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Alvina Moore

Storehouse in the bible

If you’ve ever used a personal balance sheet or budget, then you’re familiar with the concept of a storehouse. A storehouse is a place for safekeeping your assets and income. It’s something we use to track how well we’re doing financially—not only for ourselves but also for our families and anyone else who relies on… Read More »Storehouse in the bible

St joseph prayer for healing

St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers, immigrants, and those seeking a home. He was also the foster father of Jesus Christ and the husband of Mary, ever virgin. The following prayer to St. Joseph has been said by many in need of his help and protection: Pray for a miracle Pray for a… Read More »St joseph prayer for healing

St Joseph prayer for happy death

Dear St. Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to thee do we raise our hearts and hands to implore thy powerful intercession in obtaining from the benign Heart of Jesus all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special favor we now… Read More »St Joseph prayer for happy death

St joseph prayer for fathers

St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, immigrants, and families. The prayer below is a great way to ask St. Joseph to help your family or someone else’s through a challenge they are facing. O God of all, who chose to be the father of Jesus, bless all fathers. Help them to understand that… Read More »St joseph prayer for fathers

St johns church service

St John Vianney Church is a Catholic church in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Below you’ll find all the information you need to know about attending services at St John Vianney Church including what to expect during mass times, sunday school, youth group and more. Lutheran church christmas eve service times The christmas eve service times… Read More »St johns church service

St-gerard prayer to get pregnant

If you are trying to get pregnant or dealing with pregnancy issues, please know that you can pray to St Gerard for intercession. He’s known as the patron saint of motherhood and a powerful intercessor in all matters concerning pregnancy, childbirth, and family life. St Gerard Majella was an Italian lay brother of the Redemptorist… Read More »St-gerard prayer to get pregnant

St francis prayer to Mary

I always think that the best prayers are short, simple, and sincere. This is a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi that I learned when I was younger and have used ever since. It’s not fancy, but it does contain some key elements: Lord, grant that I may Pray for the needs of others Pray… Read More »St francis prayer to Mary