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Bendita Sea Tu Pureza Prayer in English

The bendita sea tu pureza prayer is a beautiful prayer composed in ancient biblical days, the authenticity of which cannot be doubted. It can draw you closer to God and make your spiritual life more passionate and rich.

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Bendita Sea Tu Pureza Prayer in English

Bendita sea tu pureza,

que tus manos vienen a sostenerme.

Tu corazón me da hospitalidad,

tu amor me da seguridad.

Yo te pido que me abraces con tu luz,

que no me dejes solo en la noche.

Bendita sea tu pureza,

que no escondes la luz de tu corazón;

cual flor de naranjo mezclada con incienso y mirra,

con tu divina dulzura te perfumes de amor.

Que el Señor te bendiga en tu pureza y te guarde de los ataques del maligno.

Bendita sea tu pureza,

tu belleza, tu gracia.

Por los dones que me has dado,

te doy gracias, Señor.

Blessed be your purity.

May you be filled with the grace of God, and may this grace be a shield against all evil.

May your purity be a light to those around you and an example for others to follow.

May your faith in God bring about a new era of peace and love for all people.

Dear Lord, we praise you for your purity.

Thank you for the gift of your holy water, which purifies us and washes away our sins.

We ask that you bless this water so that it may be a source of healing and renewal. May those who drink from it be renewed by its power.

May this blessed water wash away all the evil in our lives, and may it cause peace to reign within us.

May this holy water be a sign of God’s love and mercy toward us, that we may have faith in him always. Amen

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