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Spiritual Meaning Of Octagon

I thought that talking about the Octagon spiritual meaning would be a little off topic but since someone actually asked me about it I think it is perfectly fine. Plus, I personally believe that anything is spiritual if you will concentrate on that thing hard enough. If you want to know the Octagon tarot card… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of Octagon

Spiritual Meaning Of October

October is the tenth month of the year and has a planetary ruler named Uranus. Currently, October 4th is the actual day of the month and is 33 days away from its neighboring month of November. This article reveals the meanings and spiritual insights into this third decan of the year. October is the eighth… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of October

Spiritual Meaning Of Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraine is a temporary visual disturbance and symptoms can include throbbing or pulsing sensations. It lacks warning signs and may develop of an hour. Visual symptoms of ocular migraine include seeing flashing lights, temporary blind spots, distorted vision, bright colorful visual disturbances, zigzag lines and other visual distortions. Ocular Migraine, the sudden development of… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of Ocular Migraine

spiritual meaning of oil

Ancient people used oil for various purposes. Today, people all over the world still use oils for religious, culinary, medicinal and cosmetic uses. Oils can be extracted from various seeds or fruits like olive, almond and coconut. Oil has been known as a bridge between heaven and earth as it has several attributes and benefits… Read More »spiritual meaning of oil

Spiritual meaning of okra

What does it mean to buy okra in a dream? Okra is a strange vegetable. If you didn’t know, okra is a vegetable that acts as a thickener for soups and stews. It’s commonly referred to as a gumbo plant. Let us delve into the Spiritual meaning of okra, and spiritual meaning of buying okra… Read More »Spiritual meaning of okra

Spiritual meaning of olive green

What does the color olive green mean spiritually? What does the color olive green represent? Olive green is a shade of green that is most commonly identified with the olive drab tint of military camouflage clothing and combat gear, particularly with the olive-skinned soldiers from Mediterranean countries. Today, we discuss Spiritual meaning of olive green.… Read More »Spiritual meaning of olive green