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Tunde Bakare

Sermons for Churches in Transition

The following sermons are intended for churches in transition—churches that are struggling to find their footing and identity, churches that have lost their way and don’t know where to begin again. They can be used as a toolkit for your own sermon preparation or simply used as a resource for your congregation. They are organized… Read More »Sermons for Churches in Transition

Exodus In The New Testament

Moses wrote the New Testament book Exodus, which can be found there. It tells the tale of how God delivered Israel from captivity in Egypt. Egypt was Moses’ birthplace, and he remained there until he was eighty years old. God told him that he had selected him to lead the Jews out of Egypt when… Read More »Exodus In The New Testament

Exhortation In The Bible

This blog post serves as an explanation of the significance of biblical exhortation. Exhortation is a communication technique that is employed to urge a listener to act or to encourage a current action-taker to continue. From Acts 2:42–47 through Romans 12:1-2, the Bible contains encouragement. It serves as an effective means of expressing God’s truth… Read More »Exhortation In The Bible

Respect for the bible

Every humans were created by God, and each was uniquely made for reasons and purposes that we may not fully comprehend. Regardless of how we may view other people, we should respect everyone because they are God’s creatures. Employ these Bible passages to be reminded of the value of treating everyone with respect. Respect for… Read More »Respect for the bible

Responsibilities of a pastor

Pastors are burdened with what seems like an infinite list of duties, including taking calls from churchgoers around the clock. A pastor may preach on Sundays, guide bible studies, create new initiatives, visit sick people, conduct funeral services, work with children, and organise missions trips in any given week. Pastors from all denominations can have… Read More »Responsibilities of a pastor

Sermons for Christmas Season

You can deliver a stirring sermon on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, with the aid of our Christmas sermon topic suggestions. You can use Christmas sermon outlines or a full sermon series to help you prepare your messages for the holiday season and deliver God-glorifying Christmas sermons on: Jesus’ birth, Mary, and JosephThe… Read More »Sermons for Christmas Season

Responsibilities of a husband according to the bible

There is a lot of contradicting information about what a biblical husband ought to look like in our culture. Men who should be strong, highly masculine, the main providers for their families, and somewhat detached from the more emotional parts of a relationship are emphasised in the most prevalent Christian stereotype for marriage. A conventional… Read More »Responsibilities of a husband according to the bible