chronicles 1Solomon Asks for WisdomOT967 BC
631 Kings 3Solomon Asks for WisdomOT967 BC
64Psalm 45Psalm of KorahOT967 BC
651 Kings 4 – 9Solomon’s WisdomOT967 BC
662 Chronicles 2 – 7Solomon Prepares for a Temple and PalaceOT966 BC
67Psalms 135 – 136Psalms of SolomonOT959 BC
682 Chronicles 8Solomon’s buildingsOT959 BC
69Psalm 127Solomon Psalm of BlessingOT950 BC
70Proverbs 1 – 31The Proverbs of SolomonOT950 BC
71Songs 1 – 8Solomon’s Song of SongsOT950 BC
72Psalms 1 – 150 (Assorted)Psalms of Unknown AuthorsOT979 BC
731 Kings 10The Queen of Sheba Visits SolomonOT946 BC
742 Chronicles 9The Queen of Sheba Visits SolomonOT946 BC
751 Kings 11Solomon’s Wives and IdolatryOT939 BC
76Ecclesiastes 1 – 12Ecclesiastes Words of the PreacherOT937 BC
771 Kings 12 – 13The Kingdom is DividedOT931 BC
782 Chronicles 10 – 12Israelites Rebel against RehoboamOT930 BC
791 Kings 14 – 15Ahijah’s Prophecies against JeroboamOT925 BC
802 Chronicles 13 – 14Civil War against JeroboamOT913 BC
811 Kings 16Jehu’s prophecy against BaashaOT909 BC
822 Chronicles 15 – 17Asa’s ReformsOT895 BC
831 Kings 17 – 22Elijah Prays for DroughtOT863 BC
84Obadiah 1The Vision of ObadiahOT853 BC
852 Chronicles 18 – 21Jehoshaphat Allies with AhabOT853 BC
862 Kings 1 – 11ElishaOT852 BC
872 Chronicles 22 – 24Ahaziah Succeeds Jehoram in JudahOT841 BC
882 Chronicles 23Jehoiada Makes Joash KingOT841 BC
892 Kings 12Joash Reigns WellOT835 BC
90Joel 1 – 3The Word of the LORD to JoelOT835 BC
912 Kings 13 – 14Jehoahaz’s wicked reignOT812 BC
922 Chronicles 25Amaziah’s good reignOT796 BC
932 Kings 15Azariah’s good reignOT790 BC
942 Chronicles 26Uzziah Reigns in JudahOT790 BC
95Amos 1 – 9The Words of AmosOT766 BC
96Jonah 1 – 4Jonah Sent to NinevehOT760 BC
97Hosea 1 – 14Hosea’s PropheciesOT753 BC
982 Chronicles 27 – 28Jotham Succeeds UzziahOT750 BC
992 Kings 16Wicked Reign of AhazOT742 BC
100Isaiah 1 – 7Isaiah Complains of Zion’s CorruptionOT739 BC
101Micah 1 – 7The Word of the LORD to MicahOT735 BC
102Isaiah 8 – 25Uriah and ZechariahOT734 BC
1032 Kings 17Hoshea the Last King of IsraelOT725 BC
1042 Chronicles 29 – 31Hezekiah’s Good ReignOT716 BC
1052 Kings 20Hezekiah’s Illness and HealingOT712 BC
106Isaiah 38 – 66Hezekiah Shows TreasuresOT711 BC
1072 Kings 18Sennacherib Threatens JerusalemOT701 BC
108Isaiah 36Sennacherib Threatens JerusalemOT701 BC
1092 Chronicles 32Sennacherib Threatens JerusalemOT701 BC
110Psalms 46 – 48Korah’s Psalms of Refuge (2Ch 32)OT701 BC
1112 Kings 19Hezekiah’s PrayerOT701 BC
112Isaiah 37Hezekiah’s PrayerOT701 BC
113Nahum 1 – 3The Vision of NahumOT697 BC
1142 Kings 21Manasseh’s Wicked ReignOT687 BC
1152 Chronicles 33Manasseh’s Wicked ReignOT687 BC
1162 Kings 22Josiah’s good reignOT640 BC
1172 Chronicles 34Josiah’s good reignOT640 BC
118Zephaniah 1 – 3The Word of the LORD to ZephaniahOT638 BC
119Jeremiah 1 – 10The Call of JeremiahOT627 BC
120Habakkuk 1 – 3The Oracle to HabakkukOT625 BC
121Jeremiah 11 – 12Jeremiah Proclaims God’s CovenantOT622 BC
1222 Kings 22 – 23Josiah Prepares for Temple RepairOT621 BC
1232 Chronicles 35 – 36Josiah Celebrates the PassoverOT621 BC
124Jeremiah 13 – 47Jeremiah Proclaims Covenant Is BrokenOT609 BC
125Daniel 1 – 2Daniel Refuses the King’s PortionOT605 BC
1262 Kings 24Rebellion of JehoiakimOT601 BC
127Ezekiel 1 – 19Ezekiel’s Prophecy at ChebarOT593 BC
128Ezekiel 20 – 23Ezekiel Sees God Refuse the EldersOT591 BC
1292 Kings 25Siege of Jerusalem BeginsOT588 BC
130Jeremiah 48 – 49Jeremiah Prophesies against MoabOT588 BC
131Ezekiel 24 – 25Siege of Jerusalem BeginsOT588 BC
1322 Kings 25The Fall of JerusalemOT586 BC
133Psalms 74, 79, Jer. 52Psalms of Desolation (Jer. 52)OT586 BC
134Jeremiah 50, 51Jeremiah Prophesies against BabylonOT586 BC
135Lamentations 1 – 5Jeremiah’s LamentationsOT586 BC
136Ezekiel 26 – 39Ezekiel Pronounces Judgment on TyreOT586 BC
137Daniel 3 – 4Shadrach, Meshach, and AbednegoOT585 BC
138Ezekiel 40 – 48Ezekiel’s Second Temple VisionOT573 BC
139Daniel 5 – 12Daniel Interprets Handwriting on the WallOT539 BC
140Ezra 1 – 5The Proclamation of CyrusOT537 BC
141Haggai 1 – 2The Word of the LORD by HaggaiOT520 BC
142Zechariah 1 – 14The Word of the LORD to ZechariahOT520 BC
143Ezra 6Temple Work Resumed by Darius’ DecreeOT520 BC
144Esther 1 – 10Queen Vashti DeposedOT483 BC
145Ezra 7 – 10Ezra Journeys to JerusalemOT458 BC
146Nehemiah 1 – 13Nehemiah’s Prayer for the ExilesOT445 BC
147Malachi 1 – 4The Word of the LORD by MalachiOT430 BC
148Luke 1 – 2Birth of John the BaptistNT1 BC
149Mathew 1Augustus Taxes the Roman EmpireNT1 BC
150Matthew 2Visit of the MagiNT1 AD
151John 1Early Life of JesusNT1 AD
152Matthew 3John the Baptist Prepares the WayNT30 AD
153Mark 1John the Baptist Prepares the WayNT30 AD
154Luke 3John the Baptist Prepares the WayNT30 AD
155Matthew 4Temptation of JesusNT30 AD
156Luke 4Temptation of JesusNT30 AD
157Luke 5Jesus Calls his First DisciplesNT30 AD
158John 2 – 4Wedding at CanaNT30 AD
159Matthew 5 – 7Sermon on the MountNT30 AD
160Matthew 8Jesus Ministers in GalileeNT31 AD
161Mark 2Jesus Ministers in GalileeNT31 AD
162John 5The Pool of BethesdaNT31 AD
163Matthew 12Jesus Lord of the SabbathNT31 AD
164Mark 3Jesus Lord of the SabbathNT31 AD
165Luke 6Jesus Lord of the SabbathNT31 AD
166Matthew 11Jesus Answers John’s DisciplesNT31 AD
167Luke 7Jesus Answers John’s DisciplesNT31 AD
168Matthew 13Jesus Speaks Many ParablesNT31 AD
169Mark 4Jesus Speaks Many ParablesNT31 AD
170Luke 8Jesus Speaks Many ParablesNT31 AD
171Mark 5Jesus Heals a DemoniacNT31 AD
172Matthew 9Jesus Heals a ParalyticNT31 AD
173Matthew 10Jesus Sends out His Twelve ApostlesNT32 AD
174Mark 6John the Baptist BeheadedNT32 AD
175Matthew 14John the Baptist BeheadedNT32 AD
176Luke 9Jesus Feeds the 5,000NT32 AD
177John 6Jesus Feeds the 5,000NT32 AD
178Matthew 15Teachings on Clean and UncleanNT32 AD
179Mark 7Teachings on Clean and UncleanNT32 AD
180Matthew 16Peter’s Confession of ChristNT32 AD
181Mark 8Peter’s Confession of ChristNT32 AD
182Matthew 17The TransfigurationNT32 AD
183Mark 9The TransfigurationNT32 AD
184Matthew 18Greatest and Least in the KingdomNT32 AD
185Luke 10 – 11Jesus Sends out the Seventy-twoNT32 AD
186John 7 – 10Jesus Teaches at the Feast of TabernaclesNT32 AD
187Luke 12 – 17Jesus Speaks More ParablesNT33 AD
188John 11Jesus Raises LazarusNT33 AD
189Matthew 19 – 20Final Journey to JerusalemNT33 AD
190Mark 10Final Journey to JerusalemNT33 AD
191Luke 18Final Journey to JerusalemNT33 AD
192Matthew 21The Triumphal EntryNT33 AD
193Mark 11The Triumphal EntryNT33 AD
194Luke 19The Triumphal EntryNT33 AD
195John 12The Triumphal EntryNT33 AD
196Matthew 22 – 24Closing Ministry in JerusalemNT33 AD
197Matthew 25Closing Ministry in JerusalemNT33 AD
198Mark 12 – 13Closing Ministry in JerusalemNT33 AD
199Luke 20 – 21Thursday Before PassoverNT33 AD
200John 14 – 17Jesus Comforts His DisciplesNT33 AD
201Matthew 27Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, CrucifixionNT33 AD
202Mark 15Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, CrucifixionNT33 AD
203Luke 23Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, CrucifixionNT33 AD
204John 18 – 19Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, CrucifixionNT33 AD
205Matthew 28Jesus’ ResurrectionNT33 AD
206Mark 16Jesus’ ResurrectionNT33 AD
207Luke 24Jesus’ ResurrectionNT33 AD
208John 20 – 21Jesus’ ResurrectionNT33 AD
209Acts 1The AscensionNT33 AD
210Acts 2 – 12The Holy Spirit Comes at PentecostNT33 AD
211James 1 – 5James Writes his LetterNT45 AD
212Acts 13 – 18Paul’s First Missionary JourneyNT48 AD
2131 Thess. 1 – 5Paul Writes to the ThessaloniansNT51 AD
2142 Thess. 1 – 3Paul Writes again to the ThessaloniansNT52 AD
215Acts 19Paul in EphesusNT54 AD
2161 Corinthians 1 – 16Paul Writes to the CorinthiansNT54 AD
217Galatians 1 – 6Paul Writes to the GalatiansNT54 AD
218Acts 20Paul in Macedonia and GreeceNT57 AD
219Romans 1 – 16Paul Writes to the RomansNT57 AD
2202 Corinthians 1 – 13Paul Writes again to the CorinthiansNT57 AD
221Acts 21 – 28Paul Returns to JerusalemNT59 AD
222Ephesians 1 – 6Paul Writes to the EphesiansNT62 AD
223Philippians 1 – 4Paul Writes to the PhilippiansNT62 AD
224Colossians 1 – 4Paul Writes to the ColossiansNT62 AD
225Philemon 1Paul Writes to PhilemonNT62 AD
2261 Timothy 1 – 6Paul Writes to TimothyNT63 AD
2271 Peter 1 – 5Peter Writes his First LetterNT64 AD
228Titus 1 – 3Paul Writes to TitusNT66 AD
2292 Timothy 1 – 4Paul Writes Again to TimothyNT67 AD
2302 Peter 1 – 3Peter Writes his Second LetterNT67 AD
231Hebrews 1 – 13Letter to the HebrewsNT68 AD
232Jude 1Jude Writes his LetterNT68 AD
2331 John 1 – 5John Writes his First LetterNT90 AD
2342 John 1John Writes his Second LetterNT92 AD
2353 John 1John Writes his Third LetterNT94 AD
236Revelation 1 – 22John’s Revelation on PatmosNT95 AD

Bible Stories In Order Old Testament

The top ten favourite Bible stories

  • The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2.1–7 and Matthew 2.1–12)
  • Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6.9–9.17)
  • The Good Samaritan (Luke 10.25–37)
  • The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus (Mark 15.20–41; Matthew 28.1–21)
  • The Exodus (Exodus 14.1–31)
  • David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17.1–58)
  • The Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5.1–22)
  • Jesus feeds the five thousand (Mark 6.31–44)
  • Jesus turns water into wine (John 2.1–11)
  • The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5.1–7.29)

The 100 best-known stories in the Bible

From the Law collection
  • Creation and the fall (Genesis 1–3)
  • Noah and the flood (Genesis 6.9–9.17)
  • The tower of Babel (Genesis 11.1–9)
  • The call of Abraham (Genesis 12.1–9 and 17.1–8)
  • Three visitors to Abraham (Genesis 18.1–15)
  • Joseph the dreamer (Genesis 37–45)
  • The birth of Moses (Exodus 1.8–2.10)
  • Moses and the burning bush (Exodus 3.1–15)
  • The ten plagues (Exodus 7.6–11.10)
  • Crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 13.17–14.31)
  • Manna and quail (Exodus 16)
  • Exploring Canaan (Numbers 13.1—14.12)
  • Balaam’s donkey (Numbers 22.21–38)
  • The Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5.1–22)
  • The death of Moses (Deuteronomy 34)

From the Historical books

  • Entering the Promised Land (Joshua 3)
  • The fall of Jericho (Joshua 5.13–6.27)
  • Deborah leads God’s people (Judges 4–5)
  • Gideon fights the Midianites (Judges 6–7)
  • Samson and Delilah (Judges 16)
  • Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1–4)
  • Israel asks for a king (1 Samuel 8)
  • God chooses David as king (1 Samuel 16.1–13)
  • David kills Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
  • David becomes king (2 Samuel 5.1–12)
  • David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11)
  • Solomon and the wise judgement (1 Kings 3.16–28)
  • Solomon builds God’s temple (1 Kings 6)
  • Israel rebels against Rehoboam (1 Kings 12.1–24)
  • Elijah and the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18.16–46)
  • The still small voice (1 Kings 19)
  • Elijah is taken up to heaven in a chariot (2 Kings 2.1–12)
  • Judah is taken into exile in Babylon (2 Kings 24—25)
  • The people are allowed to return from exile (Ezra 1)

From the Major Prophets

  • Isaiah’s vision of God (Isaiah 6.1–8)
  • Isaiah’s prophecies about a Messiah (Isaiah 7.10–17)
  • Isaiah’s message of comfort (Isaiah 40.1–11)
  • The suffering servant (Isaiah 52.13—53.12)
  • Jeremiah and the potter’s house (Jeremiah 18)
  • Jeremiah and the new covenant (Jeremiah 31.1–34)
  • Ezekiel’s vision of a chariot (Ezekiel 1)
  • Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones (Ezekiel 37.1–14)
  • Daniel and the fiery furnace (Daniel 3)
  • Daniel and the lions’ den (Daniel 6)

From the Minor Prophets

  • Hosea told to marry a prostitute (Hosea 1)
  • Joel’s vision of the future (Joel 2.28–32)
  • Amos’ condemnation of the king (Amos 7.10–17)
  • Jonah (Jonah 1–4)

From the Gospels

  • The birth of Jesus is promised (Luke 1.26–38)
  • Mary gives birth to Jesus (Luke 2.1–7)
  • The shepherds and the angels (Luke 2.8–20)
  • The visit of the wise men (Matthew 2.1–12)
  • Jesus is taken to the temple (Luke 2.22–40)
  • Joseph, Mary and Jesus escape to Egypt (Matthew 2.13–23)
  • Jesus gets lost in the temple (Luke 2.41–52)
  • John the Baptist announces Jesus (Matthew 3.1–12)
  • Jesus is baptized (Mark 1.9–11)
  • Jesus is tempted in the wilderness (Luke 4.1–13)
  • Jesus calls the first disciples (Mark 1.16–20)
  • Jesus changes water into wine (John 2.1–11)
  • Jesus heals a paralysed man (Mark 2.1–12)
  • Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman (John 4.4–42)
  • Jesus calms a storm (Matthew 8.23–27)
  • Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5.21–43)
  • John the Baptist is beheaded (Matthew 14.1–12)
  • Jesus feeds five thousand people (John 6.1–15)
  • Jesus walks on water (Matthew 14.22–33)
  • Peter recognises Jesus as the Messiah (Mark 8.27–30)
  • The transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9.28–36)
  • Jesus rescues a woman caught in adultery (John 8.1–11)
  • Jesus heals a man born blind (John 9)
  • The parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10.25–37)
  • Mary, Martha and Jesus (Luke 10.38–42)
  • Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (John 11.1–44)
  • The parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15.11–32)
  • The parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16.19–31)
  • Zacchaeus the tax collector (Luke 19.1–10)
  • Mary anoints Jesus’ feet (John 12.1–8)
  • Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (John 13.1–30)
  • Jesus has a last supper with his friends (Mark 14.12–26)
  • Jesus is arrested in the garden of Gethsemane (John 18.1–13)
  • Peter denies Jesus (Luke 22.54–62)
  • Jesus is crucified (Mark 15.20–41)
  • Jesus is buried (Matthew 27.57–66)
  • The resurrection (Matthew 28.1–15)
  • The road to Emmaus (Luke 24.13–35)
  • Mary meets the risen Jesus (John 20.1–18)
  • The great commission (Matthew 28.16–20)
  • Jesus forgives Peter (John 21)

From ‘The Good News Spreads’

  • Jesus ascends into heaven (Acts 1.4–11)
  • The Holy Spirit is sent to the disciples (Acts 2.1–13)
  • Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5.1–11)
  • The stoning of Stephen (Acts 6.8—7.1 and 7.54–60)
  • The conversion of Saul (Acts 9.1–19)
  • Peter’s escape from prison (Acts 12.1–17)
  • The council in Jerusalem (Acts 15)
  • Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16.16–40)
  • Paul preaches in Athens (Acts 17.16–34)
  • Paul is shipwrecked (Acts 27.1—28.15)
  • Paul preaches in Rome (Acts 28.16–31)

Best Bible Stories Old Testament

These stories go from Creation to the Death of Moses. After the events of the ancient world, the main emphasis is on Abraham and Moses. Abraham and his family form the beginning of God’s new nation. Moses develops this nation and gives it an official start.

1. Creation27. Sold into Slavery 
2. Adam and Eve28. Judah 
3. Fall 29. Joseph’s Rise to Power 
4. Cain and Abel 30. Joseph’s Family Reunion 
5. The Flood 31. The Birth of Moses 
6. World after the Flood32. Finding a Wife 
7. Call of Abraham 33. Call of Moses 
8. Melchizedek 34. Zipporah
9. The God Who Sees Me 35. Straw for Bricks
10. Promise of Isaac 36. Pharaoh’s Plagues
11. Bargaining with God 37. The Passover 
12. Sodom and Gomorrah38. Crossing the Red Sea
13. She’s My Sister39. What Is It?
14. God Hears40. The Lord My Banner 
15. Trial of Abraham41. The Law 
16. Beer-Sheba42. The Golden Calf 
17. Rebekah43. The Tabernacle  
18. Selling the Birthright44. Unholy Fire
19. She’s My Sister II 45. Graves of the Craving 
20. Well Digger 46. Spitting in Her Face 
21. Stolen Blessing  47. Twelve Spies 
22. Jacob’s Two Wives  48. Korah’s Rebellion 
23. Speckled Spotted & Streaked49. Speak to the Rock 
24. Leaving Laban 50. Balaam’s Donkey 
25. Two Camps51. Balaam’s Prophecy 
26. Dinah 52. The Death of Moses

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 2: Building a Nation (Stories 53-113)

These stories go from Joshua to the Death of David. It starts with the exciting events surrounding Joshua and all the Judges. God then gives Samuel the job of introducing the kingdom. After the failure of king Saul, David builds the kingdom to world dominance.

53. Rahab84 Annointing of Daid
54. Crossing Jordan85 Goliath
55. Jericho86. David Earns a Wife
56. Achan87. Protecting David
57. Sun Standing Still88. Three Arrows
58. Joshua’s Farewell89. Running from Saul
59. Job’s Three Friends90 Sparing Saul’s Life
60. Othniel & Ehud91. Abigail
61. Deborah & Barak92. Sparing God’s Anointed
62. Gideon’s Fleece93. Staying by the Stuff
63. Three Hundred Men94. The Witch of Endor
64. King of Trees95. Death of Saul & Jonathan
65. Jephthah’s Vow96. Joab & Abner
66. The Birth of Samson97. David Made King
67. Strong & Sweet98. David’s Mighty Men
68. Foxes and a Jawbone99. Moving the Ark
69. Samson & Delilah100. Building an Empire
70. Grandson of Moses101. Ammonites
71. Prelude to War102. Bathsheba
72. Brides for Benjamin103. Nathan’s Story
73. Naomi & Ruth104. Tamar
74. Boaz & Ruth105. Absalom’s Return
75. The Call of Samuel106. Absalom’s Revolt
76. Ark of God Captured107. Absalom’s Defeat
77. Ark of God Returned108. David’s Kingdom Restored
78. Ebenezer109. Wise Woman of Abel
79. Saul Made King110. Ethnic Cleansing
80. Peace for an Eye111. Numbering of the People
81. Failing the Test112. Transfer of Power
82. Jonathan’s Victory113. Death of David & Joab
83. Saul’s Disobedience 

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Biblical Topics: 

Book 3: Path Down to Captivity (Stories 114-161)

This set of stories has a great beginning, but goes down to the destruction of all that Israel values. There are four main parts, the glory of Solomon, the two kingdoms going deeper into sin, the great prophets of Israel, and people going into captivity.

 114. Wisdom of Solomon 138. Elisha Crying
 115. Building the Temple 139. Jehu
 116. Queen of Sheba 140. Jezebel
 117. Kingdom Divided 141. Athaliah
 118. Jeroboam’s Sin 142. Joash
 119. The Old Prophet 143. Death of Elisha
 120. Rehoboam & Jeroboam 144. Jonah & the Fish
 121. Abijah & Asa 145. Jonah & the Vine
 122. Elijah and the Widow 146. Thistle & the Cedar
 123. Elijah on Mount Carmel 147. Uzziah
 124. Elijah on Mt Horeb 148. Ahaz
 125. The Wounded Prophet 149. Israel in Captivity
 126. Naboth’s Vineyard 150. Hezekiah
 127. Jehoshaphat & Ahab 151. King of Assyria
 128. Jehoshaphat’s Victory 152. Fifteen Years
 129. Captain of 50 153. Evil King Who Repented
 130. Elijah in the Whirlwind 154. A Book is Found
 131. Ditches of Water 155. Josiah’s Reforms
 132. Oil, Stew, Bread, and an Ax 156. Broken Pot
 133. Shunammite Woman 157. Burning the Book
 134. Naaman 158. Two Baskets of Figs
 135. Gehazi 159 Jerusalem Under Siege
 136. Blind Soldiers 160.  A Well of Mud
 137. Four Lepers 161. Going to Egypt

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