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 Be An Extravagant Giver | Victoria Osteen

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Be An Extravagant Giver

When you give, give extravagantly. If you have a few dollars in your pocket and see someone on the street who needs it more than you do, give it to them. If you have a good job but have been thinking about giving up working and becoming a full-time volunteer instead, do it. Don’t wait until your retirement to give back. Do it now–and make sure everyone knows about it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of life and forget about others, but if we want to live an abundant life then we must remember that true abundance isn’t about what we have but how much we share with others. Even if our lives seem empty or lacking in some way, there is always something that can be given away: love, attention, kindness, prayer… anything! And when we give generously from our hearts without expecting anything in return (even praise), suddenly our lives become more full than ever before because we’re no longer focused on ourselves but instead on others’ needs.

About  Be An Extravagant Giver | Victoria Osteen

It’s not enough to just be a generous giver. You have to be extravagant.

That’s what Victoria Osteen, wife of Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen, says. In a recent interview with HuffPost, Victoria explained that when she was growing up in Houston, her parents always encouraged them to give back—but they didn’t just give money or clothes away. They gave with love.

“We learned at an early age that generosity was more than just giving money,” she said. “It was giving yourself.”

Victoria says that when you’re generous, it should come from the heart—not out of obligation or guilt. Giving should make you feel good about yourself! And if it doesn’t? Well then maybe it’s not really generosity at all…

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